Friday, 20 December 2013

Lookalike or the real thing?

Some confusion seems to have arisen about recent photographs of Amanda.  Amanda's lover is convinced that Amanda has been spotted moonlighting in Paris as a certain Keira Louboutin.
Amanda in Paris
Meanwhile Amber is already contemplating what Amanda will look like in a few years.  The answer, of course, is more pretty than ever but you knew already that: a maturing vision of elegance and beauty.
I just see Amanda pursuing a modelling career with this recent attempt at recreating an early Roxy Music album cover on the stable floor.  I'm not sure her Mistress will see this as fitting behaviour for a stablegirl who is meant to be taking care of her ponygirls and ponyboys.
But Mistress could always find ways of chastising Amanda when she returned to the house.
Amanda would realise she was quite cross but was always relieved when she was allowed out in the evening.
 Amanda's job in a shop can be quite hard and taxing but there are some rewards when she gets the opportunity to model for clients.
Amanda modelling party dresses

However, my concern is the number of models who now seem to be modelling themselves on Amanda and stealing her look.   Just a small sample is given below.     Now is this Andy modelling a new line in winter coats or Sasha Mikailyan?
Sasha Mikailyan

Sasha Mikailyan
Amanda looks so windblown, she could be in Portsmouth.  Visiting sailors are often lured into the shop when Amanda helps there by her siren charms and good looks.   They're enticed to  buy for their loved ones although Amanda often helps out when they need to make decisions about what suits them.  Or is that Carolina Monenegro?
Or is that Carolina Monenegro?  No surely it's Amanda.
Carolina Monenegro
But Sheila will expect that hair to be better organised, although she found Dimitry Rublyovsky wayward look rather cute and thought it might suit Amanda.
Dimitry Rublyovsky
But those eyebrows really needed attention.  Gi would never have allowed Amanda out like that: a trifle too arch
Dimitry Rublyovsky
Amanda loved Keira's style but so many others were emulating her look.
Sasha Mikailyan
Sasha Mikailyan

But there was a timeless elegance that Amanda knew Keira would carry whilst simultaneously being sweet, seductive and sexy.
Sasha Mikailyan
Amanda seemed to have entered the craze for taking selfies.  She knew Sheila liked to be kept in touch and an occasional pic would help remind her of the treat in store later that month.
Maxim Arkhipov
Maxim Arkhipov

Now it was just a case of wrapping up warm for the journey to France.  Winter in Lyon could be quite cold.
Artyom Eduardovic

Artyom Eduardovic
Meanwhile Sheila was already thinking about suitable clothes for Amanda when she arrived.
And if they were going to go out to parties, she'd already got the solution to the lookalike problem. 
She'd make sure that Amanda travelled incognito in future.

With thanks and acknowledgements to the models and for the photos used.  If the  copyright owner objects, I will remove.

Friday, 18 October 2013

The SlickAir experience

Amanda imposed high entry standards for all new stewardesses if they were going to work for SlickAir.  The results were impressive.  For some reason passengers kept coming back for more.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Meanwhile back at the stable

Amanda had left Amber and the Stallion behind in the Stable while she went to Lyon to see Sheila. She'd secured them both in cock cages so that there has no hanky-panky whilst she was away.

When Amanda had gone, Amber and the Stallion shook their plugged tails vigorously.  If only they could get their butt plugs out, at least they could lick each other.  For some reason though, all that seemed to happen was that their caged cocks started to leak and drip pre-cum.   It just made them shake all the more.

Sheila in the Office

Sheila had dressed for Andy that morning.  She was going to collect him  from the station.

She just hoped other staff in the office would get on with their work and wouldn't be too distracted.  She just wondered whether she was going to be collecting Andy or Amanda.  Either way they would have a nice kiss and cuddle on the platform.

Monday, 9 September 2013

For lovers of IMYAMVD - Peter objects

As some of you will be aware, I have started to republish my adaptation of "In my younger and more vulnerable days".  At some stage I want to do a more wholesale reworking, maybe turning it back to a more conventional book form akin to Xan Tippa's (SE) original novella.   Since many of you don't like the harshness of the original, it would make the transition of Peter rather more gentle and subtle.   I also thought that you'd appreciate this little gif of Peter fighting back and wrecking Mr.Stern's apartment.

