Sunday, 19 January 2014

Back home and back to work

Amanda had loved her stay in Lyon with Sheila and always tried to look perfect for her lover.  Amanda loved the opportunity to dress up especially when they were going out or going to see her former Mistress Gi and her partner P.

It was lovely for Amanda to live with Sheila and share her bedroom if only for a short while.  Amanda felt so comfortable being with her.  She could just relax and be herself.
Amanda also knew that when staying with Gi that she might get the chance to spend some time with P.  Amanda so fondly remembered the times when she used to sit on P's lap when she lived as a maid at Gi's house.   Perhaps P would give her a special treat sometime during her stay.

 Amanda had such fond memories of Gi dressing and preparing her for when her handsome husband got home and then leaving her man and her sissy to make love.  She knew her husband had needs in the same way that Amanda did.  Amanda loved those private moments with P who was a tender and considerate lover.
At times during the visit and being so close to P, Amanda yearned to be filled.   It had been so long since she'd felt her Master's stiff cock inside.  Although she loved Sheila dearly, Amanda still missed having a male lover who would take her and fuck her.  Someone she could submit to and just let their cock slide into her anus.  She remembered when she'd been a maid at a dinner party and P just came to the kitchen.  He'd exercised his droit de seigneur as her Master, bent her over and fucked her there and then. It had been so thrilling to know that the other guests were sat chatting in the dining room while she was wiggling he bottom and satisfying her lover.  Every thrust meant so much to her girlhood.   She could feel his desire for her with every thrust

And now, every time they passed in the corridor, Amanda could still feel that frisson.  She wondered whether he still felt the same about her.  Was the desire still there?  If she just gave the right signals would he pull her panties to one side and fill her in the same way he'd done in the kitchen all those months ago.  She was so confused about what she wanted: she loved Sheila so much.  

Back home again, the start of another day at work.    Amanda wondered how Sheila was doing, but also thought wistfully about P and his tender love.   Enough musing.  Time to get dressed and get to work.