Sunday, 9 December 2018

Seeing William (2)

Heads turned as the vision of loveliness stepped out of the black sports Mercedes.  It was hard to tell what captured their attention first.  The delicate ankle and the pink high heel?

The elegant leg accentuated by the lengthy stiletto?
The stylish walk?

The shimmering pink PVC of the dress?

Or simply the radiant beauty wearing all those objects.  A beauty that seemed so familar but one which none of the classmates seemed quite able to place.

The girls couldn't work out who it was.  She must have been in their year but why couldn't they remember her name.  Which of the cliques or gangs had she been in?  Was she one one of Susan's or one of Emily's?   Why couldn't they remember her?  The boys would have been all over her.

The boys were equally baffled.   Jaws had dropped.   Who was she?  Who had she gone out with?  Surely with looks like that she should have been the Prom Queen but that had been Susan.  How had they missed her?  Had she been off sick during most of their year?  They'd have to ask Andy.  He knew all the girls.   He never seemed to get many dates but the girls all liked him and he was able to chat with them all.  He'd know.  Now where was Andy?  He was down on the list as attending

Most of the guys partners were getting irritated but could understand their distraction.  Who was the pretty thing?  

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Seeing William (1)

At first Andy had resented Aunt Jane's offer to help him get ready for the class reunion.   He wanted to do it is way.   There would be so many old friends there.   People he'd want to chat to.  One or two former girlfriends where things might still be a bit awkward but he was sure that they'd all have moved on in the last few years.   And there was still Emily whom he'd always wanted to go out with but never quite managed to pluck up the courage to ask.

Emily was a tall brunette - taller than Andy and that was without heels.  Andy thought she was so pretty but she'd always been surrounded by crowds of other girls.   Even the jocks from the football team didn't seem to get close to her.   Andy disliked the language in the changing  room about her.   He thought it disrespectful.  At times he tried to protest but most of the guys on the team just dismissed his push back as politically correct claptrap.   Some even called him a sissy saying it was because he didn't have the courage.  Courage for what, Andy sometimes wondered.   The only one who didn't give him a hard time was William.   Ah, William.

William was quiet.  William was nice.  In his own way, Andy thought William rather handsome.  The girls thought so too.  William was one of Andy's best friends but he was involved in so many different activities they never got time together when there could be just the two of them.  They were always with other lads or girls.   And William was one of the few boys that had been out with Emily.   That had made things a bit difficult too.

It took Aunt Jane a while to convince Andy about his outfit.   He'd told her that he was shorter than Emily.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing. 
He said that Emily liked pink.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He said that Emily occasionally wore leathers or shiny clothes.  (Andy thought that might have been where some of his liking for latex had come from but the reality was that it had started much earlier.)  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He said that William was going to be there.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He told her that guys on the team had called him a sissy.   Aunt Jane knew just the thing. 
And lastly Andy said that whatever Aunt Jane might want him to wear, he was not going to wear latex for the reunion.   Aunt Jane knew just the thing.
When Jane's car pulled up at the reunion, Andy was ready.  Heads turned as he got out.
But would William and Emily be ready?

to be continued

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Simon Cuz with Wertmuller and The Doubleues

I know nothing about the band Wertmuller and The Doubleues.  However, I do love how Simon Cuz appears in some of their videos.   In this case, T'appartengo Simon appears around 1:20 as the blonde curly haired maid.   Such a shame more bands don't have sissy maids in their videos.

If the embedded clip doesn't play for you, try

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Celia Sawyer on BBC 1 Breakfast

Further to Andy.Latex's recent Clip of the Week post on Celia Sawyer ( ), I hope that the attached provides him with some cheer while he supports a friend through difficult times.

And some little clips from Four Rooms too.

Best wishes.  Thoughts are with you and your friend.
S xx

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Visit from the Stablegirl

When the Stablegirl visits their stall, both the Stallion and his filly Amber are happy.   They will do anything to please her including bending over to take correctional strokes from her riding crop if it means they will be stroked and petted by her.

With thanks to Lux Lächeln and Marquis. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 1

This is the first part of a story inspired by SweetAndyLatex 'Come in Young Man' where Andy left it to the viewer/reader to provide their own narrative.

This has taken rather longer to produce than expected but has been fully authorised by Andy.


 PART 1 - Friday afternoon

Jane had regretted it as soon as she’d said it.  But her boss had irritated her and it was a way of trying to get her own back through some one-upmanship.  It had been intended as a throw away remark, nothing more.  It clearly struck a chord with her boss though.  She’d kept it lodged in her memory.  Something to use with Jane at a later date.