I've commended Miley Cyrus' current appearance to Xan Tippa since she looks very much like Peter or some other sissies featured in her artwork.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

And more again ....

No, not the song by "Love" from "Forever changes", but more of the lovely Morrigan Hel.  Some very interesting latex jodhpurs that would look wonderful for a Mistress (or fetish film director) but perhaps a bit too capacious for a Riding Mistress.

And yes, there is intended to be a pun in the title.

Indebted to Marquis as the originator and .

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amanda's departure preparations

Amanda was starting to feel a lot better.  Before she embarked on her next trip back to Lyon, she thought she should visit her friendly Stallion and bid him a fond farewell.  When she was dressed for the journey, she went down to the Stable and made sure he was on his knees to kiss her goodbye.

He might like to play around with the Village Girls or even with that saucy filly Amber while she was away, but she'd make sure she gave him a little gift to remember her by. As she slid gently in and out of his mouth, she saw his own cock start to stiffen: he would always be hers and at her service.  He wouldn't forget.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Amber's special training

While the Stable Girl and her Mistress were away, the temporary Stable Mistress wondered what do do about Amber.  Amanda had asked her to look out for the filly while she was away.
Amber was such a sweet natured filly.  She was patient to a fault and always eager to please but the Stable Mistress wondered if Amanda hadn't allowed Amber to lag behind in her development .  It seemed to be custom and practice to tether her outside so that she could greet the colts when they came back from their work on the farm, although the Stable Mistress noticed that Amber had a special glint in her eye whenever she saw the Stallion return. The colts always like to cluster around Amber and give her friendly playful licks.  The gauche little filly just seemed to think this was normal and giggled as they brushed against her flanks and nuzzled her belly.  Although they were mischievous with Amber and would tease her, she was quite safe with them. She was tethered and bridled, and plugged and caged  like all the fillies on the Estate.
The Stable Mistress had been willing to allow this routine of getting Amber comfortable and relaxed around the colts. It would get Amanda used to another part of the Stable's routine. While she was tied up, she could watch them be allowed turns playing with the donkey in the paddock.  She knew that after sniffing and licking the donkey's bottom, they would stiffen and mount the little beast.  Amber always seemed excited but maybe it was just liking to see the colts forelegs flailing inelegantly as they tried to pinion the donkey and clamber on her back.  But it was always better watching a visiting filly being put to the cock with the Stallion.  Amber always gazed in awe and wonder.  How did something so large manage to get inside something so small?
The Stallion had recognised Amber's stare as more than curiosity; it was one of attraction.  However, he kept himself haughty and aloof.   If Amber wanted to watch the colts making fools of themselves, that was fine: he was not going to waste himself on a donkey.  But he couldn't help watching Amber all the time out of the corner of his eye.  He always tried to look her directly in the eye when he was doing his duty, especially if the filly was a bit feisty like he suspected Amber might be.

Fillies, Amber could understand but she had been a bit scared one day to see the Stallion given stud practice with one of the more unruly colts.  It had taken four Stable Girls and the Stable Mistress to handle that. The Stable Girls had led the colt into the paddock and then secured him to the fence.  Two of the girls braced themselves and pulled tightly on ropes attached to the colt's harness to keep him from moving.  The Stable Mistress had led in the Stallion.  He knew what was expected of him but disliked it: a filly maybe, a donkey perhaps, but a colt was so demeaning for both him and the colt.  It reminded him of when he'd been humbled himself when he first came to the Stable.  He'd been purchased as a young colt for the Stud Programme and had been very restive and aggressive.  He'd to be put immediately to be put with fillies like at at his old Stable little expecting to be given a long period of abstinence.  The Stable Mistress had known how to calm and subdue him, as well as give him empathy for the fillies.  He still remembered the feel and pain of the old stallion stretching him.  Although he'd played with other colts before, he'd never felt something so enormous inside him.  He'd felt such acute embarrassment at this being performed in front of all the fillies and colts.  They'd all seen the old Stallion's spunk  dripping from his bottom.  Even worse, had been the leaking strands of pre-cum that oozed from his own cock under the Stallion's hard fucking and the helpless milking that followed when the Stable Mistress had thrust her fist into his gaping anus and massaged his prostate.  The new Stallion had been put very firmly in his place.

