Sunday, 12 June 2016

Aunt Jane's Fantasy - The Morning After (the short version)

This the short version of the follow-up to Aunt Jane's Fantasy.
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Following yesterday's interesting visit to the store, Andy eventually got home tired and rather sore.  He found that Jane had already left some new clothes for him to wear to go to work. He knew now why Aunt Jane had insisted on shaving his legs before he left.    At least it wasn't another dress and there no high heels, but he did wonder how staff at the store would react given their design.

Although the fact that Jane was insisting he wear lipstick and the wig might be more of a problem.

N.B.  There is a much naughtier and longer verson of "the Morning After" just below.
Link to Aunt Jane's Fantasy - The Morning After (longer version)

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Aunt Jane's Fantasy - The Morning After (the longer and naughtier version)

This is the longer and naughtier follow-up to Aunt Jane's Fantasy. 
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Following the afternoon visit to the store and an interesting evening at Aunt Jane's, Andy eventually got home tired and rather sore.  He went straight up to his room avoiding everyone in the house.  After getting undressed, washing off his make-up and hiding everything away, he went to bed and fell soundly into deep sleep.   Was it in his dreams or did he hear voices talking till late in the house?

The alarm woke him.  It was a work day but rather than get up he lay there thinking for a while.  Had Jane really kissed him when they were in the taxi?  Had really they done all those things when they got back to Jane's house?  He got up and looked in the wardrobe.  Yes, everything was there, even that accursed butt plug which had caused so many problems yesterday.  Had Jane really needed to see how easily it slid in and out of his bottom when they got back to her place?  And had she needed to keep on doing it?  He supposed he only had himself to blame. It was his fault and his fault alone for getting an erection when she undid and took off his cache sex.  When they'd got indoors Aunt Jane had said he could take off his new clothes.  Andy had eagerly complied although Jane had insisted on removing his cache-sex herself.  Maybe it was her touch or just having her near him but his cock had sprung to life when released: having a hard-on in front Auntie was so embarrassing.  He tried crossing his legs to hide it but Jane didn't seem to mind. She was still wearing her latex jacket and trousers: the way she shimmied and squirmed, she was clearly loving them and the effect they seemed to have on him ... and her.  And then she'd kissed him again: that didn't help his erection at all.

When he was naked except for his high heels and the plug in his bottom, she held his face in her hands.  She kissed him again, long and slowly, her lips hard against his and her tongue probing into his mouth.  His cock become more eager and pressed stiffly against her latex clad belly.  Jane could feel the sensuous rub against her wondering if her nephew would try to frot against her.   "I do hope you aren't leaving marks on my new trousers or jacket, Andrew," she said.  And, seizing the opportunity, she continued "I'd like to see whether the collar and cuffs fit you so could you try them on, please?"

Although he loved being kissed by Aunt Jane, Andrew saw putting on the cuffs as a way of distracting himself and readily agreed even though he knew the cuffs and collar were adjustable so fitting was hardly going to be a problem.  The steel bands slipped easily into place and Jane snapped each padlock shut. It was Jane's  idea though to fasten and padlock his wrists to his steel collar.  andy could hardly move his arms and when she asked him to kneel down on all fours, all he could do was rest on his elbows.  He thought she was going to put him on the dog lead but instead she tried to remove his plug.   Andy felt relieved.  "Thank goodness," he sighed.   At last that thing was coming out.  At least it would be one less embarrassment: only gay boys or sissies wore butt plugs, he thought.

Unfortunately after a couple of hours of having the plug inside him, Andy's  arsehole had closed firmly around its neck.  Jane tried to extract the rubber plug but he was gripping it too tightly.   "Do you really want this out?  You seem desperate to hold on to it.  You need to relax, honey" said Jane "if I'm going to get it out."  This didn't seem to help.  If anything his ring closed even more as Jane attempted to pull on the base of the plug.  "It's not releasing darling," sniggered Jane as she tugged some more.  "Let me try pushing and see if you loosen," she suggested.   Jane pushed the plug forward.  Already fully inserted, it couldn't go any deeper, but Andy felt it slide and bang against the walls of his rectum.

