Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 11

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Part 11 - Sunday (9)
“I didn’t know what to do and just stayed standing.  Then Mr.V said, ‘Don’t worry, Andie.  There’s plenty of space here.’  He reached out and took my hand then pulled me towards him.   He held my waist and suddenly I found I was sitting on his lap between Rebecca and Freddie.     He then got me to twist and sit across his lap so that he could see me my face and talk to me.   I was now facing Rebecca with my back towards Freddie.   He started to ask me questions like what I did and where I lived.    He then moved on to what I did in my spare time.  Rebecca just smiled as we chatted.   I told him about films that I liked.  He seemed quite knowledgeable.  I made him laugh with some of my comments about actors and films although often I was just quoting from ‘Kermode and Mayo’.   He seemed to like that though.   He asked about using the Internet and what sites I liked.   I talked through my favourites.   Then he asked about what stuff I clicked on and whether I bought stuff off the Internet.”
“Curious,” interjected Jane.  “And what was Rebecca doing?”
“She just kept on smiling.   I don’t know whether she was trying to be my chaperone but she just let us talk together.   He was good to talk to you.   He seemed really interested and I managed to keep him laughing.   He had kept his hands round my waist but after a while I said that he was making me quite hot so he moved them.  One hand started to stroke the back of my neck and occasionally run up and down my spine.  It made me go all tingly.   His other hand just touched and held the hem of my skirt and then rested on my knee.  Sometimes his fingers stroked my thigh.”
“And did you like that?”
“Well it felt kind of odd.   I did look at Rebecca about what I should do but she was quite impassive and just nodded at me when I tried to look questioningly at her.  I started to realise that I was getting in Freddie’s way.   She was getting impatient and I could hear her making comments behind me.   They sounded  increasingly grumpy but Mr.V just seemed to ignore her.   After a bit, Rebecca said to her, ‘Freddie, why don’t you go over and see some of your friends?’ 
“Freddie got up from the sofa.   As she got up she said in a very pointed way, ‘I hope you like your new boyfriend.’
“Rebecca looked a bit annoyed while I felt quiet embarrassed but Mr.V seemed to think her words were directed at me.   He said, ‘Oh Andy, I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to …’ I told him not to worry.   I said it was OK and that we were just chatting.   But although there was now a space on the sofa where Freddie had been, he didn’t take me off his lap.   If anything I wanted to stay there just to prove to Freddie that we were just having a nice chat.”
“Oh Andy,” exclaimed Jane with exasperation.
“But Auntie, we were just talking.”
“Yes, but how do you think things get started?   Honestly Andy.”
“But he seemed like a nice man.”
“I’m sure he was.”
“Anyway we just kept on talking with Rebecca occasionally commenting or helping the conversation along.   After a while I saw Mr.V looking a bit distracted and staring across the room.   I followed his gaze and saw Freddie on her knees unzipping a man and starting to give him a blowjob.   Although there’d been a lot of other naughtiness going on, some of it more extreme, that seemed to capture his attention as her tongue flicked against and moistened the cock head before she started to slide her lips along the shaft.   I felt his hand tighten round my thigh and became very aware of his other curled round the nape of my neck.   I turned away and we went back to talking although I could see he was distracted and kept glancing over at Freddie.   At this point, the clock chimed one.   Rebecca said, ‘I think that’s your shift complete, Andy.  I think it’s time we got you to bed.’  I was quite sorry to say goodbye to Mr.V but after my earlier attraction to Freddie I really didn’t want to see her with another man’s cock in her mouth or what might follow.  I also realised I was feeling quite tired and it had been a long day.   Mr.V let me get up off his lap and then stood.  And then gave me cheek kisses to say farewell and thank me for the chat. 

“Maybe Rebecca wanted her own time with Mr.V?” queried Jane. 
“Maybe but first she took me to my bedroom.   There were still some coats and bags in it.   She said that they’d be gone soon and that I should have a shower and get to bed.  She gave me some wipes and cream to remove my make-up.   I went into the en suite and locked the door. It was good to get out of my dress.  The latex was all wet and sticky inside - that’s going to need a good wash. I rinsed it out and hung it out above the bath since I thought I’d need to wear it in the morning. 
“As I wiped off my foundation, I could see in the mirror I was starting to get some light stubble: Freddie had been right.   After my shower I felt clean and refreshed but was still ready for bed. While I was in the little bathroom, I could hear some guests going in and out of the bedroom taking their coats.   There was a towelling robe on the back of the door so fortunately I could get out of the en suite.   I put on the robe and went back in to the bedroom.   I put the few remaining coats and bags, and put them on a chair by the door.   Then I took off the robe and climbed into the king-size bed.   It was comfy and warm, although I felt weird and a bit uncomfortable trying to sleep wearing both a cock cage and a buttplug.”
“You were still wearing that thing too?”
“Well I took it out in the shower, but Rebecca hadn’t told me to stop wearing it so I got some of the cold cream and put it back in.  After wearing it all evening, it went back in quite easily.  It was much less of a challenge than the black one you fitted me with.”
“Yes, you still need more practice with that,” Jane sniggered.
“Perhaps.   Anyway, I turned out the light, snuggled down and started to drift off to sleep.   The party was quietening down although occasionally people flipped on the light to collect their coats.  But they left me undisturbed.  I don’t think most of them even knew I was in the bed.”
“So you should have got a good night’s rest.”

Parts 12 to 15 to follow.  


  1. That is just plain naughty S, I love the little Gif image. It is a super dooper story and enjoy it very much.
    The original stablegirl Andy

    1. Thank my dear stablegirl. Yes, sorry if it goes a bit too far. But glad you're enjoying.
      S xxx