Now it was time to demean a colt just like he had been.  Amber had watched as the Stallion had  been led up to the colt.  He hadn't wanted to play so they put a hood over his head.  The Stable Mistress held up a handful of straw from one of the filly's stalls to his nose, and a sharp taps to his member with her crop made him stiffen.  His fore hooves straddled the colt's back and two  stable girls pulled him forwards into the colt.  She loved the elegance of the tall plumed tail rising from his butt plug flowing in the breeze as he started to give full length strokes in and out of the furious colt's arse.  Amber saw the other two stable girls needing to keep the colt tightly roped in order to stop him bucking as the Stallion gave him a fucking that he too would remember for a long time.
When the Stallion had finished, his ropes were slackened and he was allowed to withdrew.  His organ flopped down to his knees and then slowly shrank back to its usual size.  Amber couldn't help giggling as she saw such a massive pizzle shrivel before her eyes.  The Stallion turned his head and tried to look proud.  Secretly he was glad he'd put on a good show in front of Amber.  She was definitely a rather special filly and he would watch for more closely.

His first chance had come last weekend  The new Stable Girl standing in for Amanda had forgotten to fit Amber's bridle and she was only loosely tethered. The Stallion had quickly shouldered aside the colts and chewed at Amber's rope  His jaws were quickly through the cord and sfter several nudges, he got Amber to lick him and, when she was fully engaged, had started to lead  her back to the stalls before the Stable Girl stopped him.

But this afternoon, he'd gone too far.  This time he'd again broken her tether and had got her all the way back to his stall. 

Somehow he'd succeeded in removing her tail.  (He must have a very clever tongue.)  The Stable Mistress had been summoned by the Stable Girl and was shocked to find that he'd already mounted Amber.  He'd just managed to insert his cock head and was about to slide in the full shaft.  It had taken several hard thwacks with her riding crop across his rump and one against his balls  before he slackened and withdrew.  It might be a few days since his last coupling, but he was meant to save himself to earn stud fees.  He would need to be punished.
For Amber it was all wrong too.  Yes, she was reaching the time when she would join the Stud Programme.  She would required to bring on the colts and get them ready for visiting fillies.  The plan had been to put her to the cock gently with one of the smaller colts to start off with.  The last thing the Stable had wanted was poor Amber being buggered and torn by the Stallion as her first induction.  Despite her annoyance, the Stable Mistress recognised three positives.  Firstly, it was clear that Amber had not resisted the Stallion's attention. All those afternoons spent watching the colts in the paddock had readied her.  Secondly, her bottom was fine.  Although the Stallion must have stretched her, she wasn't torn.  Keeping her well lubed and progressively stepping up the size of her butt plug since her arrival had clearly helped.  Thirdly, she must have dilated for him.  When they'd pulled the Stallion away, her 'little' anus was winking and gaping in readiness.  She clearly wanted a big tail inside.  This augured well for a stud filly.  But there was fourth aspect that had intrigued the Stable Mistress.  Despite her cage, Amber had been dribbling copiously from her crotch.  The Stable Mistress wondered how Amber would be without a cage. She certainly had the makings of a good filly slut for the Stable but maybe she could contribute even more.

The Stable Mistress thought long and hard about the right punishment for the Stallion and the right treatment for Amber.  Her Stable Girls would need to work with the Stallion on a continuing basis.  She didn't want to make life with the Stallion difficult for them.  This needed a different appoach.  She knew that the Village Girls loved to tease and torment the Stallion with their lascivious ways, and how the Stallion always led them on hoping htat he might make free with them.  It was time to call on their services.  A few phone calls and a trip to the tack shop in the village and everything was ready for the morrow.
The following day, the Stable Mistress decided to take care of Amber's preparations herself.  She had seen how Amber admired the Stallion's tail.  It was time for her to get something altogether more arousing of her own.  Amber would look irresistible to both the colts and the Stallion.  The Stable Mistress put on her rubber gloves and got Amber down on all fours.  She removed Amber's normal tail and methodically she greased Amber's anus.  She slid a slippery finger around the rim and watched to see how Amber behaved.  Amber moaned,  gyrated her bottom, and then started to dilate.  Slowly the Stable Mistress slid in a finger. Amber offered no resistance.  No wonder the Stallion had managed to penetrate her yesterday with such ease.   Maybe Amber was still a little stretched but it was clear she was very ready to receive.  Amber opened wider for  second finger and then a third.   The Stable Mistress managed a fourth and Amber gratefully encircled her palm.   The Stable Mistress was tempted to massage Amber's little walnut and see how much she could produce but that wasn't the purpose of today.  All in good time.  She found that Amber  bucked and writhed when she started to push in her thumb.  Amber wasn't ready for a full fist but after a few weeks at stud, and a few turns with the Stallion, the Stable Mistress knew that Amber would learn to accommodate and love that full-up sensation.  Then they would find out if Amber was a good milker. 

