Friday, 13 September 2013

Meanwhile back at the stable

Amanda had left Amber and the Stallion behind in the Stable while she went to Lyon to see Sheila. She'd secured them both in cock cages so that there has no hanky-panky whilst she was away.

When Amanda had gone, Amber and the Stallion shook their plugged tails vigorously.  If only they could get their butt plugs out, at least they could lick each other.  For some reason though, all that seemed to happen was that their caged cocks started to leak and drip pre-cum.   It just made them shake all the more.

Sheila in the Office

Sheila had dressed for Andy that morning.  She was going to collect him  from the station.

She just hoped other staff in the office would get on with their work and wouldn't be too distracted.  She just wondered whether she was going to be collecting Andy or Amanda.  Either way they would have a nice kiss and cuddle on the platform.

Monday, 9 September 2013

For lovers of IMYAMVD - Peter objects

As some of you will be aware, I have started to republish my adaptation of "In my younger and more vulnerable days".  At some stage I want to do a more wholesale reworking, maybe turning it back to a more conventional book form akin to Xan Tippa's (SE) original novella.   Since many of you don't like the harshness of the original, it would make the transition of Peter rather more gentle and subtle.   I also thought that you'd appreciate this little gif of Peter fighting back and wrecking Mr.Stern's apartment.

I've commended Miley Cyrus' current appearance to Xan Tippa since she looks very much like Peter or some other sissies featured in her artwork.