Jane alternated between pushing and pulling.  Andy's cock began to sway in time with the movement in his bottom.   His erection, which had earlier managed to subside, started to grow again.  Andy concentrated on his cock hoping to avoid it getting hard.   As he did so, the wide bulb of the plug slipped out of his sphincter.  "Oh sweetie, that seemed to do the trick.  Let's see if it works again."  To Andy's dismay, his Aunt pushed the plug back in.  To his shame, his arsehole stretched to receive the plug.  "Well that went in easy enough."  Jane didn't let it go all the way in this time though so his ring couldn't close around the narrow neck.  

"No, please Auntie," Andy requested.  "Stop, please," he pleaded.  "Those ladies at the shop have given you all the wrong ideas."

"Oh but they haven't, Andy.   It's clear you like seeing me in latex.  Just let me indulge one of my fantasies for a while," replied Jane, "after all you seem to be enjoying it."  Andy couldn't deny that he still had an erection.  "You look so sweet with something in your bottom.   And it's really not that big."   She pulled out the plug and held it in front of Andy's eyes.  Andy stared at the plug in her latex gloved hand.  Up close, it looked enormous.

"But it's huge, Auntie.  Those ladies should never have put that in me."

"If you're going to complain, I can fix that."   Jane fetched her ball gag, thrust it into Andy's open mouth and locked it behind his head.  "Now you're quiet we can properly get down to play."   She greased the plug, particularly around the neck and base of the bulb, and inserted it again.  This time she gave him the full length.   It slipped in easily as if welcoming a familiar visitor and his anus closed again around the slippery neck.

Andy gave a muffled moan through the gag.  He didn't want anything in his bottom but he was in no position to resist.  "That wasn't so bad, was it honey.  Now let's see how this works."  Steadily Jane began to slide the plug in and out or his arsehole till.  All the way in to totally out. Each time his anus opened and closed and with each stroke it became easier.  Andy started to sob.  He was taking the full length without difficulty and his cock had become rock hard.   "Are you sure you're not enjoying this, sweetie?"   Jane asked.  It was impossible to answer but he could feel that his cock was dripping.   "Don't cry honey, your little friend already seems to be weeping.  After all that complaining too,"  she said with a wry smile.  "Let's see if you like this too." 

Jane pushed the butt plug in fully and  got the leather crop from the bag.  She gave Andy a light tap on his buttocks.  Andy flinched.  "Don't be nervous, that was nothing."  She gave Andy three rather harder flicks with the crop.  Tears welled up in Andy's eyes.   As red welts started to appear on Andy's buttocks, she came round to the front, took off his gag and kissed him once more.  "You're a good boy Andrew.  I can see we're going to have fun together.  Now let's get you home."

Andy found his member stiffening at the thought of yesterday and leapt out of bed before he went too far.   On the chair in his bedroom, Andy found a note and some clothes that Jane must have left last night.  The note said that this was his outfit  to wear to work today. He knew now why Aunt Jane had insisted on shaving his legs before he left her house.    At least it wasn't another dress and there were no high heels, but he did wonder how staff at the store would react given the design.

Andy put on the shorts.  They were hardly cut for a man.   Reluctantly he took off both them and the boxer shorts, his normal underwear.  He went to the wardrobe where he'd hidden his clothes and the shopping bags from yesterday.  He took out and put on the little belt the ladies had given him.  Then like they'd done to him, he squeezed his penis into the little pouch, pulled it backwards so it rested beneath his perineum and fastened it to the clip at the back of the belt. He put the white shorts back on.  The shorts now fitted smoothly and had a lovely line: the cache-sex prevented unsightly bulges exactly as the ladies had said.  It would make going to the toilet during the day ratehr awkward and the urinals would be out of the question.

However Jane's note also presented rather more of a problem than the somewhat effeminate shorts.  It stated that Andy should wear lipstick and the wig from yesterday.    The first was easy, Andy didn't have any lipstick; the second was simply an impossibility at least during his journey to the shop where he worked.  What would people think?  Then he encountered another  problem.   Where was he going to put his wallet, phone and keys .... and, of course, that damned wig?  The shorts had no pockets.  He was going to need a bag.  Also sitting on the chair was a pretty black leather clutch bag.  Well, he wasn't going to use that.  He'd always thought man bags rather silly and this was even worse. He found a practical shopping bag and  popped his effects and the wig into it.  Then he  hurried downstairs to catch the bus to the station hoping to avoid anyone in the house seeing him.  But his mother was already up and caught him just before he reached the front door.  "Good morning, Andrew.  You haven't had any breakfast."

"Hello Mum,  I'm late and need to go. Don't worry I'll get some coffee at the station."