When Amber was greased and ready Mistress slid in her new tail.  Then it was time to go out to the paddock and welcome the colts home.  The colts couldn't help admire Amber and her fluffy tail, and flocked round her.  Even the Stallion was anxious for a closer look and started to barge between the pack of hungry males. He looked on enviously as the Stable Mistress led her to the paddock and the Stable Girls selected two dressage  colts who'd been hanging back and content to lick each other.  The followed Amber into the paddock led by leads attached to their little collars rather than the havy harnesses of the working colts.   Very tenderly the Stable Mistress  unlocked Amber's cage and slid her out of her cock ring, then removed her plug and tail.  The dressage colts already had stout erections from their own little game of who was going to be on top today.  But the Stable Mistress had a different purpose for them. She stood back and with deft flicks of her whip got them to kneel beside Amber.  The colts quickly lost interest in each other and turned all their attention to Amber.
One of them turned his attention from his stable mate and started to lick Amber's anus.  Amber shivered.  She'd been nuzzled by colts before and, of course, had felt the Stallion force entry yesterday but never she experienced such a shimmering sensation.   She thrust her bottom back for more.
As the colt's tongue began to probe deeper inside her, Amber's little cocklet started to stiffen and she found it was met and enveloped by the mouth of the other colt.   Amber was being licked front and rear.

The Stallion watched enviously as the slutty colts settled to the work and demonstration the Stable Mistress intended.    Very soon Amber's cocklet was not so little as it grew into a stout rod and the colt's lips slid down her shaft.  The Stable Mistress was delighted to see such a handsome erection from a young filly.  She was definitely one who looked like she might be able to give as well as receive. This would give the Stud Programme so many more exciting options.  The Stable Mistress needed to know whether Amber had other skills so all too soon, she cracked her whip and took the colts away before Amber could cum.  It was back in her cock cage for Amber since her Stable Mistress had other plans for that organ and now wanted to test of whether the filly's hips could thrust.
Amber was embarrassed when the Stable Mistress made one of the colts bend over but she didn't want the Stable Mistress' crop across her rump.  She'd seen the Stallion fucking the unruly colt and guessed it was her turn to try.   Knowing everyone was watching, she was pleased Mistress had given her a strap-on that made it look she had a big erection like the Stallion.  It was just a shame it wasn't black and shiny.  Rather gingerly she pushed the tip of the strap-on against the colt.  She prodded away but the colt's bottom didn't seem to yield.  It was much more difficult finding the right spot than she'd expected, even though the Stallion had seemed to have no trouble yesterday, although it had taken a very steady hard push before his bulb had managed to slip into her arsehole.   She'd been in such a quandary, her anus was screaming in pain but was he was in, she'd wanted to see if she could take his full length.  The Stable Mistress grabbed Amber's false prick and guided her to the right spot, then pushed Amber's bottom so that she entered the colt.  She kept pushing so that the colt took Amber's full length in one go.   Amber realised that this was one of those slutty colts and she had lacked no compunction in starting to thrust away with abandon once the Stable Mistress had removed her hand. The Stallion watched with admiration: this filly had spirit.

