Friday, 24 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 4

This is the fourth part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

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Part 4 - Sunday (2)

Jane did not bother helping Andy into the Merc.   Andy opened the passenger door and slid into the leather seat.  The leather was cool against his bottom; it matched the atmosphere within the car, which was distinctly frosty.   Jane started the engine, checked her mirrors and pulled away.  It was twenty past ten.   They should reach her house by the coast shortly after mid-day.  That’s if she didn’t just go direct to Andy’s parents’ house and drop her passenger off as he was.  He could come round and pick-up his jeans later, if he dared she thought.   Neither spoke. 

As they’d walked away from Rebecca’s apartment, Andy had fallen in behind Jane.   Approaching the lift, Jane felt Andy’s hand touch hers and try to take hold of her palm.  She’d pushed it away.  She didn’t look at him in the lift and just stared at the buttons.

It was Sunday morning in the City and traffic was very light.  Jane made good progress, deciding to avoid the M25 and head due south across the river.  All the time she drove in silence.  She picked up the M23 and put the throttle down.  She wanted to get the journey over with. Eventually Andy spoke although it was more of a nervous mumble.  “Please Aunt Jane, I need the toilet.  Can we stop, please?”

“Yes, if we must,” Jane replied grudgingly.  Then she added, “I could do with a cup of coffee myself.”

“Thank you, Aunt Jane.”

“Oh, it’s Jane is it?  Not Jan, or Janey.“

“Please, Aunt Jane,” Andy pleaded.

“Or maybe Jex?”  Andy did not respond.  

Just before the motorway merged into the A-road, Jane pulled off for the Services. Although it was a small service area and quite busy, there were still a few spaces and she could park quite near the entrance.  As she came to halt she said, “Off you go then.  I’ll see you in the Café.” 

Andy didn’t move.  At last he spoke, “Could I borrow the trench-coat, please Aunt Jane.”

“What do you need that for?   You seem quite adequately dressed.  ‘Beccs’ seemed very happy with what you were wearing,” she said sneeringly.  “Don’t you feel comfortable in her clothes?”

“Please, Aunt Jane?” Andy implored.   Jane was still holding the handbrake lever.  She felt a soft little hand rest on top of hers.  It was trembling.  She wanted to push it away but instead turned towards Andy.  It was the first time she’d looked him properly in the face since leaving Rebecca’s apartment.  The front neckline of his shirt had darkened: it was damp with tears that were streaming from Andy’s eyes.  Andy’s mascara and eyeliner had made dirty streaks across his face and down his chin and neck.  He’d clearly been sobbing silently throughout the journey.  

Jane still wanted to be annoyed with him but she was finding it difficult.   Her boy was in tears and crying his heart out.  Her heart began to thaw.   She said,  “Yes, you can borrow my coat.  It sort of suits you.”   Jane freed her hand, got out of the car and retrieved the coat from the back seat.   She went round and opened the passenger door shielding him from other people on the car park.   She held out the coat while Andy, emerging from his seat, tucked his arms into the sleeves.   She wrapped the coat around him and knotted the belt.   Although Andy didn’t raise his head or his eyes, he looked like a bedraggled young waif.   She placed her hands on his upper arms and held him a few inches from her.  She couldn’t bear seeing Andy looking so sad and sorry.  She composed herself and said, “You know I love you.”

“Yes, Auntie.   Yes, Aunt Jane, I do.”

Jane let go of Andy and reached into the glove box of the car to retrieve her handbag. “Now let’s get you to the loo and tidied up.”   She locked the car and walked hand-in-hand with Andy across the entrance to the Services.  Andy still had his head down, not wanting anyone to look at him.  As she pointed him in the direction of the Ladies, Jane opened her handbag and took out her make-up case.  “You’ll find some wet wipes and what you need, she said passing him the case that he took tentatively.  “Come on honey, we need to get you presentable.”  With a firm on his bottom, Jane pushed him towards the loo.  “I’ll be over in Costa’s.  Do you want anything?”

“A skinny latte, please,” he said and went into the Ladies while Jane joined the queue to place her order.

“A double espresso, a regular skinny latte, and two glasses of water, please.”  Jane wondered whether Andy would want anything to eat and then thought about the hot breakfast he may have already had.  “And a pain au chocolat, please.”    Jane paid and after a short wait was given a tray with the drinks and food.  There wasn’t much seating space and she took the only available little table near the window.   She sipped the espresso then drank some water.   
The coffee helped her clear her head.  She knew she’d been unreasonable.  After all she’d allowed Andy to get into this predicament.  It didn’t help that she was furious with Rebecca.  She’d worked hard on the Verity proposal and to find that Rebecca had somehow already secured the deal was simply unacceptable.    She knew she was directing some of her fury with Rebecca at Andy.  It was only natural that Rebecca would find Andy attractive: Jane would have been disappointed if she hadn’t.    It was what had happened between her boss and Andy that concerned Jane.   That wasn’t just fury.  It was jealousy, possessiveness and even a sense of violation.  Rebecca had kissed her boy. 
 Parts 5 to 15 to follow.


  1. Interesting little addition. I find myself needing to go back and reread earlier chapters to refresh my memory. Very well done. Looking forward to dipping my toes in future chapters.

    1. Why thank you, Lee. Yes, it is a long story but I hope you'll enjoy the other parts.
      Hope you may also like "In My Younegr and More Vulnerable Days" at

    2. and a return Thank you, Ms. Stallion
      Please do not have us wait so long between installments.
      I find IMYaMVD interesting, but this story line is more fleshed out to me. I enjoy the art more and it just hits home.

    3. and a return Thank you, Ms. Stallion
      Please do not have us wait so long between installments.
      I find IMYaMVD interesting, but this story line is more fleshed out to me. I enjoy the art more and it just hits home.