"OK.  Darling you do look lovely.  Is that the outfit Jane left last night?   I don't know why you had to run straight up to bed  without seeing us.  Fortunately Jane came in and we had a long chat.  She said she'd enjoyed her day out with you yesterday.  She's such a dear friend.  I'm glad the two of you have hit it off so well."   She gave Andy a long look.  Andy couldn't help blushing slightly.  What had Aunt Jane said?  What did his mother know?  "She popped back later with those clothes.  Those shorts do suit you.  And you can borrow my lipstick.  Sit down and I'll show you how to use it.  And where's the wig you're meant to be wearing?   Let's get that on before you go out.  You don't want to disappoint Jane, do you?"

Andy shrank.  "No Mum."  All hope he had of keeping yesterday secret had vanished.  His mother knew something but he didn't know how much.  She didn't seem worried though.  He relaxed: Jane must've said he was doing it  for a bet or something like that he felt sure.  At least he could choose the shade of lipstick he wanted.  A nice coral red, perhaps.  He'd tried that once before when his mother had been out.


Friday, 10 June 2016

Aunt Jane's Fantasy

This is inspired by SweetAndyLatex' latest artwork (   It's a delightful image from early in Andy's development of Aunt Jane discovering Andy's fantasies about her and finding how much she adored the look and style that her nephew envisioned.  At the same time, Aunt Jane used the opportunity to make Andy live out her own ideal of a rather more feminine nephew who would make a much more suitable and fashionable companion for a lady about town than a pretty but rather scruffy boy.   The text below just enlarges on Aunt Jane and Andy living out each others fantasies and the 'helpful' support the shop assistants might provide.

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Aunt Jane loved the tight fitting latex,  Andy's drawing had shown her in a red bolero style jacket with a slight flare over black leggings and knee length boots.  An equestrian theme perhaps?   Jane preferred the design the assistants had selected for her.  Red would have simply been too much with her current hair colour and they were right in saying the longer, closer fit would suit her better and show off her curves.

The Loutboutin ankle boots were also the assistants' idea.  Jane had to agree: they looked so stylish and the red panelling provided  a nice colour offset - far better than a rather heavy looking riding boot.   Their shiny appearance and tall, delicate heels made a woderful transition from the latex leggings and accentuated her legs.  But what had Andy been thinking about when he drew those boots?  He should know that she would never consider wearing a flat heel.  Maybe there was more to the latex and equestrian theme in Andy's fanstasy about her.  The riding crop depicted in her hand was consistent with that.  Andy might be looking for a little discipline and guidance from his Auntie.  She'd have to think how she could help him with that.

Her nephew clearly had taste but needed to develop a sense of style.  However, there were signs from his normal normal wear that he knew how to improve his appearance.  The jeans he wore were a good example:  rather than ugly low slung baggy jeans, he always wore nice pairs that showed off the contours his tight, pert bum.  Aunt Jane had wondered where he bought such tight, elasticated jeans.  They didn't seem like obvious menswear.  That all became rather clearer as soon as they went into the shop.   Aunt Jane was a bit surprised by the way the assistants looked at and acknowledged Andy.  They'd clearly served him before.  Maybe this was where he'd been buying his jeans?

Aunt Jane was captivated by her nephew's vision of her.  It was obvious that Andy was too.  As the ladies tussled to get him to try on various dresses, Andy had kept glancing across at Jane.  She had been given some special spray by the assistants and was using it polish the latex.  Jane found the spray deliciously cooling and loved how it made the latex shine.  As she polished it was impossible not to notice  the stirrings and growing bulge in his pants. Sadly he seemed less willing to comply with her fantasy. Despite his previous purchases, Andy did  not seem as entranced at the prospect of wearing a dress.   Jane needed to intervene, "Andrew, stop struggling!  I've gone along with your fantasy and I have to say I'm quite taken with it.  Now just go along with mine and help these ladies do their job.   If you're good I may let you polish my latex again when we get home."   That did the trick.   Andy relented and stopped struggling.  The assistants looked at Jane with admiration and gave each other a nod and a knowing glance.  They also giggled slightly as they could all see could see that Andy's little  bulge had grown to tent proportions.