Rebecca had called Jane into her office after lunch on Friday.   The working relationship between the two of them had been frosty for a while.   Rebecca might be older but most of the office, Jane included, felt that Jane should have had the promotion.   However, Rebecca now had the big office and was the boss.  It had clearly helped that Rebecca was a close friend of the CEO.   Some of the office thought a ‘friend with benefits’.   

Jane knocked at the door to the corner office.   “Come in.  Hello, Jane. Thank you for dropping by.”   Since her preferment Rebecca had become quite brusque.  “How’s the work on the Verity account going?”

“Oh, quite well.   We’ve almost finished the new model and should be able to get the proposal done by the end of next week.”

“That’s good.”   Rebecca stopped and gave Jane a hard look.  “I’m having a party tomorrow evening.  Just a few guests.  Close friends and one or two customers.”

“That’ll be nice.”  Jane wondered why Rebecca was telling her this.  It was unusual for Rebecca to stray from the work agenda.  Then she reflected that if there were going to be customers at the party, Rebecca would want her there too:  Rebecca might be the boss and good at schmoozing but she would need someone who knew what they were talking about.

“I’m going to use outside caterers,” preened Rebecca.

“Really.  That sounds quite grand.”   Jane now realised that Rebecca was going to use this as a bragging opportunity.

“Yes.   They’re meant to be very good.  They’ll even provide some waiters,” Rebecca purred.  “Are you doing anything tomorrow evening?”

“No, I’ve nothing planned.”   If she went to the party on Saturday, Jane would have to let Andy down gently.  She’d promised him an afternoon’s shopping and a quiet evening together watching a boxed set of ‘Orange is the New Black’.  She knew how much Andrew loved the episodes with Ruby Rose.  An early night had also seemed in order.

“Good.”  Rebecca’s next statement stopped Jane dead in her tracks.  “You said you have a maid?”

“Well, I …” Jane stumbled.

“What’s her name?”

“Andy,” Jane replied instinctively.

“Andie. I guess she must have been born around the time of ‘Four Weddings’.  Andie was quite a popular name back in the 90s.   Is she polite?"


"Yes, she," Rebecca retorted, "Andie.  Is she polite?"

"Yes, Andy's very well spoken."

"And pretty? "

"Yes, Andy’s attractive."  What else could Jane say?

"She sounds eminently suitable," Rebecca purred.  “I’d like to borrow her for tomorrow evening, please.”

“What?!” Jane exclaimed.

 “Waiters can be so clumsy.  And a feminine touch will be perfect with the guests.”

“Well, it’s not quite as simple …” Jane stumbled.

“It’s surely quite simple.  Is Andie working tomorrow?”


“Is she going to be out with her boyfriend?’

“No.”  Jane realising too late that she might have made a grave error.

“Well then, I don’t see the problem.   I don’t know any companies who hire out maids and if you have an experienced one, it’ll be so much easier and more reliable.”

“Well  ….” hesitated Jane.

“So you are going to let Andie help, aren't you?” Rebecca continued.   “You'll only be without her for one evening after all.  It's so important to show willing, especially at this time of year."

The barbed comment wasn't lost on Jane.  Bonus time was approaching and she needed Rebecca's recommendation.  "Oh, I'm sure Andy will be very happy to help at your party," said Jane forcing a smile on to her face.

"That's good.  We wouldn't want to let our customers down, would we?"

"No, Rebecca," Jane said, still expecting to be invited herself.

"Can you drop Andy off at my apartment tomorrow evening?  Say 6pm, before the guests arrive?"

"Yes, Rebecca.  Will Andy be paid for the evening?"

“I don't think that will be necessary, do you.  I’m sure you’ll want this to be ‘pro bono’, won’t you?”

“Er, yes,” Jane hesitantly agreed.

"Thank you, Jane. Oh, and since you're not doing anything tomorrow evening, can you go a bit faster on updating the proposal document for the Verity account?    Mr.Verity will be at the party tomorrow and it will be good if I can say the new proposal will be on his desk on Monday morning."

"Yes, Rebecca," said Jane through gritted teeth.

"Well, I think that'll be all.  See you tomorrow at six.  Don't work too late, it should only take a few hours to re-run the models."

