Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amanda in Lyon - Part 1

Amanda had been really looking forward to her trip to Lyon this weekend to see her Auntie and Uncle, and a very special lady. 
As she packed on Thursday evening, Amanda checked that she would be ready for her Master.  Warm thoughts of him inside her filled her head  There were so many things she was missing.  As she slid in her plug again, she started to muse in silent reverie and images of her weekend ahead filled her dreams
 Amanda longed to get away from the lousy English weather and relax in the sun as soon as she got to Lyon.   She could top up her tan and wait for Mistress and Master to get home.

Maybe a dip in the pool to cool and then change into uniform. It would be so exciting to have the house and pool to herself for a brief while.
She would be able to catch up on some of her chores while she waited. She would want to please her Mistress. 

She longed to look up old friends again and welcome Giselle home with a sweet kiss.  She would listen and catch up on all the gossip and to hear Mistress' plans for the weekend party with Sheila.

Giselle was wise and know that there was a danger of Amanda getting over-excited before Master got home and before she got a chance to see Sheila.  Giselle would know how to keep Amanda calm although it would be hard to stop her dripping in anticipation.
 Giselle would probably gift wrap Amanda for Master so that he had a little surprise presnt when he got home as a little surprise present.
When Giselle welcomed Master home, Amanda would be desperate to help.
Giselle would want to check that Amanda remembered her training.
Both Giselle and Amanda adored the taste of Master and he would give them both a little gift.

Giselle knew from his extreme stiffness how pleased her husband was to have Amanda back at the house.  He was always so much happier when their sissy was staying with them.   Giselle realised that Amanda deserved some time alone with Master but she made sure Master understood that  she was secure.
And that other pleasures must come later.  Giselle wanted neither Amanda nor Master getting carried away before the party.  Giselle did not want Amanda neglecting her maid duties and getting all dreamy.  Amanda needed to stay focused to ensure that she received her reward.  By party time she would desperate.  It would also ensure that Amanda would still be able to show Sheila just how pleased her maid was to see her.  Only Giselle knew quite how badly Sheila longed for her sugar baby and yearned for her little dolly.   It was great that Sheila was so understanding about Amanda's love for  Master.  She thought Sheila would appreciate a few special treats at the party. 
As she closed the door to leave Amanda alone to enjoy a little time with her Master, Giselle admired how elegant Amanda could be and the sweet love she showed to her husband.  Giselle shed a little tear.   She missed Amanda so much when she was away.   But she knew her sissy maid needed to develop a life of her own. But in the meantime, it was good that she came back to Lyon so often.  No doubt one day she would find a lover who would be able to fill her needs in such caring way as her husband, but she thought Amanda would always be devoted to her Master and want to please him in so many ways.

Once the door closed, Amanda wanted to show Master how hungry she was for him and that she would always be his little pup. Master eagerly took the opportunity to pound her face.  He knew even better than Giselle some of Amanda's needs and it was good to show Amanda who was the real Master of the house.
As Master calmed and Amanda's lust felt more sated, she  settled down to suckle gently on him.  She knew how much he still loved and cared for Mistress' sissy.
Amanda felt so relaxed and comfortable having Master all to herself, at least for a little while.  She settled down to enjoy the moment while he stroked her neck and made all her soft little fuzzy hairs stand up in arousal.  He was such a handsome, caring Master.
Amanda tickled Master and showed him where she would want him later.  She knew he would oblige.
Amanda knew good things must come to an end and she wanted more of Master's cream.
Amanda was so happy to be able to show Master how much she still loved him.
As Master's cream dripped from her face, Amanda proudly snuggled against his warmth safe in the knowledge that Master still found her sexy
 Amanda smiled minx like at Master and told how much she was looking forward to the party,  and that she was sure Mistress would expect her to give him extra-special maid service so that he might also satisfy her other needs.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New recruit for SlickAir

Amanda keeps talking about running an airline named SlickAir.  She and Giselle would be stewardesses but I feel they might get stiff competition from Masuimi Max to be Chief Steward.

