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Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 11 - Jane 23:45 Saturday evening

Part 11 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

Drink this, it will help,” said the voice coming from behind her.   There was a tearing “Drink this, it will help,” said the voice coming from behind her.   There was a tearing sound and light suddenly flooded Jane’s eyes: her mask had been removed.  Jane blinked hard.  Andy had gone.    “Be careful how you suck.”   Jane tried to focus but it was difficult trying to stare down at her nose at the funnel and plastic tube being fastened to the protrusion from her mouth.  Leather straps harnessed the contraption to her head.    A bottle of liquid was tipped into the funnel.   A spurt of warm, sour liquid entered her mouth and hit the back of her throat.   Jane started to choke under the deluge.  "Use your tongue to control it. "  Jane put her tongue on the Jap's eye of the rubber penis filling her mouth and tried to swallow.  The fluid tasted disgusting.   "Don't gag. You don’t want to make yourself sick. You need to stay hydrated." Jane slowly got control of the flow.   Steadily she sucked on the little penis.  “That's better.  You may want to think about what your boy might be sucking on now.”   Jane tried to turn to show her distaste and anger but was halted by a sharp blow across her naked buttocks.  She grimaced and rocked on her knees but was prevented from tipping forward by the chain attached to the D-rings on the leather wrist cuffs looped round the radiator pipe.   “Keep drinking.” 

Jane resumed sucking. The rubber penis urinated into her mouth.   She felt revived although she was becoming overwhelmed by anxiety.   Where was Andy?  She tried to turn round and see the rest of the room but recoiled when another crack of a whip or crop across the back of her thighs brought her up short and made her whimper. "You don't learn, do you?  You asked for this." There was a rustle of Velcro and darkness returned as the eye mask was reattached.  What was happening?   Had the men finished fucking Andy?

Jane heard metallic clicking then the clank of the chain against the radiator pipe.  "Stand up," she was instructed "and follow your lead.   I'm taking you to the bathroom."  For the first time Jane felt pleased since she needed to relieve herself.  The chain attached to her wrist cuffs was released while another chain clipped to the metal collar around her neck was tugged and she tottered forward on her heels: at least they'd not taken her Louboutins.   The thick pile carpet changed to a hard ceramic floor.  She clicked forward several yards.  Jane guessed she must be in one of the luxury suites at the top of The Plaza.

Jane's wrists were grasped and she was told to bend forward.  "This won't take a minute." Jane felt a little belt tighten round her waist and then a dildo was slid into her pussy.  "How charming.  You're nice and wet.  Did you enjoy hearing those gimps fucking your sissy?" Jane sputtered into her gag.  "He took them so well.    We had to take him away, otherwise he'd have exhausted them.   I think Andie's downstairs now, probably sucking off the kitchen staff and the night porters.  Such a good girl!  I guess your training must have left him wanting proper cock.  Anyway we don't want you feeling left out.   The curved, padded base of the dildo nestled against Jane's clit and was held in place while a greased finger started to probe her anus.    "Relax, Jane.  We know you like large plugs: we've seen what you get your sissy to take.  Mmmm, let’s see.”  A second finger entered her.   “Well, you never got like that from taking your sissy's little cock and we shouldn't need to remind you that it would be against the Rules of the Sisterhood if you had. 'Rule 6: No trainee is allowed to sodomise his or her Mistress.'  You must have a lover who likes some regular Backstreet Love, either that or you wear a plug occasionally." 

More fingers started to work in and out of her anus. She could feel thick hard grease being packed into it along with the digits.   "Do you like Crisco?  It’s good for this. Four fingers! You can do it, girl". Jane gulped which caused her to suck hard on the penis in her mouth. There was a whistle of air. 

“Oh, you are a thirsty girl,”  said another voice.  “Do you want more?”   There was a glug and more fluid filled her mouth.  “You must like piss?  I wonder if she likes water sports too?  We’ll have to see.” 

