Monday, 28 May 2012

Latex maid in ballet heels and bondage straps.

Given that Amanda is probably missing her maid duties at the moment. I thought she's appreciate this little clip.
Mistress would definitely be proud of you dressed like that.  (And I think another lady would be even more intrigued.)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Stable Girl and the Stallion

I recently drew this (old) story to the attention of my (and Andy's) friend Amber.  She very much liked it so I thought it would probably be worth republishing.  (I think sweet, capricious Amber might even have found it rather exciting to read about her sweet Amanda and her Stallion.)

Apologies but I don't have copyright to the photos.  If there are objections please let me know.  However, I hope you think that visually they rather complement the story.

The first light of dawn had woken her. Rays of sun crept through the crack in the curtains.  Another cloudless morning of what was proving a magical summer.   The Stable Girl  snapped out of her reverie and remembered that she needed to concentrate on her stable duties.  She gently lifted Madam's arm from round her waist and slipped out of bed.  After yesterday's incidents she needed to pay much more attention to the behaviour of her new horse and ensure that it was obedient to her command.   The stallion had been a gift from Madam and the Stable Girl knew that Madam wanted it to aid her development.   All young ladies of her age rode.  She was new to riding and needed to learn quickly.  Riding was fun, but she also needed to muck out and groom her new horse.  The chores came with the fun.  However, she also knew that those very chores were part of her training and would help her to build a closer bond with her horse.

"I have to make sure my lovely stallion is well washed down," thought the Stable Girl.  "Madam says that if I'm good, take care of S and groom him daily, I may be able to show him."  The Stable Girl knew that it would require weeks of training before she would be able to ride him in a public competition but simply showing him would be a major first step.  "I have to brush him thoroughly.  And I need to take special care about his tail area and of course his beautiful maleness."

Back in her own bedroom, the Stable Girl rolled on her stockings, tightened her corset and checked her suspenders were secure. She pulled on a pair of tight latex knickers.   She slipped on her latex riding jacket and  her latex jodhpurs, then pulled on and zipped up her riding boots.  If she was going to be accepted at the Riding Club, she needed to get used to wearing the appropriate equipment.  It as Madam who'd suggested that her gear should be made from latex, "It's so much more hygienic when you're working with mucky horses.  You can hose yourself down if you get messy." 

Softly she stepped down the stairs, steadying herself on the handrail to avoid wobbling on her dagger heels.  Downstairs, she went to the kitchen and  her heels clacked across the tiled kitchen floor  to the fridge with confident.  She  took out a bag of chopped up vegetables and fruit that she had prepared the previous evening.  It was a fine sunny morning as she stepped out into the yard and across to the stable.  The house was quiet and it seemed that Madam was not yet stirring.  She had already taken Madam her cup of coffee before dressing.  Master was away and Madam liked to ensure that both she and her Stable Girl had a relaxing night's sleep. 
S heard the click of the Stable Girl's heels as they crossed the yard.  He rose up from the straw. The blanket that had been draped over him for the night slipped off him down to the ground.  His stall smelt of the farmyard.  He saw the Stable Girl silhouetted in the doorway against the strengthening sunlight.  He was thirsty and sucked at the long, wide  teat mounted on the wall of his stall. He needed to put it fully into his mouth and press the underside with his tongue in order to release the fluid.  It was warm and slightly sugary.   He knew that with the high amount of vegetable roughage the Stable Girl was putting out in his feed trough and the sugary drink, his bowels were perpetually mobile.  He drank some more and then involuntarily he evacuated a stream of loose shit.  The Stable Girl looked at him over the gate of his stall. Then he pissed on the floor.   He tried to avoid standing in the pool of steaming excrement and urine but couldn't move far because of the tether round his neck.  He realised that not only were his flanks, legs and boots covered in it, but also that his side was caked where he'd lain in one of his movements during the night.
"Good morning S.  Well that's a nice way to greet me.  A stream of piss and shit.  You really look a mucky thing.  This diet will get you much sleeker and fitter, but it does have some unfortunate consequences," she giggled.  "Never mind, I'll soon get you cleaned up and will sort out your stall." The Stable Girl went to the tack cupboard and fetched an array of straps and harnesses.   She placed these on a chair near the central rail in the stable.    "Since you've already had a drink, I'll fit you with your bit.  Today's going to be hot so I'll use one that will allow you to drink as we ride."  The Stable Girl pulled a halter over the stallion's head and slapped him hard on the flank.  S opened his mouth and the Stable Girl slipped in a penis bit.  She quickly tightened the buckle at the back of his neck and the chinstrap.  S shook his head but could not remove it.  S struggled initially for breath but  another smack from the Stable Girl calmed him and he started to breathe steadily through his nose and avoid the gagging reaction.  With each breath he sucked against the penis bit and his tongue could not help rubbing along its length and licking its shaft. So this was what the feeding tube was preparing him for, thought S.  Periodically he had to swallow saliva that accumulated in his mouth whilst some drooled and dripped from  the edges of his lips.   