Taming a Stallion: Thanks to Amber

I am indebted to the lovely Amber for the picture below.  She clearly was very taken with the idea of being allowed in the stud paddock and having her chance to show her skills with the stud's Stallion.

I think Amber liked the reminder of the normal  role for a new filly at the Stable. The Stallion was annoyed.  He disliked seeing the young work horses take advantage of her.  They were so inexpert and rough in their treatment of her.  All they sought was their own relief and gave little thought to the pleasure of the game young filly. The poor pony was being bullied and stretched.  Tethered outside the Stable, all the Stallion could do was watch as each took their turn.  Perhaps Amanda intended this as another part of the Stallion's punishment. Amber, or Georgie as the work horses called her, didn't seem to complain much about the work horses attentions.  She was finding variety rather interesting and was intrigued by their different girths and lengths that kept probing her. 

The Stallion longed to  protect Amber from the  work horses.   He naturally wanted to reserve  her for his personal use.  The Stallion would get those young colts and make them  use the donkey rather than his sweet Amber.  He might even need to sort some of them out himself if they didn't leave Amber alone.  But he noted Amber's lack of resistance to the colts and also that her dick was starting to leak pre-cum and more as she accepted their members. She was so capricious.  He would show her next time he got the chance.  He  would be less gentle and more vigorous with her and show how her a Stallion could really treat a pretty filly. She might be a delicate show pony but she had to learn who really was the top horse in the Stable.  Although he might have been a bit naughty with her before, he was sure his Stable Girl would want him to look after Amber and stop her become a wanton wastrel.  He would really make her leak cream the next time her rode and make sure she had a beaming smile on her face.  She'd have his cream on her face too after she'd sucked him clean, he thought to himself.  She'd learn to like the taste of his cream too.  That would keep her from straying.  After all, he knew his Stable Girl liked cream too.

Cartoon of Dmitrys used without pemission.  I will remove if there's a Copyright problem.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Taming a Stallion

Amanda was fed up with her Stallion being so unruly and wanted to ensure that her new pony Amber had a quiet, undisturbed night.  She decided to tether her Stallion and make sure there was no question of him straying.  Also he'd be ready for release in the morning and longing for his enema and her Mistress' first ride with her strap-on.

The Stallion was compliant at first but didn't realise what was coming.  He let the Stable Girl fit his collar then get him to kneel down.   The Stallion complied readily - he was hoping that Amanda might give him a little bedtime treat and exposed his bottom in the hopes of receiving her lovely cocklet. The Stable Girl tied his lead to the rail of his stall.  Amanda grasped the Stallion's  balls and locked him in a ball ring.  He was more surprised when she pushed a wire cage round  his cock and inserted a sound down his urethra.  His cock had been locked and plugged. Still the Stallion did not worry.  He was used to Amanda's little ways.  It was probable that she would want to save his cum for tomorrow.  She had promised that she would be putting Amber out in the stud paddock tomorrow.

The new pony was so cute and sweet but Amanda was determined to build up Amber's appetite. The Stallion was hoping that Amanda  would allow him to mount and inseminate Amber.  The Stallion was  that some of the village girls would gather to watch.  They had been intrigued by the new, shy sissy pony that had arrived at Mistress Giselle's Stable a few weeks ago.  Although the pony was good at dressage, and undeniably looked wonderful when clad in latex with a ball gag bit in her mouth,  she seemed so timid: unless she became more aroused when on display, Amber would never become a proper show pony.   The Stallion was confident that Giselle and the Stable Girl had recognised this and clearly wanted to see whether Amber would make a better breeding filly.  Much as Stallion liked the stable donkey, he knew that giving Amber a regular seeing to would be far more satisfying. He also loved  to show off his proud cock to the village girls to make them more envious and lustful.  Although the donkey was nice and had given faithful service, the Stallion knew that Amber would keep him stiff and hard.  She was such a cute, attractive pony and so in need of regular servicing.

