Friday, 24 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 5

This is the fifth part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

For the first part see
Part 5 - Sunday (3)

Jane drank more of her coffee.  What was keeping Andy?  He only needed a pee and a bit of a tidy-up.  A procession of women and girls were going in and out of the Ladies but there was no sign of Andy.  She wondered if he’d slunk out while she was buying the coffee.  She was considering going in herself to look for him when he emerged.  The mascara streaks and lipstick smears had gone.   He’d not only wiped them away he’d also removed his false eyelashes.  In place he had a complete new appearance.   His complexion was darker; he was wearing a different foundation and powder.  Although his cheekbones were still contoured his bronzer was lighter and more subtle than last night, with a delicate blush. His eye shadow was a smoky grey rather than the bright blue of yesterday and early this morning, while his lips were no longer a pinky shade; they were a deeper red. 
As Andy walked across the concourse to the café, Jane went all fuzzy as recognition dawned:  she realised she was looking at a mirror image: a somewhat younger image perhaps, but a close likeness nevertheless.   Andy had used her make-up and styled his face exactly like hers.  His skills with cosmetics had certainly improved.  He had delicately applied eyeliner to achieve a sharp narrow cats-eye, had blended well with the brushes, and had used pencil to give his lips a sharp outline and complement the carmine red of the lipstick.  He looked lovely.   Heads turned to see the pretty, stylish girl with pink heels and tightly belted trenchcoat walking through the café towards the somewhat older lady seated at the far table.  From bedraggled waif, he now had the appearance and style of chic French film star.  Jane beamed at him.  Andy did not notice:  although he walked with more confidence, his eyes were still down.  
As Andy sat down opposite Jane, she said, “You look gorgeous, honey.”   People in the coffee shop were staring at them both transfixed.  Were they mother and daughter?  Or perhaps an older sister with her younger sibling?
Andy looked up sheepishly.  Their eyes met.  “Thank you Auntie.”   Jane got up from her chair, leant across the table and kissed Andy on the lips.   Andy’s eyes lit up.   Jane pulled back while he composed himself, then she kissed him again.   Some of the older ladies in the coffee shop looked away shocked.  Maybe not sisters, then?   Some of the younger girls looked on in admiration and envy.  So the lady had a cutie.
“Drink your latte, honey.”  Jane smiled at Andy.   “I’m sorry I got you into this.  It’s all my fault.”
“No, Auntie, it’s not.”
“I was stupid to let Rebecca borrow you for the evening.   I should never have mentioned that I had a maid.   It was just that she’d annoyed me so much talking about her new car and her new apartment now that she’d been promoted.  I just wanted to get back at her.”
“But you do have a maid, Aunt Jane.”
“Yes, I know honey but now she knows all about you too.   I felt so silly when I remembered and your pinafore.  How could I have been so forgetful?  I guess it was just the pressure of work.”
“Oh, you remembered.  Don’t blame yourself.  I didn’t notice either.”
“Letting you wear that monogrammed pinny was just plain silly.   When did Rebecca notice?”
“Well, she didn’t at first.  She just showed me round the apartment and the rooms where the party was going to be held.  She told me where to put the coats and where guests could change if that wanted to.”
“Yes, that surprised me too.  I thought the guests would arrive dressed for the party.”
“So, didn’t they?” Jane asked
“Well some did.  It turned out it was like a fetish Halloween party, although it was more fetish than Halloween.”
“Gosh!  I didn’t know Rebecca was into that.  I ought to have realised from her latex skirt.”
“Oh, she didn’t wear that for the ‘real’ party.”
“What do mean the real party?”
“Well, it began as one party but then became another after the caterers left.   Anyway, so Rebecca showed me round and then took me to the kitchens where I met the caterers and the waiters.   I got some little whistles when I went into the kitchen." Andy blushed.  “At least I think they were for me and not Rebecca.”  
Jane smiled at Andy.  He looked embarrassed but secretly she was proud of the pretty thing he’d become: as pretty if not prettier than any girl and with, in so many ways, a greater sense and aura of femininity.  All the reasons why she loved Andy came flooding back.  She wanted Andy as not just her lover but her girlfriend too.  She'd had close girlfriends before but none had been as sweet and affectionate.  It had been fortunate that she had kept the little toys from those earlier trysts and love affairs.  It meant she'd been well prepared for her new 'girlfriend'.