The Stable Girl untied the neck tether from where they had been lashed to the eye bolt on the wall.   With both halter and tether she led S to the centre of the stable and loosely tied him to the centre rail.   "Get the dirtiest job over first," she thought.   She took the broom and the hose and went into the Stallion's stall and washed and brushed it out.  She removed the blanket to the laundry basket and draped a clean one over the wall of the stall.

She replenished the feeding bottle with water and orange juice,  adding a tablespoon of lactulose to maintain the sugary balance. She emptied the bag of vegetables and fruit into a feeding tray mounted waist height at the head of the stall.   More roughage to ensure he was well fed but fully cleaned out.  Now she was ready to attend to the grooming of S.

She unclipped his mittens from behind his back.   How would S react? Would he try to grab her.   Still she didn't want the leather mittens getting soaked.  She clipped  the right mitten to a belt round S waist.  Then she undid the  shackle holding both mittens together at the small of his back. The Stable Girl did not need to worry, the stallion could hardly move his arms they were so cramped and set in position.  She removed the left mitten and quickly clipped his left cuff to the belt.  She followed a similar procedure with the right mitten.  She now released the elbow ties.  S now had both wrists clipped to his belt allowing his arms to hang loosely at his sides.  The stallion was grateful for some limited movement and started to flex with arms

Then the Stable Girl turned on the hose.   The jet of cold water made S shiver.   The muck ran off him.  The Stable Girl used a coarse brush to remove the dirt. It left red marks on his skin.  The Stable Girl applied the jet around his rear. The stallion became very restive as the Stable Girl washed his nether regions.  He stamped his high heeled hooves. S reared his head.   The Stable Girl pulled his bridle to bring his head back down.  She was glad she used the penis bit rather than the stallion's regular bit or ball gag.  At least the stallion has something to suck on and can't bite.   His restricted breathing makes him a bit more docile.

Reducing the pressure to a slow trickle, the Stable Girl inserted the tip of the hose into his anus.  S felt the cold water gurgle inside him.  She pulled out the hose and restored the pressure and went back to her washing routine.   S held the water in his rectum.  He did not want to look undignified in front of the Stable Girl although that was already rather a forlorn wish given his earlier besmearing with excrement.  However, after a few minutes he could hold it no longer and had to let go.  A jet of water erupted from his anus.  "Good boy.  Get it all out."   A few more squirts and he was done.  The Stable Girl continued to  wash his nether regions and made sure they were spotless.   Once S was  clean she turned off the hose.