The Stallion smiled to himself.  He wondered whether his Stable Girl knew about some of the attention he'd already been giving Amber.  Each evening, after lights out, the Stallion had been been slipping his tether and getting into Amber's stall. At first Amber had bucked and resisted but she had learned to accept the Stallion's affectionate attentions.   She's grown to love sucking the Stallion to stiffness - not that much sucking was required - and then presenting her rear to his handsome member.

Although a struggle at first, Amber had found the Stallion a very considerate lover.  Initially he'd just brush his cock head against her anus and let it linger there with soft pressure. Amber had learned to feel comfortable having his cock nestling within the cleft of her buttocks.  And as her confidence grew and with the Stallion nuzzling and kissing her neck, Amber had found  her arsehole starting to dilate.  Maybe it was the  feeling of the Stallion's cock head smearing the slipperiness of his pre-cum over her but  Amber couldn't help relaxing and allow the Stallion to press his member harder into her. On the third night, the Stallion had very tenderly popped her cherry when he'd pushed a bit more firmly than before and the bulb of his glans finally breached her opening.  Amber immediately wanted that nasty burning out of her and the Stallion obligingly withdrew.  But she didn't resist when minutes later he pushed again, and his cockhead once again pushed through her ring.  This time she let him linger longer.  The Stallion was content to just hold himself inside her, knowing that she would gradually respond.  And as the nights progressed, each evening Amber learned to take a little bit more of the Stallion.  By the end of the first week she grown  to accept his member and was able to take his full length.  She liked the feel of his warmth inside her.  By the end of the second week, she loved to feel his powerful thrusts  and waited with baited breath and tense anticipation for the hot jets of cum that would surely erupt inside her after his insistent fucking.  The only problem for the Stallion was that Amber had become to good at wiggling her little bottom and grinding against him; she was getting expert at draining him Some mornings he felt quite tired.  Amber was also starting to smile and look far less serious and forbidding.

Amanda got some lube and started to finger the Stallion's anus.  The Stallion felt happy and comfortable.  It was so nice feeling the Stable Girl start to probe his hole.  He could feel himself dilate and longed for her little cocklet to enter him.  She might not be as large as Mistress' strap-on or Master's organ, but the Stallion knew which he liked best.   He loved the slow tender fuckings she gave him, conscious that his stretched anus and her small dicklet meant that she didn't cum quickly.  Moving freely inside him, she could fuck him gently for long periods while she stroked and petted him.  As she rocked backwards and forwards, each time giving him the full length of her shaft,  she whispered to him about all the things she'd like to do to him.  He loved being possessed by her and the touch and feel of her delicate organ.  Even when caged, his cock would drip with pre-cum as he listened to her with delight as she purposefully sodomised his bottom and talked about all the torments she had in store for him, and the harnesses she'd make him wear.

When the Stallion was gaping. the Stable Girl opened a little box and extracted a metal object.  Tethered and kneeling on all fours, the Stallion couldn't really see what was happening but gave a shiver as a cold plug started to press into his arsehole.  The Stallion was used to taking dildos, butt plugs, dicks and even Mistress Giselle's horse cock strap-on  so he wasn't discomforted by the feel of a rounded plug start to push inside.  His only disappointment was that it wasn't Amanda's cocklet he was accepting but hoped she was just warming him up.  The  plug popped inside and the ring of his anus closed around the narrow shank.  Now the Stallion just needed to get  the plug warmed up although it seemed to have some strange ribs.  The Stallion could feel the Stable Girls hands against his behind as she adjusted the plug.  Then he felt the plug getting bigger; it was swelling inside.  The Stable Girl was twisting the base of the plug.  The plug was opening.  She'd fitted him with an anal pear.  Hastily the Stallion tried to eject it from his anus but it was already too late. The leaves of the plug had opened and expanded beyond the diameter of his arsehole.  Hard as he tried he could not push it out.  Still teh Stable Girl kept turning.  The Stallion felt the pear peel open and press against the walls of his anus.  This wasn't funny.  What had happened to the fucking to which he'd been looking forward?  The Stallion put his face on the  mattress in his stall and reached behind to try to loosen the pear but he'd left it too late.  Deftly the Stable Girl slipped a padlock through the handle of the pear and locked it in position.  Try as he might the Stallion couldn't make it budge.  The Stable Girl put a chain through the padlock and anchored it to an eye high on the wall.  She definitely wanted to keep him secure. 