Jane tried wrinkle her mouth in disgust but it just caused more fluid to spurt aganist the back of her   Her recoil was halted as the fingers pressed harder into her bottom and pressed against the wall of her filled vagina.  Jane’s concern for Andy had turned into fear for herself.   Was she going to be fisted?   She sucked the rubber penis like a comforter and distraction.   "That's a good girl.”  The fingers settled although remained wedged  inside her.  “Suckle on Daddy’s tit.”   Jane drank.  She starting to feel a little light headed and even excited.      “There you go.  Have some more.”  As even more liquid was poured into the funnel, the fingers were removed and the bulbous head of a plug started to press against her well lubricated anus.  It felt huge.   Jane couldn't believe how wide it felt.    Suck your nice cock and breathe out, slowly." As Jane exhaled another pair of hands gripped her waist and the domed head of the plug was brusquely forced in.   Jane emitted a muffled scream of pain as she felt stretched to the extreme.  The pain lessened once the widest point had passed. Jane expected it to sound deep in her rectum but instead felt a large lump inside her while the wide flanged base of the plug pressed against her bottom.  Although her anus had tightened round the neck of the plug, it didn't seemed to have closed.   The stretching had eased a little after the shocking penetration but her arsehole remained resolutely open. 
throat causing her to gag.

Jane tried to expel the plug and the dildo but had no chance.  "Oh no, Jane, they're staying put."  Deft fingers linked the plug and dildo together and connected them by delicate light chains to her belt.  Now you need to settle down for the night while we enjoy the sissy some more.  You can't very well go to bed given the laxatives you've been drinking.   Let's get you in the bath.  "Boys!  In here."  There was heavy foot fall in the bathroom floor and seconds later Jane was picked up quite roughly as hands gripped her ankles and under her shoulders and lifted her into the bath.  Jane shivered as her back and bottom touched the cold enamelled surface.  It was clearly a long, luxury bath: Jane's heels touched one end while her head rested against a cushioned headrest. 

"A couple more things: don't try struggling and if you need to go, then you'll have to go where you are. Your collar is tied to the towel rail and your feet are tied to the taps.  And don't think you can listen in on what we're doing, we've got a little show just for you. Relax and enjoy the ASMR soundtrack although I don't think you'll get much sleep."  

Low level white noise filled Jane's ears followed by a very soft, female voice speaking slowly but clearly.  She left long pauses between each word.  "Single ....... Sullen........ .. Sissy..... .. Sitting......... Silently ...Sexy .....Sissy .........Seduced .......Sissy .....Softly ........... Sucking ........ Slowly ........  Slurping ......... Salty ........Semen ...........  Sluttish... ..... Silly ...... Sissy .........Spread ........Splayed  ........ Sodomised ........ Squirming  ....... Squealing ........  Spitted ........  Sissy .......Spitroast. ….Still ......... Sucking ......... Ceaselessly ....... Sodomised ......... Sissy ......Slimy .... ...Arsehole ........ Shameless ........  Sissy ….. Simple  ........  Sissy ........ Serving ............. Sissy...... Satisfied.....    Sissy ......  Sucking  ........ Sissy...........Sodomised...... Sissy...... Sucking ......Sissy .......... Sodomised ........ Sissy ......  Sucking  ........ Sissy...........Sodomised ………… Sissy ......... Single ........ Sullen.... Sissy ….. Sitting ….. ".   It looped and started again. It sounded like a mantra that Jane was compelled to listen to again and again.  Each time it reached the final, the dildo in her pussy began to vibrate.  Just enough to get Jane excited and make her squirm, but not enough to take her further.   

As she lay in the bath, Jane worried about what was happening to Andy. Her Andrew.   What were they doing to him now?  She had problems of her own.  She couldn't help it but the chant kept making her think of her beautiful boy with his lips wrapped around a cock.   Her lovely boy being fucked by a hard cock.  Her boy yelping as his virginity was taken.   Her thoughts about him squirming with pleasure with a real cock inside him and the throbbing of her vibrator making her moist.  She’d always dreamed about Andy’s first time hoping it would be tender and loving.  Perhaps she’d even be there herself?   Supporting and holding him as he was penetrated by one of her lovers, or as a welcome chaperone with one of his.   Maybe even parting him and guiding the cock in?   Kissing and hugging him as the cock started to slide in and out of his pert little bottom.  Shedding a tear with him as he basked in the relaxing warm stillness after he’d brought his first partner to orgasm.  And she hoped, given her training, holding him as he quaked and climaxed himself, under his lover’s thrusts with cum spluttering hands free from his cock.  Treated right, her boy would never need to wank.