The Stable Mistress was pleased.  Now it was time to test the filly further and to tease the Stallion before his punishment.  Amber was led to the Stud Hall.  All her harnesses and accoutrements were removed except for her cock cage and butt plug.  Amber was strapped down on her front and put in leg and neck fetters by Mistress and her stable girls.  To Amber, the cold iron seemed worse than the ropes that had restrained the colt fucked by the Stallion.  And then she was left in silence.   Although it was warm in the Hall, Amber shivered.  It wasn't her nakedness, it was the feeling of helpless uncertainty and anticipation.  Was she going to be fucked?  Was a colt going to climb on her back and mount her, or was Mistress going to try to fist her again?   The waiting was the worst part  She could hear whoops from the colts outside, yelps from the fillies and occasional braying from the donkey.  Everyone was having a playful time except her.  So much for being the centre of attention a few minutes ago.  It had been so nice to feel the colt's lips around her cock and another's tongue in her bottom.  Those dressage colts had to be sissies.  They clearly knew how to suck and lick but the Stable Mistress had stopped them too soon.  She'd been left wanting so much more and, wearing her cock cage, there was no point attempting to grind her cocklet against the board to which she was strapped.

Amber lost track of time.  An hour passed, maybe more.  And then she was dazzled by sunlight as the Stud Hall door opened and Mistress came in with a Stable Girl.

The Stable Girl walked up to Amber and unzipped.  A nicely sized dick  flopped out and brushed against Amber's face.  She felt the heat rising from it  Then the Stable Mistress undid her neck fetter.  She wanted to see what Amber would do.  Amber loved seeing the Stable Girl's penis getting erect for her and wanted to try some of the technique the colt had employed on her.  She started to lick the cock and then took it in her mouth.  Amber's range of movement was limited but the Stable Mistress was pleased to see slow steady sucking and her lips gliding up and down the Stable Girl's cock.  (The Stable Mistress made a mental note for herself about that Stable Girl.  It was always nice to have someone to cuddle with in bed on cold winter nights.) 

The Stable Mistress left Amber to slow suckling but was back in a few minutes with Stallion.  The Stallion was aghast to see her making free with one of the stable hands.  He was free of harness except for his mighty plumed tail.  His normal pony hooved boots had been replaced by elegant knee boots with stiletto heels.  The Stallion was in his Stud regalia.  The Stable Mistress tethered the Stallion where he could observe closely, then undid all Amber's fetters.  Amber continued to suck the Stable Girl and didn't seem to want to have an empty mouth.
The Stallion was angry to see Amber being so used. His heels clicked and stamped on the floor.   For some reason, he started to feel quite territorial.  When the Stallion was stiff with fury, the Stable Mistress ushered the Stable Girl away and got her to hold the Stallion while she flipped Amber over.

Amber was already dripping with saliva and whatever the Stable Girl had leaked as thh Stallion approach.  He would show her who was the King of the Stud.  And then he was in her mouth.
 His first thrust slammed against the back of her throat. She started to gag but his second went deeper  pushed into her gullet.  Tears rolled down her face.  Saliva and phlegm erupted from her mouth and smothered her face as he withdrew and she gasped for breath.
 The Stable Mistress watched in admiration as Amber took the Stallion's cock.  There was no gentleness or slow sucking now.  The Stallion had the initiative and this was face fucking pure and simple.  Amber didn't complain:  she knew this was the proud Stallion's way of telling her that she was his. 
Just as he'd started to mark her bottom yesterday, now the Stable Mistress was letting him show that he owned Amber's mouth and throat too.  The Stallion kept hammering into her .  Amber was gasping for breath but loved the sensation of the head of such a mighty cock sliding against the back of her throat and her tongue and teeth running against its shaft.
 The Stable Girl's organ had been nice but this was a real cock.   This was a cock that could damage her but one that could pleasure her like no other and leave her gasping for more.

As she tried not to gag and sucked as well as she could, Amber clenched her buttocks feeling her tail plug tight inside her. That big cock belonged more than just in her mouth. 

 Amber felt the Stallion starting to shake and he withdrew.  She opened her mouth wider waiting for his eruption; willing him to make his territory and make her his.  She wanted his spunk
Spunk squirted into Amber's mouth and splattered her face.  Sensing she was filling, she closed her mouth to swallow while more just coated her chin.  Amber heard the door of the Stud Hall open and two young girls enter.  The Village Girls had arrived.  They looked tarty in their make-up and reeked of cheap perfume.

