Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amanda's departure preparations

Amanda was starting to feel a lot better.  Before she embarked on her next trip back to Lyon, she thought she should visit her friendly Stallion and bid him a fond farewell.  When she was dressed for the journey, she went down to the Stable and made sure he was on his knees to kiss her goodbye.

He might like to play around with the Village Girls or even with that saucy filly Amber while she was away, but she'd make sure she gave him a little gift to remember her by. As she slid gently in and out of his mouth, she saw his own cock start to stiffen: he would always be hers and at her service.  He wouldn't forget.


  1. Mmm... wow! :)
    CD Sara

  2. The stallion certainly appreciated his adorable stable-girl special remember-me gift, so succulent and unctuous and copious, ummmmmmm! Yessss!