The Stable Girl put on a pair of latex gloves. She ran a pail of water and set it beside S on a mounting stool.  She took a can of foam and squirted it on to his face and around his nether regions.  Her gloved hands rubbed the creamy soap over his skin and massaged it into the hairy areas.  Taking a razor she shaved his face and nether regions removing any stubble. She moved swiftly and assuredly.  Tenderly grasping his face and then his nether areas to draw the razor firmly across the surface. Periodically she rinsed the razor in the water.  The Stable Girl gripped the Stallion's penis and shaved around its base and balls.  "Funny as I shave it there seems to be more and more of it! Oh my! I hope I am not hurting it. It looks so swollen!" When all areas were hairless, she cleaned the razor and flushed away the pail.   "I am going to have to speak to Madam about having you waxed.  It would be so much easier than having to do this every morning."   Then she gave S a final hosing.  S grimaced as the cold water played around his sore and smarting areas.  The Stable Girl gave him and friendly tug and lick then  took a coarse towel and rubbed S down and dried him. 
 The Stable Girl tightened the halter's fastening to the rail and clipped the neck tether to an eye bolt in the ceiling.  S was unable to move. With a towel and a fine brush she smoothed the hair around his nether regions.  She put on a new set of rubber gloves and picked up a tub of cream.  Dipping in two fingers, she pulled out a dollop of cream and applied it around the Stallion's anus.  Gently she worked one finger then two into the horse's passage.  The horse writhed slightly and whinnied.  "A whinny of discomfort?  Or a whinny of pleasure?" pondered the Stable Girl.  "Now let's give you a beautiful tail befitting my proud stallion."  She picked up a large pointed rubber plug about 6 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter at the widest part of its  tapering girth. 
After the widest point the plug again tapered back to only half an inch in diameter before it ended in a flat rectangular  flange.  Attached to the flange was a long black glossy horsehair tail.  

The Stable Girl covered her palm thickly in cream and gripping the plug rubbed it along the length of the plug until it was covered in a smeary white film.   Gripping the plug by the flange, the Stable Girl steadily inserted the plug into the Stallion's anus.  S jolted as the hard tip of the plug started to penetrate him and his anus tightened, pushing the plug back out.  "Don't do that S," murmured the Stable Girl in best horse whisperer fashion.   S calmed but next felt another hard slap on his flanks and as he reared the plug was pushed firmly into him.  The Stable Girl paused briefly when 4 inches had been inserted.  The widest part was about to be reached.  "OK S, here goes.  I'm going to work it in gently.  Try to relax boy."  S felt stretched and suddenly realised the Stable Girl was using a larger plug than yesterday.   "Yes, it's bigger than yesterday's but Madam says you'll feel the benefit."   S worried that it was going to tear him, but the gentleness of the Stable Girl's fingers had loosened him more than he realised.  The Stable Girl applied some more cream around the most bulbous part of the plug and eased it into him.  S gulped as his anus constricted around the narrow neck and gripped the plug securely inside him.  "Good boy."  "She stroked and patted his buttock cheeks.   The flange pressed against his rear.  He could feel the hair of the tail brush against his legs.  The Stable Girl brushed the hair of the tail.   "Your tail looks so sleek and handsome.  It so befits my beautiful stallion."   S gyrated his buttocks slightly but the plug maintained its pressure inside him.  Each time he tightened his anus it pulled the plug harder into him.  The Stable Girl walked to the front, stroked his face and gave him a little kiss.  "You took that really well.  I'm so proud of you.  The other girls at the Club will be so envious." 

The stable was starting to get hotter as the sun rose higher in the sky.  The Stable Girl looped two long thin cords to hooks on the wall.  Standing behind S, she wrapped a leather corset round his waist that extended from the small of his back to below his armpits and from his belly button to just below his nipples.  She looped one cord round the eyelets at the top of the corset and the other round the eyelets at its base.  After each pair of eyelets, she pulled the cords tight and narrowed the corset.   After hard tugging and reaching the eyelets at the middle of the corset she knotted both cords together.  S had a constricted waist and his buttocks tightened around his tail.  "Oh my, you look so elegant.  The mares will be across in a flash if they see you today.   You'll be glad you have your tail in when we go to the Riding Club since I think some of the colts might get over excited too when I leave you in the pasture."