The assistants seemed to enjoy making Andy try on a wide range of dresses.  Even Aunt Jane was surprised by the ladies' attentions to her nephew. They went on far longer than she expected.   When they'd narrowed it down do a couple options, her surprise turned to shock.  They sat Andy down in a chair, initally to comb his hair but then with a few scissor snips and little hairspray to restyle. Andy glanced at Jane but she nodded her approval and the young man did not resist.  He knew it was only fair if this was her fantasy.  After she was already proving to be his fantasy and so much more.  perhaps he could get her a riding crop for her birthday.

The syling did improve Andy's look a lot: the tousled mop seemed to transform magically into a very cute little bob.  It improved his looks so much.  Then it was back to the dresses.  It was hard to choose between a short pink number and a long black one that was more suitable for formal or evening wear.  Jane was so struck by how he looked she said, "We'll take both."

Andy looked horrified, although the assistants seemed delighted.  Jane observed "All you need now Andrew is some nice lingerie - some panties and stockings and, obviously suspenders.  Although you have a marvellous figure, maybe a little waspie or corset as well just to pull you in and give you a little extra curve. I do want you to look girly after all."  The assistants nodded approvingly.  They could see this was going to be a very profitable afternoon for the store but they knew Ms Fullerton-Jones was rather wealthy and could easily afford these little indulgences.  They'd already got her into top of the range latex and Louboutins, so a couple of dresses and some underwear shouldn't be a problem. "We'll go home soon.  You don't need to change.  You'll be fine like that."     His mother and father wouldn't mind, they knew she loved him and would take care of him.  After all it was them who'd shown her Andy's little drawings and told her about his dressing up games.  Although Jane was just a close friend of the family, Andy had always treated her like a special Auntie and was devoted to her.  She was such a wordly women and lived such an exciting life.  How he longed to be part of her world.

Jane had  given her driver the afternoon off so they'd have to back to Andy's home on public transport. She wondered what kind of looks they'd get.  On her part, she had no intention of changing out of her new jacket and leggings - they were really growing on her and she found the boots rather sexy.   She decided that on the way she'd make Andy walk past the football practice ground .  That would get rid of his silly ideas.  While the ladies selected suitable underwear for her young nephew, Jane asked to try on some herself - latex of course to be consistent with her nephew's fantasies.  The ladies called for a couple of colleagues to assist Jane.  They took Jane to a side cubicle and started to present her with a variety of stockings and corsets.   These were so interesting that  didn't really hear the muffled sobs that were coming from outside.  Jane eventually settled on a lovely halter next corset and some long stay-up latex stockings. 

Jane wanted to see how Andy was progressing.  She was intrigued by the thought of him in suspenders and sheer silky stockings.  She'd be quite happy if he had both a white and a black pair to go with his new dresses.  The assistants looked outside and said that Andy was still being fitted.  The ladies suggested she try some boots to complete her ensemble while she waited for her young man to complete his wardrobe.  "Since we can see Madame likes heels, have you ever tried ballet heels?"  Jane was intrigued.  Although she had some 5" and and even 6" Zanottis, she'd need tried anything as extreme as ballet heels.  It would be fun just to try. One of the ladies came back with a pair of knee length boots with downward pointing toes and the most extreme Jane had ever seen in real life.  The heels had to be over 7" possibly even 8" long.  "They may be rather impractical but they'll make you taller than your young man even if he's wearing heels."

"In heels?"  questioned Jane.

"Well you can't have him in stockings and suspenders and not wear heels can you?

"Well, if that's the effect you're seeking Madame, can we suggest a gag too.  That will stop the boy squealing if you should want to punish him. If wearing a girl's dress, underwear and heels wasn't punishment enough ..."

".... although he does seem such a sweet boy," continued the other assistant.  "And he does look rather feminine?   I think he might actually like getting dressed up.  You know he's been in the shop before by himself."

"Yes, he looked nervously at some dresses but ended up buying some stretch jeans.  He did seem rather shy but we let him try on some high heels to go with the jeans.  They did look rather good on him and made his little bum look ever so cute.  Sadly he baulked at buying them saying he'd  just wanted to try them since someone he knew wore quite high heels and wondered what they were like."

"We're guessing that person was you."

Jane had to agree.  It probably was her that Andrew meant.  "So he's  been looking at dresses and trying on high heels in secret, has he," Jane replied.  "No wonder he's nervous and resisting.  He probably doesn't want me to know that we might share a fantasy." 