"Yes, Rebecca." Jane retreated quickly out of the office before she could be given more work.  Back at her own office, she slammed the door and leant back against it.  It was going to take ages to build a new data set based on the revised assumptions Verity had provided that morning.   It would normally take a week to put together a new proposal and she was going to have to do it over the weekend with no team to help.  At four o'clock on a Friday it was unreasonable to ask anyone else to wreck their weekend plans. So much for doing anything with Andy either tonight or Sunday. 

The first problem though was how to tell Andy.  Tentatively she picked up the phone.

Parts 2 to 15 to follow.

Come in Young Man - Part 2

This is the second part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork

For the first part see


PART 2 - Saturday

After calling Andy, Jane worked at the office till gone midnight.  It was too late to head to the coast so she'd stayed the night at her flat in City.  A large gin and tonic, a quick sandwich and she was ready to crash.   In the morning, somewhat bleary eyed, she caught the train to the coast.  A taxi to her house, a double espresso and she just had time to be ready for Andy's arrival.

Andy knocked at her door all boyish and grumpy. He was trying to make a point by wearing a black leather jacket, t-shirt and chukka boots. Although his attempt at a surly, smouldering James Dean look was rather spoilt by the pertness of his bum in the tight, stretch pair of jeans they'd bought last weekend. His hair was more tousled than ever and he'd made no attempt to get ready. His nails weren't done and he'd not applied any make-up.  Jane thought he looked marvellous.  He was such a sweet boy: pretty, feminine features, a rebellious streak, shy but talkative with her, and a puppy dog's devotion, though not only affectionate but rather amorous when she gave him the chance.    After complaining on the phone to her, he'd reluctantly accepted the job based on her assurances that it would help her and that everyone at the party would be fine. She'd omitted to tell him that the hostess would be expecting a girl. She just told him to smile nicely and say little. 

Jane got him to shower and whisked him to her hairdresser.   His unruly locks were cut and primped into an elegant bob.  For ease and speed she asked the beautician to do his make up.  While Andy was being made presentable for the party, Jane went on a quick shopping trip.   Simply swapping the chukka boots for a pair of ballet pumps and Andy's transformation was complete.  Jane walked out of the salon hand-in-hand with her attractive niece.  No-one gave Andy a second glance, except for those who admired the pretty thing chatting merrily to her older friend. There was just time for a quick sandwich and coffee in a nearby café before Jane took Andy back to her house.

Jane got him to undress.  Andy was nervous about travelling in uniform but there wouldn't be the time to change at Jane's apartment and he could hardly change in a service station.  Jane dusted him with talc.  She smiled as she saw him stirring.  "Don't be naughty, Andrew. There isn't time.  Maybe tomorrow if I ever get to finish the proposal document for Verity Industries." Andy subsided as he put on suspender belt and rolled his latex stockings.  The latex padded bra came next before he stepped into his latex maid's dress and Jane zipped up. 

Jane knelt down as if to pull on his latex panties but instead Andy found her handling his balls and penis.  "I thought you said there wasn't time? " he queried.

"There isn't but you need this ball ring."


"Yes, need," said Jane as she slipped the metal cage over his limp cock, engaged it with the ring and snapped home a little padlock.

"What's that for?" shrieked Andy.

"It's a chastity device.  One of the ladies in 'Latex, Leather and Leisure’ recommended it."

"Yes, I know what it is. But why have you put it on?" demanded Andy.

"Because it's the first time you'll be out without me.  I don't want anyone getting any silly ideas, including you."

"You mean you're not going to be there.  But I thought....”

"I'm not invited.  You're there as a maid.  A maid, pure and simple. I'm going to need to go back to my apartment and work while you're helping at the party.  My boss likes to get her pound of flesh."

"Can I have a key then, please?"

"Of course not," Jane replied. "What would be the point of that?"

"What if I need to pee?"

“You'll just need to sit down like a good girl.  It'll be a good way a reminding you.  Remember the people at the party are expecting a female maid."
"They're what!?" Another shriek erupted from Andy.

"They're expecting a girl," explained Jane

"You mean you never told them?"

"It never came up." Jane stopped and began to giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"Well now there's something else that won't be coming up," Jane tittered.

"Ha, ha," Andy laughed ironically.  "So when will you let me out?"

"After I pick you up tonight.  If you've been a good girl, that is," she said with a smile. "Now put your panties on, we need to get going."

Jane gave Andy one of her long Burberry trenchcoats to wear.  Andy was very reluctant to step out of the house in his pink uniform let alone go to the party.  There had been tears and tantrums but eventually Andy accepted that he had to go or he would be letting his Aunt down badly. His make-up needed retouching but they were still just on schedule to get to Rebecca’s on time.  It might not be raining but Andy did the trenchcoat up tight before stepping out of Jane's house. "Darling, this is silly.  You only have to walk to the car. We're still on my drive.  No-one can see." Jane didn't want to mention the fact that lots would see at the party. Little steps were needed if she was going to get Andy to the party.