The Stable Girl's brow was starting to drip with perspiration following her  efforts tightening the corset. S stared at her.  Was he resenting the corset?   "Oh my, I don't know what that look in his eye is! Perhaps he is hot - I know I am.   It's hot work in these  jodhpurs.   It won't matter if I take them off, after all it is only me and my lovely stallion. What could possibly happen?"  She sat on the chair, unzipped her boots and eased herself out of her latex jodhpurs.   "Well that's slightly cooler but I'm still hot."  She was still wearing her latex stockings and suspender belt but  decided to take her latex knickers off.  "That'll be much cooler.  At least I'll be able to feel some breeze."

As she put her high heeled riding boots back on, she thought back to yesterday.   She did not want S going slowly past the mares' field  again.   She had needed the whip to make him walk on.  She would not be caught out and embarrassed like that today. All the other girls at the Riding Club had laughed at her as S strained against his reins and the mares had trotted across to the fence of their paddock.  And the humiliation when the Village Girls took advantage of him was terrible, but it was really all his fault for being so rampant. Or maybe it was hers for not remembering that stud Stallions were powerful beasts and needed to be tamed. The Stable Girl fitted a pair of spurs round her booted ankles.

"I'm sure you're hot too, boy.  I'll get you a drink."  She refilled the pail of water and took it across to him.  She slipped out the penis bit.  She tilted the bucket and S lowered his head and started to drink.  The Stable Girl had overfilled the bucket and as S lapped at the water and it splashed over her.   The Stable Girl turned to put down the bucket but felt eyes watching her every movement.   "Who can be watching me.  There is only me and my gorgeous stallion.  Surely they can't be?"  She turned back, all wet with water dripping down her stockings and polished boots.  She then   realised that S was looking down at her.  Too late suddenly she remembered that she had not fitted his blinkers.   His member was again getting bigger.

The stallion  lowered his head.  He was a bit hypnotised by the reflection off the stable girl's latex stockings and riding corset and jacket.  S mistook the shimmer of the latex for the reflection off the water in the stable girl's pail.  Droplets of water dripped down her corset catching the sunlight as it streams through the stable's skylight.  S extended his long  tongue and licked the droplets off the corset.  The latex made the water taste slightly different.  The rubbery aroma intoxicated S.  He licked again.  His tongue lapped against the stable girl's midriff.  As the droplets ran down the stable girl's body his tongue followed them.  His tongue struck flesh rather than rubber.  That too was wet but slightly salty, tainted by the  girl's sweat. S could feel the stable girl shiver as his tongue teased her belly ring.  She couldn't be cold in the rising warmth of the stable.   The stable girl came  out in goose pimples and quivered.   She did not move away as S worked his tongue lower towards her groin.   S was  bent well over.  He was about to raise his neck but the stable girl pulled firmly on the bridle and drew the stallion's head down closer. "Hold steady boy."  Her other hand reached down - yes, her stallion was still getting larger.  "Oh my, you're excitable this morning."

The Stable Girls head started to spin.  She gasped for  breath.  The stallion's tongue roamed over her lower body covering her in  its wetness. She caressed his head and the back of her horse's neck.   She stroked his cheek and ears. "Don't stop," she whispered. She parted her thighs and pulled again on the bridle.

S brushed his tongue against her thighs and then extended it towards the Stable girl's rising mound.  He licked the little dome which started to harden against the touch.  Horse saliva dripped from his mouth and moistened the firming tip.  S reached out his right fore-hoof to pull the stable girl closer but she was ready for him.   She flicked the rein round his arm, moved to one side and pulled the stallion forward.  The stallion tottered  on his heels as he was pulled  towards the rail.  The stallion toppled forward and needed to thrust out  his left hand to support himself on the rail.  The stable girl quickly looped the rein round the rail and grabbed the stallion's left wrist.  She took a piece of tether and made the left wrist secure.   The stallion had now started to steady himself as he drew his hooves forward but the stable girl was still able to take a second tether and lash the right wrist to the rail.   The girl released the rein from around the stallion's right arm, pulled the stallion's head forward so it still had some slack and made it fast round the rail. 