"It was one of the waiter boys who noticed 'Andrew' written on my apron.  He just pointed and said something like 'Is Andrew your boyfriend's name?'  I didn't know what to say at first.  Rebecca could see I was all confused and then she chimed in with, 'That's an unusual coincidence Andie: Andie and Andrew.' I said that I didn't have a boyfriend.  She replied, 'I thought Jane said you had.' Did you Auntie?"
At this point it was Jane's turn to get flustered. "Well, I never said you didn't."
"Oh, Auntie!"
"But I never said you did," said Jane trying to recover.
"What would they think of me?"
"That you were a very pretty girl with a very lucky boyfriend.  What do think they'd think?"
"Oh, I suppose so.  The boys certainly looked more hopeful.   Anyway, I said that 'Andrew' was the name of the manufacturer.  That seemed to satisfy the waiter, but Rebecca fixed me with a rather beady eye."
"Did she now?"
"Yes.  She got out her mobile phone and started tapping away while she took me round the rest of the apartment.  It was very large. She must earn an awful lot of money." Jane harrumphed: that job ought to have been hers, she thought.   "She showed me the bathrooms and then took me back to the coat room and said it would be my bedroom when the guests had gone."
"So you had your own bedroom.  Good."
"Er, yes."  Andy sipped his latte.  " Auntie is it possible to have something to eat, please. I'm famished."
"I thought you were getting a cooked breakfast?"
"There really wasn't time."  Andy went back to looking sheepish and turned his head down to avoid having to look Jane in the eye. 
"I feel there's something you're still not telling me.  Anyway, what would you like?"
"A croissant, please.  An almond one if they've got them."
"Very well.  I'll get you one but I expect you to tell me everything that happened last night. And I do mean everything."  Jane stood up leaving Andy staring down at the table. As she passed him she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head.  This time most eyes in the café were on the extremely attractive older lady wearing a dark navy cashmere sweater and a grey woollen skirt falling just below the knee.  Her silvery-grey coloured hair had slightly bouffant curls than ran down to her shoulders at the back although her roots confirmed that she was still a natural blonde.  It made her look distinguished as well as sexy.  While her calf length black patent boots with sharp, shiny gold stiletto heels provoked both interest and sadness with men resigning themselves to the beautiful lady's inclination, though even they couldn't fault her having feelings for her pretty young companion.
Jane strolled to the counter and ordered a croissant and another double espresso. She needed it to help stave off her tiredness and maintain her concentration.  She'd gone back to feeling annoyed but couldn't work out whether it was with Rebecca or with herself. What she did know was that it wasn't with Andy. She'd put him in this predicament. She had only herself to blame for that.  But through it all Andy, her Andy, was still the same sweet boy: more kind and feminine than any of her former girlfriends, more docile and affectionate than any past boyfriends, and definitely more lithe, energetic and attentive. She just needed to know what had happened to him.  He didn't seem hurt, he didn't seem injured.   In fact it seemed she'd hurt him more with how she'd treated him this morning than anything Rebecca might have done. 
Jane paid and took the croissant and her small cup back to their table.  She put the food down and tousled Andy's hair again.  She turned Andy's face up towards her; once again tears appeared to be welling in his eyes.  "What's wrong, honey?"
"I'm worried Auntie."
"Worried about what, darling?"
"W...w...worried you're g...g...going to be ann....annoyed," stuttered Andy.
"Oh, honey.  You're so sweet." Jane stooped and hugged him kissed his cheek.  "Any fault is all mine.” She kissed him on the lips. There was a low gasp from certain parts of the café.  Jane didn’t care.  So what if she kissed her girlfriend.  It was a free world.  Who wouldn’t want to kiss her beautiful boy?  As she stood back up, she said with a smile, "At least our lippie matches so we shouldn't have smudged too badly."   She went round to her seat.  "Now what happened next?"

 Parts 6 to 15 to follow. 


  1. Yes indeed, another beautiful story to add to the previous ones and set to stage for an interesting expose'.
    Poor Andy, yes, but I would have loved to see him emerge looking quite similar to his Aunt. In my mind's eye she is elegant and stunning, but to not imagine Andy as her sibling with familial similarities lets my mind wander.
    I hope all is well with you and the next installment is on the way.

  2. Yes indeed, another beautiful story to add to the previous ones and set to stage for an interesting expose'.
    Poor Andy, yes, but I would have loved to see him emerge looking quite similar to his Aunt. In my mind's eye she is elegant and stunning, but to not imagine Andy as her sibling with familial similarities lets my mind wander.
    I hope all is well with you and the next installment is on the way.

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