The Stable Girl kicked the Stallion on his buttocks.  It wasn't a hard kick but it was meant to hurt.  "That'll teach you!  You'll get no fucking  tonight: not from me, and definitely not with Amber.  Did you really think I hadn't noticed.  Amber all dreamy in the morning and you looking like a sleepy head.  You're meant to be the stud Stallion but you're becoming a dissipated slut. Even the donkey will be too good for you soon."

"You're meant to be our prize Stallion, but it's no good if you're not cock proud all the time you're on display.  The village girls will just laugh at me and you.  You need to conserve yourself.  I'm going to have to keep you caged all the time except for special occasions since you don't seem to have any sense of responsibility."

"I'm not blaming Amber.  I know you've taken advantage of her and the poor innocent filly will have been quite overwhelmed by your attentions.  She'll never have had horse cock before and it seems to have quite turned her head.  I've seen how her breathing gets heavier and her arsehole dilates when you're near. "

"Well you're tethered tonight.  And I'll just apply the finishing touch. "  

With that, the Stable Girl slipped a ring over the Stallion's balls and locked the clasp.  Then she started to tighten that too.  The Stallion felt his balls pressed and constricted and then pushed apart.  The Stable Girl applied another padlock to look the ball stretcher in position.    The Stallion was humbled.  He knew he'd been a bad horse by servicing Amber without permission.  He knew though that he hadn't spoiled her and had just made her more willing.  She would be a much better pony thanks to his attentions.  At least he would get the chance to show that tomorrow.   But then the Stable Girl delivered the final humiliation.  "And don't get any ideas about tomorrow.  You'll be with Amber in the Stud Paddock.  Amber needs to become less timid if she's going to stay at these Stables.  Since you've jumped the gun on one part of her training, you can help with the other.  We won't use the donkey tomorrow, we'll bend down you over for her.  That'll give her confidence a boost knowing she's able to handle a prize Stallion.  After a night with the anal pear, you'll be quite ready for her."

The Stallion was humbled and frustrated.  Even more so when he heard from the next stall Amber's breath starting to come in loud pants and the slap of the Stable Girl's latex clad legs against the pony's bottoms.  Amber was beginning to whinny in exactly the way she'd done for him over recent evenings.  And then Amber gave a little cries of ecstasy and the Stable Girl let forth a soft moan.

As she turned out the light, he heard the Stable Girl say in farewell, "Goodnight, my pretty pony, and make sure you do the same for that naughty Stallion in the morning.  Night, night, my loves."

26 June 2012

With thanks to The English Mansion and Mistress Sidonia von Bork for the pictures.

Taming a Stallion: Postcript

Amanda left the Stable feeling satisfied and happy.  Her Stallion had been humbled and would learn his lesson about behaviour in the Stable.   And Amber had shown she was a good, sweet pony.  Maybe that bad Stallion had helped her and got her far more comfortable with her equine body; she had certainly been very willing and responsive and hadn't started even when the Stable Girl had slipped inside her.   However, the Stallion still deserved the rest of his punishment and it would be a good test for Amber.  Perhaps it was too late for her to become a full Stallion but many owners would be happy to bring their fillies first to a gentle colt who could prepare them for taking a proper stud Stallion.  The Stallion had grown too cocky and haughty and needed to be taken down a peg or two.  But she still loved her glossy boy and went back to the house to dream about horse cock in the morning.  She wondered if her Master was asleep yet.  He would definitely be able to help her settle.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Pussy goes visiting

Andy was such a little pussy when he was back with Giselle.  Maybe she'd give him something else to lick later.