Amber was left dripping and drooling.  She'd satisfied the Stallion and drunk his cream.  The Stallion stood proudly over the vanquished Amber: another filly who would crave his cock and be grateful for whatever gifts he bestowed.  The Stable Mistress pulled the Stallion back: she didn't want him going any further and pissing on her pretty filly.   She let one of the Stable Girls take Amber back to her stall to be cleaned up and made ready for the evening.  Amber tossed her head as she passed the Village Girls.  They might look pretty and attractive but she was the one covered in Stallion spunk not them.

The Stallion couldn't believe his good fortune.  It was the sluts from the Village who always wanted to play with him.  He might have just cum but he was always ready to play with the girls.  The Stable Mistress started by showing the girls what she expected.  The Stallion loved their little licks.
The Stable Mistress got them started.  She loved a taste herself but she didn't want to demean herself too much. 
The Stallion was too excited by all their attention and very soon started to gush.  He loved how they wanked the milk out of him.  It was such a relief.

Even more delightful was the next delicate tongue that worked him again to orgasm in a matter of minutes.
 This was turning into quite an afternoon, but he would need to slow up if he was going to fuck either of the girls later.  When the Stable Mistress left them to it, his hopes rose that he would be soon mounting them.
But the Village Girls (and the Stable Mistress) had other ideas.  While the Stallion was comfortably basking in his own glory and expecting to be moved to the next position,  they strapped him across the riding frame.  His cock was flattened against the leatherette cushion and when they removed his tail he suddenly had a nasty sense that they might be bringing one of the more mature colts to fuck him again like the old Stallion had done in his youth.  Instead he suddenly flinched with pain as the Village Girls started to thrash his rump with one of his Mistress' canes.  He was determined to make no noise: not a neigh, not a whinny.  On and on they struck, as his cock shrank and pressed with his belly into a pool of slime that continued to leak from him.  They laughed at his predicament and realised they intended to make him  raw before they would stop.

Finally they stopped.  He was hurting but not broken.  He thought they were going to leave him to burn with the fire from his buttocks  but instead they unfastened him and made him crawl across to the couch, all the time flicking him with their whips.  Instead of his dignity being restored by reinserting his plumed tail, he felt a fat vibrator thrust into his anus.  The girls had clearly not finished.

It didn't seem that they wanted him to fuck them.  The Village Girls seemed to enjoy making out together, all the time thrusting the vibrator into his arse and playing with the speed settings.  The Stallion still loved their proximity and feminine scent and couldn't help becoming aroused again despite his pain.  As soon as the Girls saw him stiffen, they thrust the vibrator in hard and turned to the speed up to maximum.  Helplessly, the Stallion found him dribbling semen from his cock even though he had no orgasm.

He thought they were going to empty his balls but their fun had not finished.  Removing the vibrator, they then took turns with the strap-on.  And these girls were rough.  Together they fucked and wanked him and with each turn he shot another load.  He longed for the delicacy that he'd seen Amber show to the colt earlier.  If they had to fuck him, why couldn't they do it gently and kindly like Amber.

The Stallion was starting to look glazed and punch drunk when the Stable Mistress returned.  She was pleased with the Village Girls progress but did not want the Stallion hurt to much.  Any sense of pride had long since vanished.  The Stallion just wanted to survive the afternoon intact.  Surely they weren't going to castrate him?  At the Stable Mistress' instruction the girls stopped fucking him and just continued with his wanking.

The Stable Mistress showed them how to position their fingers on his prostate gland and rub it as they wanked him.

Now the Stallion knew they intended to drain him dry.  One of the cheekier girls let him squirt over her knickers which was nice, but otherwise it was like being in a Milking Parlour rather than the Stud Hall.
The Stallion's knees were starting to buckle and the Stable Mistress go the Girl to put him on the bed before he collapsed.  The Stable Mistress herself squeezed the last remaining drops from him.  Even she was overwhelmed by his staying power, but with his last orgasm the Stallion slumped forward on the bed.    

The Stallion felt feint but he heard the Stable Mistress thanking the Village Girls as they stood back to  admire their handiwork.   She talked to them about  the Stallion's  brutal expectations about droit de seigneur with any of the fillies, and that he'd needed punishing for his treatment of Amber yesterday.  The Village Girls giggled: surely she didn't mean that young ponygirl that the Stable Mistress had allowed the Stallion to face fuck earlier?  Seemingly so.  Money changed hands and the Village Girls went on their way.  The Stallion knew that he would never be able to look them in the eye again when he went into the Village.  

