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Come in Young Man - Part 8

This is the eighth part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

For the first part see
Part 8 - Sunday (6)

“Oh gosh, where was I?” said a puzzled Andy.

“You’d just said about that young girl finding you attractive and wondering whether you were active or passive.”  

“Yes, though I’m not sure she ever said ‘passive’.   Anyway Rebecca replied ’Well, it’s hard to tell.’  And this is where they started to make assumptions because of that cock cage you insisted on me wearing.    Rebecca said, ‘Her Mistress clearly thought there might be some danger so she’s been sent out quite secure.’   At this point, Rebecca once again raised the hem of my skirt and pulled my panties aside so that my cock cage was visible to Freddie.  ‘She obviously wanted to make sure that Andy didn’t get any silly ideas tonight.’”

“Well Rebecca certainly judged that correctly,” said Jane.
“’Do you think she goes with her Mistress, Mummy?’ the girl then asked coquettishly.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  For such a nice seeming girl, she seemed to have a very coarse mind.
“At least Rebecca tried to protect my dignity replying ’Frederica, that’s a very indelicate question.   What Andy and his Mistress do together is entirely up to them.   And isn’t it fun to keep guessing?   From my knowledge of Jane, I’m inclined to think she’ll have the upper hand but I don't think she’ll have caged him unless she knew that he could be a naughty boy.’   
“’I’m sure you’re right, Mummy,’ said Freddie and walked across the room towards us both.  “Do you think Andy could back and play with me and my friends sometime?’
“’Well let’s see how this evening goes first before we make any decisions on that score.   It’ll depend on what Andy wants, and of course on what her Mistress allows. Don’t stop Andy!' Rebecca instructed me to keep polishing since I’d paused during their discussion of me,  'I want my pubis to be glistening when you’ve finished so plenty of gloss, please.’  Rebecca shivered as I sprayed on more of the slick liquid.   I now wasn't so much polishing her as massaging her Mons and then sliding between the cleft of her thighs so that I could feel her clit ring through the tight latex and the outline of her labia. She was beginning to writhe a bit."
"I'm not surprised," said Jane.
"Her hand reached down and pressed mine against her groin.    'Keep doing it like that honey and I can promise you an enjoyable evening', she smiled at me."
"Well really!" exclaimed Jane.  "How dare she!"
Andy blushed, "Oh she was just teasing, Aunt Jane.  Anyway Frederica knew what was going on herself and said ’You’ll be glistening inside those jodhpurs as well as out if you let her keep polishing you like that.   Can I have a go please?   I think I need a polish too as well as a hand with my dressing.’
“’What do you need help with?’ Rebecca asked.
“’This new bra.   It needs all the straps adjusting.’
“’But your current top looks lovely, Freddie.’
“’Well, I thought I’d wear something more in keeping with our evening session and wanted the chance to show off my rings.’
“’Oh, yes.   That would be nice.  I’m sure Mr.V will like.   By the way, has he arrived?'
 "'Well there’s a tall guy in leather trousers and blue shirt wearing one of those ‘V for Vendetta’ masks just arrived, if that’s the one you mean.   He seems to have only come for the second part of the evening,’ replied Frederica.
“’That’ll be him,’ said Rebecca.  ‘Yes, let’s get you looking nice for him.   But first, let’s make sure Andy is totally secure.   I don’t want Jane worrying about her maid.   You can stop now Andy,' she siad with some regret.  'Wipe your hands and bend over the bed.’   I wiped my hands on a towel and bent forward as instructed.  ‘Now this is for your own protection, my girl.’   I heard her open a bedside draw and get something out.’
“’Oh Mummy, I didn’t know you used the ones with jewels.  Aren’t they rather heavy?’
“Well you certainly know they’re there and very hard to forget.  But they’re not over long and surprisingly comfortable,’ replied Rebecca.