With a knowing wink at each other, the assistants asked Jane whether she might be interested in a new line of toys that the shop was selling while she waited for Andy to complete his fittings.  They said that these had become popular with many ladies following the high sales of certain books.  Jane consented.  Whilst she wasn't a fan of those books - after all, what kind of woman would allow herself be treated in such a way by an arrogant man - she did remember that crop in Andy's drawing.   It could be fun teasing Andrew if that was what he also fantasised about.

Jane tottered in her ballet boots as the ladies took Jane led across the shop to a small side showroom.  She could see that Andy was now engrossed in trying on different pairs of shoes.  The ladies had surrounded him with many pairs.  The assistants must have known Jane's own tastes because although ballet flats might suit Andrew, it was apparent that every pair the assistants were offering had distinct heels.  Andy glanced up and saw an amazing vision of his Aunt in stunning latex and boots.  His mouth opened wide and he looked embarrassed to be caught himself trying on high heels.  Jane smiled.  He was looking more cute than ever.  "Keep trying Andrew.  Remember only heel heights above 3½" are acceptable," she called across before following the ladies into the room.

In the little dimly lit showroom, the assistants opened the locked drawers of a polished wooden cabinet.  Each drawer was more fascinating than the next.  First there were some cuffs for wrists and ankles; a second with collars and padlocks; a third with paddles, crops and even a whip or two; a fourth with a variety of gags including some decidedly naughty ones; and finally a fifth with a whole array of plugs and harnesses.  Those last were beyond naughty.  Jane liked the shiny steel cuffs and tried them on.  They snapped into place and the ladies fastened each with delicate little padlocks. Jane admired her wrists.  These would so good on Andy.  The little rings would very useful for restraining him while she teased him with the crop.   Jane couldn't resist  also trying a matching collar.  The assistants locked that into place too with another little lock at the back.  Jane admired herself in the mirror.   Though she thought so herself, the result was rather marvellous.  "I'd love to see my nephew in these.  He'd look so submissive."

"Might we suggest this for the boy?"   Jane recoiled in horror.  They were suggesting a penis gas.  The thought of Andy having to take a penis in his mouth was too much.  And they weren't proposing a tiny little plug, but a 3" long and rather fat anatomically shaped penis. Surely he wouldn't be able to get his lips and mouth round that.  And it would be wrong.

"Oh, no!  That would never do," Jane cried.

"Maybe Madame would like to try?  Other ladies find them rather delicious, especially when worn by their partners."   Jane could see why.   From the other side of the gag protruded another, longer 6" penis.  Jane gave a little squirm.  Now that would be fun to play with if Andy would oblige.

"No, I'm sorry it would be going too far," said Jane.

"Too far? Or too soon?  Why don't you try something simpler to start with then?  How about a simple ball gag."  Jane relented.  One of the ladies got her to open her mouth and inserted the soft red ball, will the other fastened the buckle behind Jane's neck.   "How does that feel?"

"Mmmmmphice," Jane gave a muffled splutter from behind the gag.

Just then there was a little yelp from outside.   Before the assistants could stop her, Jane went out of the cubicle and saw that Andy was sat down again.  He was wearing the most lovely white stockings held up by the garters on  frilly suspender belt, and delicate strappy white 5" heels.   It would be fun seeing him try to walk in those. However, it was what the assistants were starting to do that astonished Jane.  One was holding down Andy and leaning on his shoulders.  The other had started to bring out foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.  Jane was taken aback.  They were going to make her nephew wear make-up!  She'd never considered that: seeing him in a dress was one thing but applying make-up to him further than she'd planned.

Jane tried to interject but the tight fitting gag prevented her from speaking.  She reached behind her to undo the gag but found that it had been padlocked.  She tried to go across to Andrew but could only take short stumbling steps in the ballet boots.  Then she found herself yanked back.  Not only had the assistants padlocked her collar, they had also attached a lead.  One of them pulled hard and Jane tumbled to her knees.  The other moved across to the front door of the store, locked it and turned the sign.  It seemed the shop had closed early for the day.  After closing up the assistant rejoined her colleague and sat on Jane's back, riding her like a little pony.

Seeing his Aunt like this, Andy tried to stand but was again forced back into the chair.  The other assistant  had brought one of the crops from the showroom.  She gave Jane a light tap on her upturned buttocks.  "Your Aunt is perfectly safe and OK, if you comply.  All you need to do is allow us to finish your make-up and do your nails.  We'll even show you how to  your own lipstick if you're a good boy.  If you don't comply though, your Aunt will soon have some rather large red welts on her rear and may not be able to sit down for a while."

