Thursday, 15 October 2015

"It's all about showing off."

My friend SweetAndyLatex has recently published a stunning new piece of art on his blog showing a feminised but innocently unaware Andy being escorted by his Aunt Jane to a college reunion.

I planned to comment on Andy's blog and build on those provided by RubberH and Andy X.  However, I found I ran out of space.  Hence it was easier to transfer them here.

Jane had struggled to get Andy out the car and then had to push him to the college entrance.  It was ages since Andy had gone through those doors.   The last times had been for exams and then to collect his results.   The trepidation he felt then was as nothing as to what he was experiencing now.  Jane gave him another little shove and they were in the lobby.   Jane handed the girl on the entrance their ticket for Reunion Dance.   Andy recognised the girl as Carol from the arts stream. Initially Carol was rather transfixed by the pretty girl and her amazing red dress.   Surely that wasn't latex?  It was.  Carol felt sorry for the shy girl: she was unaccompanied and it looked like her mother had had to bring her.  But she noted the older lady was wearing latex too, and that they were holding hands rather more tightly than would be usual for a mother and daughter.

Carol checked the tickets and names against the register: some aspects of college life hadn't changed. Carol was about to go down the Girls' list before she read the girl's ticket: "AndyW....." it said.  Surely that couldn't be Andy from her year?   She looked across at the Boys' list.  There was Andy and listed as having a Plus One.   So the lady in the black latex trousers and tuxedo jacket was Andy's plus one.   "Hello, Andy," she said, "it's great to see you here."  And then she added, "I love your dress."

"Hello, Carol," Andy mumbled.

"Hello Carol.  I'm Jane," said Aunt Jane introducing herself.   She took Andy's hand and led him forward towards the entrance to the Main Hall where they could here music and the hubbub of people talking.

Andy baulked.  "Oh please Aunt Jane.  No.  I thought it was a reunion of your old college friends.  Not ... not this."

Jane spoke sternly in his ear, "Oh whyever would I want to see any of them again."   She took Andy's arm and said, "No.  I think it will be far more exciting to meet your friends."  Andy stiffened.  He had glimpsed a tall guy standing in the middle of the Hall surrounded by fawning admirers.  It was Bill, the captain of the Rugby team.  Andy shrank back.   How could he  ever hold his head up dressed like this?  What would Bill and the Rugby Team think of their former boot boy?   "Besides Reunions are all about showing off and you, my darling Nephew, have so much to show off.   Let's go and get a drink."  She pulled Andy into the Hall and they went to the trestle table stacked with drinks.  The crowd parted for the latex clad beauties.   Jane ordered a two champagne cocktails from the awestruck barman. 

Andy tried to go back towards a corner where the lights were dim but then froze.   "Why have you stopped?" asked Jane.  "Who have you seen?  Is it it that pretty girl over there with that handsome man?  Did you like her?  Is that Alice? That Alice, isn't it?" 

The girl was Alice.   The Alice.  The one and only Alice.  The Alice he'd always carried a torch for but never got close to because of boys like Bill. The Alice he now wished he'd never mentioned to Jane.  The Alice responsible for many of his adolescent yearnings.  She was stood beside Bill.  Andy tried to shrink back but Alice had already seen them.   She was staring hard at Andy. She remembered him  and what a sweetie he'd been.  She'd always felt a certain attraction towards Andy and wanted to get to know him better but had  never had much opportunity given how the jocks always swarmed around her.  He seemed gentle and kind.   She'd thought he looked nice and was funny from the way he was able to chat happily to the less sporty boys, and was impressed how comfortable and relaxed he was when talking to other girls in their year.

It was a different, less confident Andy that she saw now.  One who looked rather timid if not scared.  An Andy who looked worried about being seen in a new light by colleagues at the Reunion.  But also an Andy who looked totally gorgeous.  He outshone and, in his stunning latex dress, out-glistened any of the other girls at the Reunion.  She could see the boys gazing in awe at Andy as well as at the  attractive, older lady in dinner jacket and tight latex pants holding his arm and escorting him.  It was unclear between Andy and the lady who was providing the arm candy for whom.  The boys couldn't help staring at the pair together.  They envied Andy for  having such a beautiful mature companion and wondered how he had managed to attract such a special lady.  Their thoughts, like Alice's, were also racing at the thought of their relationship.  It was clear from this evening who was wearing the trousers and was the more dominant.  Andy might be wearing a delicate little collar rather than a necklace but the D-ring at the back was obviously intended for attaching a lead.  Andy was clearly either her little puppy or kitten, and  their imaginations were already leaping towards  what might happen in the bedroom.  Puppies like to play and kittens like to lick and be stroked.  Their minds boggled.

Alice could see the sporting banter from the jocks clustered round her boyfriend had died away.  Bill's jaw had dropped while his eyes were fixed on Andy.  She could hardly blame him.  She found Andy very attractive too although she also felt strongly drawn to his companion.  If, as seemed likely, the lady was fucking Andy, Alice really wanted some of that too.  Bill was an active and rather powerful lover, but in college she'd had some encounters that often drew her to members of her own sex and their tender attentions.   

