Monday, 24 September 2012


 Amanda knew she couldn't trust the Stallion and Amber when they were together.  Both got too excited.  If she was going to bring them into the house and show them to Master and Mistress' guests, she didn't want them exhausting themselves.  She fetched the requisite tack from the harness cupboard.

Amber smiled with delight when the Stable Girl entered her stall.  She'd been locked in her stall all afternoon and was hoping for some time in the fresh air when the Stallion got back from his work with the colts and fillies.  How Amber envied them, especially the fillies.  She knew the Stable Girl considered her too delicate for such activity and strong sunlight, but she felt sure she was up to it.  She longed to be seen by the fillies alongside her Stallion.  Tethered in her stall,  Amber was delighted when she felt Amanda touch her little ball sac.   This was going to be nice.   But Amber was surprised when she felt the Stable Girl slip something cold and hard over her balls and then pull her little penis down through  the ring.  Amber looked round at the Stable Girl who gave her a nice smile and some reassuring words, "It's for the best, Amber."   Ooooh, she'd been fitted with a steel cock ring.  Perhaps that would help her hold her erections longer and make the Stallion even more proud of her.  Now the Stable Girl held her cocklet: perhaps Amanda was going to wank her a little to check things out.  Amber was dismayed when the Stable Girl fed her little dick into a steel tube and snapped a padlock to the cock ring.  Amber stamped her feet.  She'd been fitted with a cock cage.  This was so unfair.   She was going to cry out but the Stable Girl popped a bit into her mouth and tightened the strap round her neck.

Amber closed her mouth and rested her tongue against the bit.  It wasn't a normal harness bit, it was a penis bit.  At just over three inches, it was not too long and didn't cause her to gag.  as an instinctive reflex, Amber started to suck.  She was so used to doing this most afternoons when the Stallion got back from the fields and the Stud Yard that she felt quite comfortable if a bit silly.  Here she was just sucking against a rubber phallus that was locked in her mouth when she she might have been having something altogether more juicy. It was so much nicer with the Stallion particularly when he showed how happy he was being with her as little drops of honey would start to drip from the tip of his cock.   "I don't want you and the Stallion getting too fruity this afternoon.  Madam is going to have some visitors this evening and she wants me have you show putting on a little show for them," said the Stable Girl.

The Stable Girl untethered Amber and led her out of the Stable and into the light.   As Amber emerged blinking into the light,   The Stable Girl walked her across and untied the Stallion.  The Stable Girl let the Stallion briefly nuzzle Amber.  As the Stable Girl led them together by their reins and walked them towards the house, Amber couldn't help noticing that the Stallion was also caged and gagged like her.

The Stable Girl untethered Amber and led her out of the Stable.  As Amber emerged blinking into the sunlight she could see  the Stallion back from the fields secured to the railing opposite.  He looked red and angry.  He was stamping his hooves and made even more noise as he saw the Stable Girl approaching with Amber.  Amanda let the two horses greet each other.  They nuzzled their faces together and Amber went round to sniff the Stallion's bottom and to check how red his cock looked.  Although she knew the Stallion's duties, it always hurt her to think of the Stallion going with other fillies and maybe even being used to tame some of the wilder colts.  As her eyes adapted, Amber realised the Stallion was caged and gagged like she.  No wonder he was angry.  In addition, he had his usual plug in place and sported a handsomely plumed tail.  Even subdued and restrained as both of them were Amber felt proud to be walking alongside the Stallion.   She had no reason to feel humble or humbled (given that the Stable Girl had been lenient in some respects) when she was allowed to be the paramour of the glossy Stallion.   

Amanda took them up to the porch of the house.   She wrapped their reins round the ballustrade and untied their pony boots. "I don't want you damaging the library floor and leaving any of your horsey muck inside."   Amber and the Stallion rubbed faces as the Stable Girl knelt.  The Stallion tried to edge round to Amber's rear so that he could stroke his head against her bottom but the clever Stable Girl had got them both on a short rein and all he could do was brush against Amber's side and feel the folds of her corset and the leather of her arm binder against his cheek.

As the Stable Girl drew them into the house, both Amber and the Stallion had to walk on tip-toe after being in pony boots for so long. Amanda's heels clicked across the parquet floor of the hall.  She took them to the Lounge with its expansive view over the fields and pasture where Madam and Master could watch their horse stock at work and at play.   Amanda removed the Stallion's tail and asked them both to lie down.  The floor was warm from the afternoon sun.  "I don't want you getting to tired, but it's only right that you have some time together alone.  The guests will be here shortly and I know Madam will want you to be calm and happy."  Amanda produced a long, double-headed dildo and a put of lube.  Afre some quick, skillful handiwork, Amber and the Stallion found themselves lying back to back. 

Even though they couldn't talk, there was definitely something between them that meant they could still enjoy their time together. 

Amanda smiled.  Her horses were happy playing together.  And Amber would still get her gokkun later since she was sure many of the guests would want to contribute alongside the Stallion.