As the stallion was still trying to recover, the Stable Girl ran round to his rear and taking a leg spreader hobble bar attached each cuff round the stallions ankles.   The stallion tried to kick but a swift slap on his flank and then a hard tug on his balls made him stop struggling.  The leg spreader was secured and the stallion was now immobile except for the ability to raise and lower his head. The stable girl gave his ball sac an extra tug just to show who was in charge. She gave a light pull at his tail and then pushed it in firmly.  The stallion let out a little whinny.

The stallion's member had started to shrink but a rub with the sponge made it start to grow again.   Amanda now stood in front of her horse.  The once haughty stallion gazed at the girl.   As he stared at her latex sheathed legs and tight corset,  his member started to  grow further. 

Amanda fetched one of the mounting stools and placed it in front of the rail.  She stepped up on to the stool and pulled the horse's head again towards her.  The Stable Girl was now in full control.   The stallion again extended his tongue.  This time the girl directed him straight to her groin.  The stallion again started to lick the dimple.   The mound again hardened and this time the girl allowed it to stiffen fully.  Pulling the horse's head forward and down, the stallion's mouth closed around her shaft.  The Stable Girl started to ooze her own moisture to lubricate the shaft.  S tasted a different kind of slimy saltiness.  The Stable Girl no longer needed to pull on the reins as the stallion voluntarily rocked his head backwards and forwards and ran his mouth along the full length of the shaft.  The stallion opened his mouth wider and ran the shaft in fully.  The girl felt her dimple sound against the back of the stallion's throat.  She tugged on the reins and held the stallion's head in place.  She heard him struggle for air and copious amounts of saliva drooled from his mouth.  She released her grip on the reins and again allowed the stallion's head to rock gently to and fro, his soft mouth and tongue caressing her erect rod.
The girl was slightly startled to hear movement at the stable door.  Madam was here.  "Bonjour Madame,"  she said meekly.  Her dimple shrank slightly at the shock but the stallion just sucked harder to hold it in his mouth.  She saw that Madam was dressed in her full riding regalia including her top hat.  She had smart shiny high heeled boots.  The girl could tell that they were Madam's thigh boots since her late riding skirt was slit at the front.

"Ah, Amanda, I'm pleased to see you've learned to master him this time.  I was concerned that he would get out of hand again and try to take advantage of you.  A groom needs to show the horse who is in charge.  I would like a ride myself this morning.  It's so good of you to have fitted the leg spreader. I was going to attach a ball tether but this is better: it will stop him kicking when he is mounted.   Don't let me disturb you though, I will get my own mounting stool.  Perhaps though, he does need his blinkers fitted.  Silly girl, you must remember that stallions like this one need to be kept on a tight rein.  But I'll do that.  You just keep him suckling on you.  My, you're a shapely girl.  He's clearly enjoying that pre-cum.   Aren't you boy?  Look how his mouth is slurping on you."  At that Madam gave S a slap on his flank.    "I see his own member is nicely excited.  That is as it should be: an animal should have affection for his mistress.  He's quite a big boy isn't he.  It's just well we got him under control yesterday."

Madam picked up a set of blinkers and put them over S.  All the time the stable girl ensured that his head remained down and sucking gently.  "The leg spreader is fine and stops him moving, but I would recommend you fit a ball tether when you do this again. A sharp tweak stops the horse nipping.  They soon get out of the habit."

"Oui, Madame, mais il suce et lèche seulement. Il a un très doux bouche." Madam smiled.  The
stallion clearly liked his Stable Girl.  Madam gave the stallion's head a little push as she kissed the stable girl on the lips after tightening the last buckle.   The girl tasted Madam's warmth and felt herself harden further in the stallion's mouth.  Madam could still excite her in so many ways.  

"Has he had his enema?"

"Oui, Madame"

Madam placed the mounting stall just behind the stallion.  The girl saw her step up on the stool and then pull out the stallion's tail and toss it to one side in one movement.   The stallion was not prepared for the shock and winced.  "Now my fine stallion, it's time for a lesson.  Amanda is still inexperienced and doesn't yet know how to handle a large horse like you.   You need to follow her instruction.  You are only here because I wanted Amanda to gain some riding experience this summer.  Your conduct yesterday was disgraceful.  A stallion must never assail his Mistress.  You will not touch Amanda."