“’Don’t you think that one’s too big?’ asked Freddie’
“’No, I think Jane will have done the necessary.   Now let’s moisten her up and we’ll see how easily it slips in.  Pull her panties down, Freddie.’
“I felt my panties taken down to below my knees and then a finger rubbing something cool and slippery on my anus.   I wanted to resist but it felt quite nice.  ‘There, that isn’t so bad, is it,’ said Rebecca.  ‘Let’s see if she opens.’
“’Please no,’ I said.  Too late I realised what they were going to do.  I didn’t want them to know that I had been butt-plugged before.   I didn’t want them to start guessing about what you did with me. 
“’Don’t be a silly girl, Andy,’ said Rebecca.   A finger started to probe my little hole.  ‘I’m not going to do anything that I’m sure you haven’t done already with Jane.  ‘See, that’s not so bad is it.’   She had a long finger inside me.  Just relax, dear.’   She started to rub her finger against my prostate.   I tried to move but Freddie put her hands on my shoulders and held me down.  ‘Don’t try and tell me you’re not enjoying it.  How long has Jane kept you in that cage?   You seem quite ready for this.   Look Freddie, she’s starting to drip.’   Although my cock couldn’t stiffen in the cage, I could look down and see that I was leaking wisps of pre-cum.  ‘Mmmm, you like that don’t you.  Let’s try you with some more.’  A second finger penetrated me and I groaned.  ‘She’s ready to take it.  Good, you’ve got the condom on.’   I felt something hard push against my ring.  It felt cool and hard, and more pointy than the butt plugs you use on me.  I wanted to resist but she’d relaxed and dilated me too much.   I yelped and bucked slightly as the bulbous metal head pushed through my sphincter and then my ring closed around plug’s neck.   ‘See, I told you she could take it,’ said Rebecca.  ‘There are clearly some things she likes.’
“‘You’re such a good judge of character, Mummy.   Her Mistress has trained her well’ Freddie said putting her hand out and her fingers stroked my cheeks and chin.  ‘She’s only got an hour or so left though.  She’ll soon be getting some five o’clock shadow and will need a shave.   Did you see how he started to get erect?  She’s definitely active.   Aren’t you Andy?  You’ve never touched hormones, have you?’
“I kept my eyes fixed on the ground not wanting to look her in the face.  ’No, Miss,’ I said.
“’Oh mummy, I like her more and more.  She’s so perfect.    Can she help me dress now, please?  Please.  Pretty please?’ Freddie implored.
“’Let’s just wipe her and show her what it looks like, then she can help you.’   Rebecca used the towel to wipe the end of my cock cage and any excess lube from my bottom.   Look over your shoulder, Andy.   Doesn’t that look pretty?’   I looked over my shoulder.  ‘Spread your cheeks a little honey to get the best view.’   I pulled my bottom cheeks apart slightly.  There was a large pinky red jewel glistening where my little hole should have been.  ‘Doesn’t that look lovely?’ Rebecca asked.
“I had to agree that it did. ‘Yes, Miss Rebecca,’ I said.
“’What do you say?’ said Freddie.
“’Thank you, Miss Rebecca.’
“’Stand up, Andy.   Are you comfy?’ Rebecca asked.
“I straightened and took some steps away from the bed.  I felt very full and the plug weighed heavily but I was closed tightly around its narrow neck leaving just the large round jewel Visible.  It looked wonderful.   ’Yes, Miss Rebecca,’ I replied.”  
“You’re not still wearing it are you?” asked Jane.”
“No, Aunt Jane,” Andy replied.   Once again his eyes became fixed on the table. 
Jane could see he was embarrassed again.   So the plug came out later in the evening.   Jane began to wonder who might have removed it.  “Sorry, I interrupted, darling.  Please continue.”  Jane realised she was becoming desperate to know what had happened to him. 
“Well Rebecca then said ’You have to keep that in for the rest of the evening.   If anyone tries anything, they’ll know you’re off limits, OK?’
“’Yes, Miss Rebecca,’ I replied
“’Now let’s sort out Freddie.   Where’s this bra of yours, Fred?’

Parts 9 to 15 to follow

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