Andy had relaxed when some of the girls from College came to his corner and started to chat to him and Jane.  They were admiring his dress and asking about his make-up.  He looked so toned and pretty.  Andy seemed to relax as soon as the girls started chatting: Alice was struck how he seemed naturally at ease with other girls.   But the boys still hung back.  They were tongue tied and didn't know what to say.  They'd always known Andy was a bit different but had just seen him at college as being lithe and rather witty.  Seeing him now as the prettiest person in the room was proving confusing for all of them.  How could they respond to someone who'd been their colleague but now was proving to the the real Belle of the Ball and was clearly a hit with their female friends.  Eventually Robin walked across and said hello to Andy.  Andy looked so happy to see Robin.  Robin was slimly built like Andy but Andy towered over him in his heels.  Rather than shake hands Andy bent and kissed Robin on the cheek. Robin blushed slightly but kissed Andy back.  The jocks murmured.  They'd always thought Robin a bit weak and effeminate but now he was the one taking the lead and showing confidence.  This was getting more awkward by the minute with each feeling like wallflowers in the uncomfortable position of how to approach and talk to a pretty girl..

Alice walked over to Bill who'd been paying her no attention since they'd arrived having settled into drinking with the other jocks and bragging about matches and other players. But even he had stopped boasting and was staring open-mouthed at Andy.    Alice took Bill by the arm and suggested that he talk to Andy.  She said that she could see  that he was intrigued if not interested by Andy and that she didn't mind if he found Andy pretty.  It was only natural.  To all intents and purposes, she said that he should think of Andy as a girl - maybe he'd even had surgery since  the profile of that figure hugging  latex dress showed no discernible bumps. Either that or Andy knew how to tuck very tightly.  Rather than have any concerns about his own sexuality, Bill should see it as an opportunity to show how open minded he was.  If the sporting media got to hear about it, he would likely be praised for his openness and panache.  After all rugged was fine, but metro-sexuality and style was  more popular in the media and he'd be far more likely to get modelling or endorsement deals if he was seen to embrace the wider community.  Sneakily she even whispered in his ear how she wondered what a threesome with Andy might be like.   Secretly  Alice was already starting to think not only about a threesome, but more about the possibility of an intimate twosome with Andy's escort.  She was sure an experienced lady like her would know a thing or two about technique that would have a bit more finesse that Bill's clumsy fumblings and thrustings.

Alice took Bill by the hand and led him across the floor towards Andy.  The crowd of girls parted as Bill and Alice, their former Prom King and Queen, approached.  Alice said hello to Andy and pecked him on the cheek.   Bill tried to shake Andy's hand but Alice told him not to be so silly.  Bill, who was taller than Andy even in his heels, kissed Andy on both cheeks. Although Andy seemed embarrassed, his foundation layered cheeks didn't give away any tell-tale signs but  Bill blushed.

Aunt Jane had a wry smile on her face as Alice said to Bill that since he seemed tongue tied, perhaps he should ask Andy to dance.  They were playing a slow number so even he ought to be able to cope with that.  Bill accepted - anything was better than trying to talk to Andy.  To the strains of Phyllis Nelson's "Move Closer", Bill and Andy went out on to the dance floor setting a precedent for others to quickly join them.  Bill felt silly standing apart from Andy for such a number and gradually  the two moved together and soon Bill placed his hands on Andy's slinky waist as they shuffled about the increasingly crowded dance floor.  Andy was extremely shy and stared downwards - anything to avoid eye contact with Bill. 

Bill had always been the sports star at the College and it felt strange to be dancing with the guy all the girls in the year had considered to be the biggest hunk.  As they moved closer, first their thighs rubbed together and then as Bill pulled him in more Andy found his waist starting to slide against Bill's crotch.  With dawning awareness,  Andy realised that he was rubbing against something that was becoming increasingly hard and as they turned he glimpsed a discernible bulge in Bill's trousers.  Bill didn't want anyone on the dancefloor seeing so he pulled Andy even closer.  With their hips grinding together, Andy wrapped his arms around Bill's neck, while Bill's hands now gripped  tightly round Andy's waist and rested just above that pert shiny bottom.  As Andy felt the bulge becoming larger and palpably stiff, he could feel Bill's hot breath on his hair and down the back of his neck.  He managed to overcome his shyness and looked upwards.  He was surprised to find a pair of big brown eyes staring down at him.  As he gazed up, his lips parted ever so slightly and whispered "Thank you for dancing with me.  It means so much and Aunt Jane will be pleased with me." 

Bill was spellbound as he stared into Andy's limpid pools and driven purely by instinct and animal attraction stooped slightly to kiss Andy full on the lips.  The kiss did not linger and both Bill and Andy recoiled in slight embarrassment.  Andy's mouth opened wide with shock but as he did Bill's mouth descended again and their lips locked together for a slightly more lingering moment.  They drew apart hoping that no-one else on the dancefloor had  noticed.   But those nearby could see that Andy's face was was now resting flat against Bill's chest with a deep smile of happiness and  Bill's hands were grasping Andy's buttock cheeks.  Even though the music had changed to a faster number, Bill and Andy stayed firmly entwined with Andy sinuously sliding his hips against Bill as they gently swayed together.     

From the edge of the dance floor, Aunt Jane and Alice watched as the two dancers were increasingly drawn to each other.  Aunt Jane turned to Alice and "Well, it looks like our boyfriends may have abandoned us for a while.   You're Alice aren't you, Andy always told me how you were the prettiest girl in college and said but he'd never stood  a chance with you against the big jocks.  I'm so pleased that you seem comfortable with Andy getting to know Bill better.   I wonder if I can make amends for Andy's negligence. Perhaps you and I should get better acquainted while our two love birds enjoy their dance.   Would you like a drink?"