"In addition you will not touch yourself.  Your hands and arms are going to be kept tied: mittens during the night and cuffs during the day. Each morning you will ache to be released from your mittens.  It's for Amanda's safety but also ensures that you don't waste yourself in senseless rutting.  If you need some relief we may allow you out with some of the mares or maybe the village donkey  - he's always very accommodating and willing to oblige.  You are here to help Amanda learn to ride and maybe, by the end of the summer, compete in a little local competition.  I'm pleased to see you stiffening her up at the moment, but I think a little accelerated learning and discipline for you is in order."

The Stable Girl saw Madam pull aside her skirt to reveal a large, erect strap-on at least 8 inches in length and similar in girth to the horsetail plug at its widest point.  "Amanda, remove yourself from his move since he may bite. Your riding lesson will be altogether more pleasurable."  The Stable Girl raised the stallion's head and reluctantly drew herself out of his mouth.  She was covered in horse slobber that now dripped from her groin and ran down her latex stockings.  "Don't worry about cleaning yourself up.  You can do that later.  Put his penis bit back in."  S was disappointed  but opened his mouth and allowed the gag back in.  He welcomed something to replace the Stable Girl's stiff mound.  The Stable Girl kissed him on the cheek in thanks for taking his bit so easily and for his joyful sucking. "You may come round to the side and hold his pizzer.  It may slacken as this goes in and you should be on hand to remedy that."  S opened his mouth and his member started to shrink.  What was going to happen?  What was going in?   The Stable Girl stepped down from her stool and moved to take the stallion's shrinking member in her right hand.  It responded slightly to her touch and grew slightly.

"Now stallion, if your temperament doesn't improve you will need to be milked. I will show Amanda how to accomplish this as well as maybe giving you a little pleasure and some pain along the way."  Madam put on a rubber glove, coated her fingers in cream then thrust them into the stallion's anus.  There was none of the delicacy of the Stable Girl. S gasped.   "Come here Amanda. If you move your fingers here you can feel and massage your horse's prostate.  If you don't want him to be randy for an hour or two, say while you take him for a walk or when you go near the mares' enclosure, you can massage him here and with a little handwork he will be quite docile and placid.  See he's quite stiff.  Look how's sucking on his bit.  He's starting to enjoy it."  The Stable Girl watched the horse start to respond and squirm his buttocks against Madam's touch.

"However, I came here for a ride.  With Master away I need some pleasures apart from you, dear Amanda."   Madam removed her fingers from the stallion then ran her creamy palm up and down the shaft of the strap-on until it glistened.  " Watch and learn Amanda."  Madam placed her hands on the stallion's back and grasped straps near the top of his leather corset.  She pushed the stallion to bend forward making S steady himself again against the rail.  "Would you do me the honours, Amanda, please?"   The Stable Girl took the strap-on and guided it to winking the spot of his anus.   "See he's quite dilated now and ready."  Madam thrust with her hips and the large dildo slid slowly into the stallion's rear.

S gulped.  It was larger than anything he had ever taken.  His teeth clamped down on the penis bit.  He closed his eyes.  This was worse than the tail plug going in.  The slow entry of the strap-on was excruciating.  Madam was deliberately only moving it forward in very, very small steps  S started to long for Madam to ram the dildo home, at least it would be over.   Eventually S felt the dildo stop moving as it struck the top of his rectum.  Madam gave a final little push to check then stopped.  S relaxed and released his jaw's grip on the penis bit.   "See how I hold the strap-on within him.  He's now feeling comfortable with it, in fact he won't want it removed since he will worry again about the pain.   Amanda, look how he's gone back to sucking on his bit.  Despite his fondness for the mares, I think you have a sissy stallion like I predicted. "

The Stable Girl looked at her beautiful stallion perspiring against the rail, breathing deeply through his nose and sucking on his bit.  Was her Stallion  really a sissy?   He certainly liked wearing and parading in his high heeled hooved boots.  And he hadn't complained at all about putting on the corset, in fact his member had still looked rather long during the lacing procedure.  The Stable Girl gave a slightly squirm as she rubbed her thighs together.  She was so excited and exclaimed,  "A sissy stallion for me.  Oh, we can have such fun together.  I'll definitely make sure he's well cared for and look after his temperament."

