Saturday, 29 December 2012

The biggest treat

Amanda knew there were some things she could only get in Lyon.  She lay back and luxuriated as Master took his pleasure.  It was wonderful to feel him inside her again.  She was all gooey and warm,  and could feel herself starting to leak.  Master was slow and gentle and would bring her to climax alongside his own.  Amanda just wanted to kiss him all over.  And then he could start again if they had enough time and Mistress and her girlfriend would allow.
As Amanda came again, she was so glad that she had an understanding girlfriend, who realised that although Amanda loved her very much,  there were times when only Master could satisfy Amanda's needs.  Mistress winked at her as they sat and chatted together downstairs about their latest pairs of high heels and latex dresses. They could both hear Amanda's tender moans and occasional little yelps as Amanda received her desire.  It would be nice to see Amanda, the sissy boyfriend and Mistress' former sissy maid, all loved up and happy when she came downstairs.  They knew they would both want to kiss her.  However, Amanda's girlfriend now had first priority.  Mistress would kiss Master and thank him for giving Amanda what she needed.  She didn't worry since it would be her turn again with Master later that evening,  Then they would need to think of other special treats (and maybe forfeits) while Amanda was still with them in Lyon.  


  1. That is so sweet honey and so true. To be trusted and shared is a dream One Two and Three in to Amanda will go.

    1. For reasons you well know, you richly deserve all three. And they should all go softly and gently with you. (Although maybe Master is allowed a little firmness.)

  2. This is so sexy and so romantic at the same time, our lovely dove certainly deserve all this love, I wish her all the happiness in the World!