Jane looked up.  Andrew had tears in his eyes.  What had he caused?  One little drawing had led to this.  He stared into Aunt Jane's eyes.  He thought she gad never looked prettier even with little wisps of drool hanging from her ball gag.  "I'll never let them hurt you, Aunt Jane.  Please trust me.  I'll do anything for you."  He sat back in the chair and let the ladies start by applying a foundation primer to cover some of his little spots and blemishes.  Meanwhile their colleagues took Jane back into the showroom.

About half an hour later, Aunt Jane was led back out into the shop.  She'd been allowed to change out of the underwear and corset into her new jacket, leggings and ankle boots.  She still wore the ball gag though.  Andrew's eyes were cast down and he looked sheepish.  Jane could not think why.   Before her was the prettiest sight she'd ever seen.  Her nephew stood before in a white top, a short frilly pink skirt and silver sandals.  It wasn't one of the dresses he'd tried earlier and he wasn't wearing stockings either.   What's more he was now strawberry blonde: they'd fitted him with a little wig.  Although Jane liked his natural short dark bob, this suited him perfectly and went so well with the little outfit.

"We thought we'd surprise you," said the lead assistant.  "Doesn't he look pretty?  We knew he needed make-up.  This isn't the first young man we've helped.  Louise can you get something to make him complete."   One of the assistants who'd been helping Jane went back into the showroom and came back a few seconds later with something in her hand.   "Bend over young man."  They turned Andy so he was sideways on to Jane.  Andy bent forward while two of them raised his skirt.  Jane could see he was wearing no panties.  "A little lube first I think."

Louise put on a rubber glove and was offered a little tub of cream in which she dipped a couple of fingers.  Jane watched as she applied the cream to Andy's bottom  and started to probe his rear entrance.   "You'll find your latex gloves quite useful when you do this."  Jane recoiled and spluttered through her gag.  The thought of lubricating her nephew's arsehole seemed disgusting.  Louise then wiped her fingers over a black object then started to ease it into Andy's anus.  Andy turned and made pleading eye contact with  Jane but she was just as helpless.  Her own eyes rolled upwards.  'Was that pain or pleasure?' Andy wondered   He winced as the plug was slowly eased in.   Once Andy could take the bulbous head, Louise took it out and coated it with another thick layer of lube.  Now she started to push the plug gently in two or three inches then slide it out.  In and out.  In and out.   While the ladies held Andy, Jane could see hom slowly relax.  He looked across at Jane, his latex clad Auntie.  An even more extreme vision than he'd even dared to fantasis about.  As the plug continued its journey, Jane noticed that Andy's cock was stiffening.    Her nephew was getting an erection while these ladies were humiliating him in front of her.  He seemed to be enjoying having something in his bottom.   When slight strands of fluid were starting to hang and drift from his penis, Lousie pushed the plug all the way in.  Andy gulped as his arsehole closed around the base of the plug and gripped it tight.  He felt so full.  The ladies giggled.  "The way he took that, it looks like he might like something ratehr nicer up there.  Now let's make him secure."

Andy realised how fortunate it was that he was wearing make-up.  He was blushing so hard.  His Auntie couldn't have failed to notice his excitement.  Would she realise some of his other fantasies?

One of the ladies brought out a garment like a little pair of panties rather like a thong.  The garment had a belt that they fastened securely  round Andy's waist.   As Andy's penis shrank, they tucked it into a little tube like pouch and drew it back between his legs.  The pouch had a cord that they pulled tight and attached to the back of the belt.  The cord not pulled his penis back but it also meant that it was impossible for the butt plug to come out of Andy's bottom.  "This Madame is a cache sex," they said to Jane.  It avoids unsightly bulges and stops any silly accidents.  On a later date we'll show you how to massage his balls into place so that they don't get in the way either but this is enough for Day One."

"Day One?" thought both Andy and Jane.

They stood Andrew up and straightened his skirt.  They moved him to stand alongside his gagged Auntie but the floor manager addressed only Aunt Jane.  "Let me introduce you to the League of Mistresses.  There's no need to reply Ms Fullerton-Jones especially since you can't."  Jane spluttered from behind the gag.  "Yes, we know who you are.  And you just need to remain quiet, young man."