And then Jane sensed that she was sitting on something warm.   She squirmed serving only to make it coat the back of her thighs. The smell of excrement filled the air. She'd shat herself.    With a feeling of deep disgust and self-loathing Jane realised that she had no control over her bowels: she’d been fitted with a tunnel plug.  She wasn’t just being stretched, she’d been left open.   She wanted to call out to be cleaned or at least hosed down but the penis gag in her mouth prevented that. Jane wrinkled her nose in revulsion as she smelt the faeces soiling her bottom and legs.   Then as the vibrations in her pussy subsided once more and Jane unclenched her pelvic floor, she started to pee.  It was just a dribble at first and she tried to stop it.  The warm liquid dribbled along her thighs then under her calves making its way down the floor of the bath.  Jane knew her lovely Louboutins would be ruined. 

Tears filled Jane's eyes.  What had become of her?   She'd been so silly.  She'd wanted to attend the GALA and show them that she deserved to be a superior member of The Sisterhood with the prettiest feminised boy imaginable.   And where was she now?  Degraded and humiliated.  Stripped and bound in front of her young lover while he was sodomised.  He had been taken from her and was being used by whomever The Sisterhood chose.  She had lost her virgin boy.   What had she been thinking?

As Jane morosely listened to the chanting in her ears she felt something warm, soft and slightly firm fall on her breasts.  Then another and another.  Then there was a stream of warm liquid cascading on her breasts and tummy.  She was getting a hosing down but not the type she wanted.  Someone had sat on the edge of the bath and defecated on her.    Jane wriggled in the bath but there was nothing she could do to shift the turds resting on her chest.   A strong aroma of chocolate and shit filled the air.  

end of Part 11

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 10 - Andy 13:00 Sunday afternoon

Part 10 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

“Hello. Madame Celeste?”


“Celeste, it’s Andy.”

“Bonjour Mademoiselle Andie.”

“Madame Celeste, I’m sorry to disturb you on Sunday.   Are you able to do an urgent hair appointment?”

“Comment?  Nous vous avons coiffée hier.”

“Yes, I know but this is for Aunt Jane.”

“Mais ses cheveux sont magnifiques.”

“Yes, they were but they now they need a bit of tidying.”

”Nous sommes ouvert le lundi.  Demain.”

“Yes, I know.   But Aunt Jane can’t really leave the house.   She needs a home visit.”


“Could you do late this afternoon?”

“Non, Mademoiselle.”

“This evening?”

“Non, Mademoiselle.”

“But it’s for Aunt Jane.”

“Bien entendu mais c’est le dimanche.”

“OK.  How about Monday morning?  First thing?”

“Chez Lady Jane?”

“Yes.  And you will come yourself, won’t you?

“Oui.  Bien sûr.  A neuf heures?”

“Yes, nine o’clock would be fine.  Thank you Madam.”

“Bonjour Mademoiselle.”

As soon as Andy heard Celeste close the call, he checked Jane’s address book.   He found the number for Personal Maid Cleaning Services.  He rang the number.   The phone rang a couple of times and was answered, “Personal Maid Cleaning Services, hello Lady Jane, how can I help?”

“Hi Davina, it’s me, Amanda.”

“Oh, hello Miss Amanda.  Is Lady Jane OK.?”

“Yes.  Sort of.  She’s just resting at the moment.”

“Oh.  Nothing wrong, I hope.”

“No, she’s OK now.”      

“What can I do for you?”

“Well, I know you come and clean on Monday mornings for Aunt Jane.”


“Is it possible for you to push back the time until Monday afternoon?  Aunt Jane’s likely to be working from home on Monday morning.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Thank you Davina.  Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Miss Amanda.”

Andy wrote a note for Jane:
“Celeste will be coming to do your hair on Monday morning at 9:00am.   I’ve sent a reminder to your Calendar. 
I’ve moved back Davina’s cleaning until tomorrow afternoon.
I’ve cleaned the kitchen, the hall and the wet room..  I’ve washed out my latex dress and it’s hanging in the Utility.  I’ve tried to clean your Loubous too but I think they need professional help.   I put my Loubous in the cupboard. I’ll give you a call this evening.”