Andy took his first little steps walking to the car. Whilst Jane took it in her stride, Andy wasn't so accomplished walking in five and a half inch heels on a gravel path. His patent heels and latex stockings glistened below the hem of his Mac as he stepped out gingerly and crunched tentatively across the gravel. Jane held the door open as he lowered his bottom on to the seat and swung his legs together into the compartment as she'd told him.  Jane closed the Merc's door. Once inside Andy removed the trenchcoat.   No-one would be able to see him through the Mercedes’ smoked glass windows.   They could get on now.   Jane had two hours to get back up to London and drop him at Rebecca's Barbican apartment. It was going to be tight and she was already tired.

Fortunately the journey up to London was uneventful.  Andy maintained a stony silence all the way.  Jane parked outside the apartment block, swivelled in her driver's seat and kissed Andy full on the lips.  "Thank you for doing this, honey.  It means a lot me.   I'm sure you'll like it if I get a good bonus.  We can go on lots of shopping trips and maybe a few weekends away together."

"Yes, that would be nice," said Andy, tears starting to well in his eyes.  He would do anything for her just to be near her and kissed like that.

"Don't cry.  We don't want you messing your mascara or make-up.  Now let's just touch up your lipstick and we'll be ready to go."

At five minutes to six, Jane and Andy were buzzed into the apartment building. As they went up in the lift Jane reassured Andy, "You'll be OK darling, I'm sure. No-one will know.  ”Andy was nervous and trembling.  “Just be sweet like you always are and everything will be fine.”  I'll pick you up later this evening." On the landing, Jane gave Andy a little pat on the bottom and touched his front to check that everything was secure.  At the last moment Jane fastened a little ribbon in the back of his hair and secured his French maid’s cap.   Then they padded down the carpeted corridor to Apartment 1.  She pressed the doorbell and stood back. 

After a few moments that felt like an eternity, Andy heard heels clicking across a hard floor.  The door opened.  In front of him was a vision:  a beautiful graceful lady who could easily pass as Jane’s older sister.  She was even wearing latex.  The mature greying blonde wore a chic white blouse and a tight, over-the-knee, pencil-cut black latex skirt.  Andy couldn’t help noticing that she was wearing very high black Louboutin courts.  He liked this lady already.
A slightly deep voice said, “Hello, you must be Andy,” followed by a low whistle as she looked him up and down.

“Yes, Miss,’ Andy simpered.

"It’s Miss Rebecca.”

Andy felt slightly reprimanded.  She was even sterner than Jane.  “Yes, Miss Rebecca.”

“Thank you dear.  My, aren't you the pretty one?   Where has Jane been hiding you?   And where is Jane?”

Andy nodded down the corridor turning towards Jane.  “She’s just here, Miss Rebecca.” 

Rebecca stuck head out of the door and called to Jane, “Thank you for bringing Andie.”   She paused, turned and looked at Andy.  Jane saw Rebecca surveying Andy’s deliciously feminine form.  "Such a suitable uniform.  So nice that your maid likes latex too,” and with a little wry smile on her face, “or is that just your taste?”  Then slowly and with emphasis she said,  “You don't need to come back later.  I know you’ll want to get on with the Verity proposal. Tomorrow morning will do.”  And licking her lips, “I’ll make sure Andie is very comfy after our guests have gone.  Ten o’clock should be fine."   She turned to Andy.  “A pretty girl like you will need a good cooked breakfast after a hard night.  Do you like sausage?”

Andy blushed.  He glanced back at Jane with a horrified look on his face. Meanwhile Jane was too shocked to reply.  She gave a little wave as Rebecca took Andy by the hand.   “Come in and let me show you around,” as she ushered him inside.   “I'm sure you're going to do just fine tonight."   The door closed and Jane heard the receding clicks of two pairs of heels.

Tears formed in Jane's eyes as she headed for the lift.   She felt bereft.  But there was something else nagging at her: something she'd forgotten but she couldn't quite place.   She turned back and looked at the door to Apartment 1.  It stayed resolutely closed.  Then the recall hit her.  She desperately wanted to go back and retrieve Andy but knew she couldn't.   Tears started to run from Jane’s eyes.    What had she done?

Parts 3 to 15 to follow.