"We are all members of the League.  We believe that recent literature has painted an entirely wrong picture of the female of species.   It's very clear to our associates who is the true dominant member of the species.  We need to affirm this.  We can see you have potential as does your nephew.  Great potential.  You clearly have the right qualities and interests.   We would like to propose that you to join us.  We are sure you would enjoy the company and the activities of the League."

"However, we don't discriminate: if males of the species want to join us that is fine provided they learn to conform.  I will not say sorry the treatment of either of you today.  All you seemed to lack, Jane was a sufficiently firm hand.   We have been able to provide that and demonstrate to you some of the pleasures and privileges that membership may hold.   Your nephew has already started down that road today.  He seems ready to comply but just needs your strong guidance and direction.  We will be happy to continue coaching you both.  You don't need to give an answer now - not that you can, of course, with that gag in."

"We've already called a taxi since you have both had a very 'busy' afternoon and you've a lot to take home.  Also your nephew probably isn't quite ready for the public attention that his new look is likely to receive.  It won't just be ladies now who admire his looks.    All you need to do is settle your bill.  We've bagged everything up ready.  Let me see what that comes to:
  One latex jacket
  One pair of latex trousers
  One pair of Louboutin ankle boots
  One long evening black dress
  One short pink summer dress
  One strawberry blonde wig
  One frilly pink skater skirt
  Two mini bra-lets: one white, one black
  Two pairs of panties: one white, one black
  Two pairs of suspenders: one white, one black
  One pair high heeled black court shoes
  One pair white ankle strap high heels
  One pair silver high heeled sandals
  Two black 1½ inch diameter by 5 inch long silicone rubber butt plugs
  One ball gag  - I'm afraid you'll have to buy that since we can't sell used stock
  One pair steel cuffs.  One steel collar.   You seemed to like them so I've included them too.
  Three padlocks and keys.  You can always come back for spare keys if you need.
  One leather dog lead.  You'll definitely be needing that if you take the collar."

As she rang the items through the cash register, another assistant removed Jane's ball gag.   Andy saw the bill; it was an eye watering amount.  "Yes, that all seems in order," said Aunt Jane as she  handed over her credit card and paid it without demur.  The assistant wiped the ball gag, popped it in little bag and gave Jane some tissues to wipe her face.  "I don't think I need to think it over.  I'd definitely like to join," she said smiling at the Floor Manager.  "I'm so pleased with how you've helped Andrew today."

Jane and Andy were led to the front door and handed several very smart looking carrier bags.  As Jane was going out the Floor Manager handed her a long thin package. "It's great that you want to join.  We will be in touch.  In the meantime, please accept this little gift on the house."

The taxi driver held the door open and helped Jane and Andy with their packages into the back of the cab.  "Looks like you've had a busy shopping day, ladies."  Andy was taken aback.  Ladies?  He was going to say something about being Jane's nephew but a hand on his knee restrained him.

"Look at yourself Andrew.  I don't think you should protest if want to avoid creating a stir."

"OK, Auntie."  Andy slumped back in the seat and hoped the ride home was going to be smooth,   after all he was still wearing his butt plug. He sat back and pondered for a while.  "Aunt Jane, why did you let them charge you for two butt plugs?"   Jane gave him a wry smile but didn't answer.   Louise had helped Jane change  while her colleagues were finishing Andy's make-up and had given her something extra that tight fitting leggings would keep very secure.  "Can I take my plug out before we get home, please Auntie?"   Aunt Jane agreed.   Perhaps they should go back to her house first rather than to Andy's home.  Certain things might be difficult to explain even to sympathetic parents.  "What was in that extra package they gave you on the way out, Auntie?"   Jane opened the bag.  Inside was a long thin leather riding crop.  Yes, they would definitely go back via her house.   She would enjoy chastising his bottom for getting them both into such a predicament today.  And his plug would stay in just as long as she wanted.  Though she might  allow him the pleasure of removing hers.  

Jane leaned across and kissed Andy.  Not the usual peck on the cheek but full on the lips.  Andy was shocked but couldn't help respond to such sudden passion though any stirring down below was rudely prevented by the taut cache-sex. "I'm so proud of you honey," she said.  "You were so good and supportive when we were in the shop.  And you have to agree you do look rather wonderful."   And her lips closed tenderly on her pretty young friend's.   The young cabbie looked in his mirror.  It seemed like the lady had a pretty, young lesbian lover.  Why were all the best looking girls taken?

S inspired by SweetAndyLatex