Andy went to the wet room to finish tidying and clean off his make-up and nails, and maybe see if he could do something about his hair extensions and weave.  He had just finished with the squeegee on the walls and floor when the landline rang.  He ran to it quickly so that it didn’t wake Jane.   A mellifluous voice spoke: “Hello Lady Jane.  Sorry for ringing at this time but we missed you in Church this morning.”

“Sorry, Minister, it’s not Aunt Jane, it’s Andy.”

“Aah, Andy.   We missed you too.  It’s always nice that you come to the services together with your Aunt.”

“Thank you.”

“You weren’t able to get to Church this morning either.”

“No.  Er, sorry,” Andy stumbled.

“Is everything OK, Andy?   With your Aunt and that.”

“Yes, Minister.   It’s just she’s a little unwell and I’ve had to put her to bed.”   Andy felt that it was true and only a little white lie.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.  Is there anything I can do?  Should I pop in this afternoon?”

Andy thought about his Aunt lying in bed.  From the way she’d looked at the Reverend in the past
and the rather flirtatious way she spoke to him, he had an idea what Jane might have wanted in other circumstances.   But there was no way that he wanted the Reverend ‘popping in’.  He might have needed the help of his Hush but he’d come so close.   He felt sure he had a rival.   He might be Jane’s feminised sissy but he still liked to dream of being her boyfriend.  The Reverend would have wait his turn. “No, I don’t think so.  Auntie’s asleep at the moment and she needs to rest.”  He might have added ‘sober up and sleep it off’ but held his tongue.

“If you’re sure, Andy.”

“Yes, I’m sure Minister.”

“You don’t need to keep calling me Minister, Andy.  Jim will do.”

“Yes, Minister.  Yes, Jim.”  Andy bit on the word.  Jim might be a man of the cloth but he didn’t want the Reverend ingratiating himself. 

“Right then.  Please tell Jane that I’ll call again during the week to find out how she is.”

“Will do.  Bye for now then,…… Jim.”  Andy put the phone down abruptly closing the call. 

Andy was annoyed and distracted.   He wanted to get away.  He went upstairs with his note leaving it beside her bed.  He gave the sleeping Jane a goodbye kiss on the cheek.  She was breathing slowing and deeply, dead to the world.  He added a line to the note: “Still wearing my Hush.   Give me a buzz when you wake up and I’ll call.”  Then he went back downstairs and put Jane’s burglar alarm on to a sleep setting.   As he walked along the drive he thought about what he might have said to the Minister:  ‘That’ll be fine, JIM.  She should have recovered from being fucked silly by a couple of big black cocks yesterday evening, and the gape in her arsehole ought to have closed up by then.’  But he didn’t.  He might want to frighten off the Reverend but he didn’t want to humiliate his Auntie.  He loved her too much for that.   And he always had those photos if the Reverend did try to get too close to her.   Andy smiled.  It was his first smile since leaving Mr.V.

End of Part 10

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 9 - Aunt Jane 19:12 Saturday evening

Part 9 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

Jane handed the keys to the black Mercedes to a waiting attendant.   “Can you park up for me, please?   I’ll be back to collect around midnight.”

“Yes, Madam,” replied the uniformed attendant.   “We’ll have it ready for you.  Just call 55 on the internal phone when you’re ready to  leave and we’ll bring it round.”

“Thank you.”   Jane pirouetted and turned on her dagger heel.   “Come along honey.  We don’t want to be late.”   The traffic had been bad and their journey had taken longer than Jane had expected.  In the hotel forecourt there had been a queue of cars waiting to be parked as well as many limousines doing drop-offs.   It had not been helped by Andy sulking most of the way.   Even with the air conditioning turned up full blast, he claimed to be getting damp and sticky inside the tight red latex dress that she and Madison had slid him into at Maison Celeste.    Jane suspected that he was largely feeling the silicon lube with which Madison had coated Andy’s body and then polished the dress to a rich reflective shine.  

