Saturday, 29 December 2012

The biggest treat

Amanda knew there were some things she could only get in Lyon.  She lay back and luxuriated as Master took his pleasure.  It was wonderful to feel him inside her again.  She was all gooey and warm,  and could feel herself starting to leak.  Master was slow and gentle and would bring her to climax alongside his own.  Amanda just wanted to kiss him all over.  And then he could start again if they had enough time and Mistress and her girlfriend would allow.
As Amanda came again, she was so glad that she had an understanding girlfriend, who realised that although Amanda loved her very much,  there were times when only Master could satisfy Amanda's needs.  Mistress winked at her as they sat and chatted together downstairs about their latest pairs of high heels and latex dresses. They could both hear Amanda's tender moans and occasional little yelps as Amanda received her desire.  It would be nice to see Amanda, the sissy boyfriend and Mistress' former sissy maid, all loved up and happy when she came downstairs.  They knew they would both want to kiss her.  However, Amanda's girlfriend now had first priority.  Mistress would kiss Master and thank him for giving Amanda what she needed.  She didn't worry since it would be her turn again with Master later that evening,  Then they would need to think of other special treats (and maybe forfeits) while Amanda was still with them in Lyon.  

Amanda back in Lyon

Now that Amanda had arrived safely, she expected proper attention from Master.  She would chastise him lightly if she didn't get want she needed.

Amanda's latest visit for New Year

After several weeks, Amanda has met up with her lover, Sheila and is finally going back to Lyon to see her Master and Mistress.  Although naturally wonderful being with Sheila again, I'm sure Amanda will also be pleased to don her maid's dress and give Master a gentle polish.

Although she may not even bother to take her knickers off if they both get carried away and things get too exciting.
 Have a wonderful time and see in the New Year in style.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Nylon Pink

I think Andy (and Amber) will appreciate NylonPink - performing "Gee".

Friday, 14 December 2012

More Morrigan

Another of the lovely Morrigan Hel although she now appears to be Amber Erlandsson but still on Twitter as @Morriganhel.   As Amanda would say, "Oh my golly gosh!"

A little ballet - knee

And moving slightly higher.

No collection of this sort would be complete without the magnificent Susan Wayland.  Many to choose from.

Probably intended as an update on a old Kroll classic.

If you go down to the woods today ....

Awesome Gothic Mistress.

Perfect bedroom wear.

Perfect dungeon wear.  Tied up and caged, and teased by a tattooed, ballet booted, latex Mistress.  (Just like Claudia!)

I so admire girls with the guts to wear ballet boots in public.

No that's my kind of shoe shop.

What better way to relax when waiting for your lover.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A little ballet - Ankle Boots

Now let us move slightly further up the leg.  I've always found Ankle Ballet Boots particularly fetching: more stable than ballet shoes, more elegant than knee or thigh boots.
Ms Potter looking very refined.

Just the right side of slutty.

The three wise ballet monkeys

The heels on the right are so much better

Perfect dress to go with perfect ankle boots

How Giselle would like to prepare Amanda for Master (or Sheila).

TooToo pretty

Even better for the leggings

Hardly a need for additional restraint for with those heels

Waiting for her man

Lovely: latex, gag and piercings

What's Amanda missing?

Besides missing Sheila, there are certain things that Amanda is also missing.  Her Master being a very special case in point.

Monday, 10 December 2012

A little Ballet - Shoes

Continuing the theme of heels, I thought it would be good to go to the more ultra-heel extreme of ballet shoes and boots.  We'll start off with a few stylish shoes.
A blonde Kendra James looking great in ballet heels and latex.

Sweet and delicate.  Maybe a suggestion for Sheila?

One way to get your ballet heel training: nicely balanced and no tottering.

Latex cutie

Has the Circus arrived in town?

A personal favourite - if only someone would unzip my latex panties and oblige.

It wasn't as if she was going to run far.

And a nice clit piercing too.

Posh Special

Whilst SweetAndyLatex may have a certain penchant for Mr.Beckham, I'm afraid I've always had a certain thing for Victoria.  She's moved from the glamour puss of the Spice Girls to a knowing, special elegance with an expert understanding of the allure of high heels to both men and women.  And of course, a liking for leather and thigh boots helps too.

Here is a special selection.  I am grateful to Domina Welshd ( ) for many of these.  Enjoy!