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Come in Young Man - Part 7

This is the seventh part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

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Part 7 - Sunday (5)

“While this was going on, the noise level from the party was starting to rise.  The music was louder and it was clear things were starting to happen outside.   I fastened a black latex bra.  Then I slid her into the jodhpurs and zipped her up at the back.  She didn’t wear panties. Then she asked me to polish her.  She didn’t want me to use a cloth.  I just sprayed the gloss straight on to her and polished her with my hands.   That was all over too.”
Jane thought enviously of Rebecca having Andy’s hands caressing Rebecca’s breasts, rubbing her thighs and softly polishing her intimate crevices. This was a service that she would have to get Andy to provide for her in future.   She wondered what it would be like feeling Andy’s fingers pressing against that ring.
“While I was polishing Rebecca’s bottom, someone came into the bedroom without knocking.  Peeking between Rebecca’s thighs I could see her visitor.  Although she was wearing a mask, I recognised one of the girls I’d met earlier from her shoes and latex trousers. She carried a little bag with her.   I didn’t know where to look although she seemed quite nonchalant.  ‘Hi, Mum,’ she said.  ‘I see you’ve become friends with the new maid. She’s a pretty girl, isn’t she?’
“’Hello Freddie.   So you’ve met Andy.  Yes, very pretty, ’ Rebecca replied.  ‘But she’s really a he, not a she.  She’s a sissy. She’s the maid of a colleague at work.  A Sissy Maid.’
“’How delicious,” the girl replied.  “She’s so good looking.”  At that point I blushed.   “What do you think she looks like without her make-up on?   I bet she’s dead cute.  Though it must be such fun dressing her and making her up.  Do you think she’s an active girl?” she asked with a nod of her head and a wink at Rebecca.   ‘If I had a girlfriend like her, I might be tempted not to bother with boys.  It’s so fashionable to have a girlfriend these days and she really would be the best of both worlds.’  I blushed even harder.  I just hoped it wasn’t showing through my make-up.   Is that what I’ve become Auntie, a fashion accessory?”
“No, of course not Andy,” Jane replied.  “I just not what you like and what you want to be.  I’ve just been helping you unlock the inner you.   Don’t you like being made-up and wearing high heels?”
“Well, yes …”
“Don’t you like the nice clothes you wear when you’re with me?”
“Yes, but …..”
“And wearing latex?   Don’t tell me you don’t like that?”
“Of course, Auntie.   But when we’re out together.   It’s when we’re out together…”
“You look like my young niece.   That’s all.”
“But what do people see?  What do they think? Am I just your fashion accessory?”
“Of course not, dear.  I’m quite upset that you can even suggest that.  I think you know how much I care about you.   I’ve just helped you touch the inner you in the same way that you’ve helped me to like some new styles of dress.  I’d never have tried latex if you hadn’t made those naughty sketches.   Remember, it was your drawings that started all this.”
“Yes, Auntie.  I’m sorry.’
“Honey, there’s nothing to be sorry about.  I’m just sorry that I put you in this situation last night.   Just remember, people like at the party see you how they want to see you.  They see a pretty young girl.  When we’re out together, it’s an Aunt out with her niece or maybe with a very sexy younger girlfriend,” reassured Jane.  “What we do at home is entirely our affair.   People aren’t fussed.  I can perfectly understand that young lady’s attraction to you though.   Don’t you want to be attractive to girls?”
“Of course, I still like girls.  I don’t think I’ve ever disappointed, have I?”  
“Not at all, my sweet.  You’ve always been most …. “ Jane sought the right delicacy “…. obliging.”  
“But,” Andy continued, “I’ve always thought more about girls when I was dressed more as ‘me’.”
“But this is ‘you’ Andy.   Dressing like you do with me is as just as much part of you as the Andy I used to watch in the park playing football.  It’s still you.  Anyone would think you didn’t want pretty girls to like you.”
“Not at all.”
“What is it then?  Did you just expect me and boys to find you attractive?  Or do you just want boys now?”
“No, no,” Andy tried to protest although Aunt Jane could see he avoided eye contact with her by staring at the table and his foundation could not hide the blush that started to fill his cheeks.
“Is there something that you’re not telling me, honey?   Did you meet a boy at the party?  I know you said one of the waiters gave you his phone number.”
“No, it wasn’t like that at all.   Well, not quite like that.”
“Look at me Andy,” Jane directed.   Andy reluctantly raised his eyes and looked at Jane.  “I think something happened, and I think there’s something you’re not yet telling me.”  Andy’s blush turned a deep crimson.   “Tell me the rest of what happened yesterday.”
“OK, Auntie.   And I do love you.”   Andy put his hand across the table.  His immaculately manicured fingers reached out to touch Jane’s hands that were clasped in front of her on the table.  Their nail varnished fingers gently touched.
“I know darling.  I know,” Jane cooed.   “And if you have met a boy, I’m not worried.   Honestly. Jealous maybe, but not worried.  It’s only natural.  You’re very pretty and sweet natured.  Who wouldn’t want you as their girlfriend.”
“Thank you Aunt Jane.   Thank you.   But I do still love you.”
That ‘still’ was the tell-tale to Jane.   Who was it, she wondered, that had captured her boy’s attention and possibly affection?   “I know, honey.  I love you too.  You’re so special to me.   Now tell me the rest of what happened.”   

Parts 8 to 15 to follow.

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  1. That was lovely, you really get inside my head, our should that be Andy's. It is s sweety and gentle chapter, kind and warm. Can't wait for the next posts.