The Stallion heard the Stable Mistress follow them out of the Stud Hall and he was left to collect himself and recover from his many hurts: his raw buttocks, his stretched and gaping anus, his chapped and sore cock, and most of all his pride.  He was starting to doze when he dimly heard the Stud Hall door open and two people enter.  He lay face down hiding his head.  Ostrich-like, he didn't want to be seen by anyone.  The only words he heard were "Go to him,"   followed by the delicate click of high heels and short steps cross the floor.   A soft hand touched his back and then cool, soothing cream was rubbed into his buttocks.  More was slathered on his anus and he felt a little finger push a little inside.  And then he felt something different: little drops of moisture were falling on his back.  What was it?  It wasn't raining and the roof didn't leak.  More tiny drops.  And then the sound of a little sob touched his ears.  Another little fall of water but he realised it was tears.  He hadn't made a sound at his own predicament but someone was crying for him.   The Stable Mistress's voice again: "He's ready for you."

"Not one of the colts, please," the Stallion prayed. He was certain he was going to be sodomised again. And when he felt someone climb on to the bed beside him and then move to lie on top of him that feeling escalated.  But he was too weak now to resist.  The form on top of him was warm and soft.  Rather than the coarse scent of Village Girls, the body smelt fragrant and fresh: not at all like any of the colts.  He felt something hardening slowly between them, and then a firm cock began to press between his buttocks.  It wasn't one of those nasty, hard plastic cocks like the Village Girls had used.  It was altogether nicer.  It wasn't soft but had a lovely spongey stiffness.  As it pushed harder against him, he shifted himself slightly to assist and was delighted when something warm eased into his arsehole.  It wasn't huge but was pleasantly sized.  He didn't worry about the soreness; this was soothing by comparison.  In fact it felt quite delicious. 
The tip of the cock stayed just inside his anus for a long time.   Whoever was on top wanted to ensure that both of them were comfortable before they went further.  The Stallion was regaining feeling in his bottom and started to contract his arsehole around the cock, signalling that he was ready for more.  Slowly the petite cock slid in all the way and the Stallion felt a little ball sac nestle between the crevice of his bum as the body flattened itself against him.  He was pinioned as the cock settled inside him trying to sink as deeply as possible. They both stayed still with the Stallion periodically clenching his buttocks to ensure the cock stayed stiff although it showed no signs of slackening.  Whoever was fucking him was clearly very excited.  He knew it was time to speak and offer thanks and encouragment.  That tenderness and those tears could only come from one member of the Stable.  And he'd already felt similar tears that afternoon.    "Thank you Amber.  I know it's you. You're so kind and sweet.  Sorry, I was so fierce with you earlier, I just wanted to show how much I wanted you.  But your way is altogether nicer. Have your reward.  Do your best.  I'm yours."  He heard another little sob and even more weight forced itself down on his bottom.  She wanted to ram herself into him as if they were conjoined.  And then the thrusts began. Long slow thrusts.  Amber found it easier using her own prick than the strap-on: it was so much more natural.  From the winking rim of his gaping arsehole to the depths of his fundament.   The Stable Mistress smiled: the Stallion was willing letting himself be buggered by Amanda's filly.  Now that was progress.
Amber was radiant.  She was deep inside the Stallion and he was telling her that he was hers.  Well she had already surrendered to him, maybe it was right that he should surrender to her too.  Steadily she fucked him.  She wanted this moment to go on forever.   Her handsome Stallion impaled on her cock and gratefully receiving every one of her strokes.  The Stallion loved her tenderness and caring.  He would try that with her when the Stable Mistress allowed.

The Stable Mistress gazed at the two lovers and smiled.  The Stallion had been humbled and had learned to behave. In so doing doing he'd found a caring lover.  She also discovered that Amber was a very versatile filly.   Maybe she would put them in stalls together, but at night she'd ensure that it was always the Stallion that would be tethered and wear  the cock cage while Amber would be free to roam and play as she chose. That would keep the Stallion quiet at night and anxious to fuck in the Stud in the morning.   In the meantime, she would let them fuck and see how long Amber could maintain her rhythm before she injected the Stallion with a dose of her cream.  The beautiful relaxed way she was performing now, she would be a long time cumming.  

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