After what felt like several minutes, Madam pulled backwards.  S tried to stamp his feet but the leg spreader prevented much movement.  "He's not going to like the suction but he'll settle."   Madam withdrew the dildo as slowly as she entered.   Air rushed in the stallion's cavity.  "Do you see how ready he is Amanda.  Let me have a few more strokes and then it will be your turn."

"My turn?" thought the Stable Girl.  "I thought this just going to be you demonstrating to me.  Do you think I'm ready?"

"Of course you are.  You need practice as well as theory.  And your mound looks like it's ready for him."  Madam reinserted the dildo and started to rock her hips backwards and forwards rhythmically.  S groaned with pleasure; slobber dripped from his mouth.  "Look he's ready for you."  The stallion's member was back to its full length and rocked up and down with each push from Madam.   "OK, your turn girl."

Madam withdrew and stepped down from the stool.  The Stable Girl stepped up.  "Now remember how I handled him," barked Madam.   The Stable Girl gripped the top of the stallion's corset as Madam had done.  She moved forward.  Her shaft did not need guidance; the stallion's anus gaped in readiness for her.  Even if slightly off target, her member would slide in.  Initially S did not notice the Stable Girl enter him.  She was much smaller than Madam's strap-on and was well into the wide cave before the walls of his anus contracted against her warm flesh.  The Stable Girl was able to move easily inside him.  She realised what a good job Madam had done in opening him. S found it so comfortable after the arse breaking strap-on.  He pulled hard on his penis bit.

Madam came to the front and started to stroke his head.  "You are a good boy.  Amanda dear, I know you can't see but his pizzer is really stiff now.   Let's see if you can make him cum."  The stallion's cock was already starting to dribble copious pre-cum but apart from the Stable Girl's earlier touches had received no direct stimulation.

"C'est pas possible, Madame?"

"Just keep going girl.  I think you'll be surprised how responsive he is.  Your stallion is clearly ready for you."

The Stable Girl removed her hands from the corset straps and placed her hands round the stallion's
waist.  She leaned forward and kissed his neck.  "You can do it boy," she whispered in his ear.  Then she increased her rate of thrusting and the length of her strokes. She rocked the stallion backwards and forwards. The Stable Girl herself was going to be unable to keep this up for much longer.   Her Stallion started to take short pants.  He could feel his arse being hammered but deep stimulation occurring and pressure rising.  The Stable Girl saw goose pimples rise on his back and buttock cheeks.  She could hold no longer and shook as her cream squirted when she was embedded deepest between his cheeks.  The stallion felt her warm jet spurt against the walls of his fundament.  He groaned in ecstasy as  his engorged member first dribbled then  cascaded semen on to the ground.  Madam patted his head.  The Stable Girl fell forward and rested her hot body against his back.  Her arms came round and encircled his waist.  "Thank you boy.  I'm so proud of you."  Her hand went down and grasped his diminishing member to squeeze out the last drops of cum.

"Well done girl.  That's excellent for a first ride.  No-one would believe your lack of experience.  You're almost at show standard now"   Madam went round and kissed the Stable Girl.   Her kiss lingered long and hard.  "Maybe you would do the same for me this evening?  Master will still not be back and he would prefer I sought my pleasures with his little Stable Girl than starting to explore the Stud Farm down the road.    Now clean up your horse.  He won't be any trouble today."

The Stable Girl got down and kissed the Stallion.  S groaned.  He definitely would not be any trouble.  He loved his Stable Girl.