“How’s ‘William’?”

“It’s big though it is comfortable to wear.  If you mean the plug.”

“Yes, dear.  It’s my gift and I wouldn’t want you to forget whose plug you’re wearing.”  Aunt Jane stopped and gave him a very hard stare.   “Remember, my approval is needed for those entering your little temple.”   Andy was rather taken aback.  “Understood?”

“Yes, Auntie.”  Although he’d  dreamed about William and Mr.V, he’d never thought seriously about being with anyone other than his Auntie.  He was her girl, after all.   But if she approved, it sounded like she was happy to share.  “But it’s rather heavy.  Maybe I should have worn my harness.”

“No darling.  That would be totally wrong with your dress.  Not with latex.  Only when naked or with something more flouncy.   You only need your harness when you want to be ready for something larger or when we play My Little Pony.   Anyway, I’m sure it won’t come it.  You wouldn’t want to lose William, would you?” 

“No, Auntie.”  

“Let William remind you how you should walk.  Those are real Louboutins after all.  You need to walk properly.”

“Yes, Auntie.”

Jane and Andy crossed the hotel lobby side by side.  Andy felt Andy’s hand slide into hers.   She held   They followed signs to the ‘Gala Fundraiser’ and entered the lift to the second floor with several other couples. People avoided eye contact in the crowded compartment although there were several giggled comments about the difficulties of heels and stairs.  Jane noticed that even with five inch heels Andy was one of the shortest in the lift.   All the ladies were powerful looking and wearing vertiginous heels.  Some gave her haughty looks.   All were accompanied by men.   Jane could see that Andy was uncomfortable in such a tight space and he felt for and held her hand.   He looked up at her doe eyed.  Jane smiled at her poor, innocent boy.   Andy gave a thin little, nervous smile back: she knew he needed to feel the love and reassurance of his Auntie.
it and gave it a little squeeze and smiled at her charge.

The lift was stuffy and cramped.    Andy gave a little yelp but didn’t say anything.   A blonde lady in an off-the-shoulder mauve dress standing behind Andy gave Jane a wink and made a downward glance.   Jane felt annoyed.   She was sure what had happened and was glad to get out of the lift when it finally stopped at the second floor.   They emerged on to a landing with many couples standing around and a few moving towards the entrance of a banqueting hall on the far side.  Jane drew Andy by the hand.  As they walked, she asked Andy what had happened in the lift.

“I don’t like to say,” he replied.  “Not with all these people around.”  He looked over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry.  No-one will hear.”  There was enough hubbub on the landing to drown out anything they said.  “Was it that lady in mauve?”

“I think so, Auntie.”

“What did she do?  Was she touching you?”

“Well she put her hand on my bum almost as soon as the lift door closed.”

“The cheek,” Jane chuckled at her pun although secretly she was annoyed that someone had taken advantage of her boy.   At least he would understand why #MeToo was important when he was on the receiving end.  “But that wasn’t when you yelped?”  


“So why the little cry?”

“I felt her bring another hand on to my other cheek as the lift went up.   She’d got her hand on my left cheek and she put the hand of the bloke she was with on my right. ”

“But you’ve had your bum felt before.   Not least by me.   Yours is exquisite.”  She smiled at her charge trailing slightly behind her.   She seriously thought that Andy had never looked better.   With blowing red locks, he looked like a pre-Raphaelite beauty but with the modern twist of being in skin tight shiny red latex. 

“Oh it wasn’t just that.”   The lady drew one of my hands back and pressed it against the man’s crotch and squeezed.  “As I squeezed, he squeezed.   I yelped because it was hard.”

“You mean he had a hard on for you?”

“No.  It was a solid object.  He was wearing a cock cage.”

“Mmmm.   The Mistress was teasing him just as much as you.   Forbidden fruit.”

The crowd thinned as they approached the entrance.  A number of ladies and couples seemed to be   She noticed some disapproving looks from a few faces that she recognised from the Sisterhood.   A girl in a black knee length leather dress and knee high boots stood at the entrance beside a small table.   A sleeve tattoo encased her right arm.  She had a tiny headset and was checking tickets. Jane attempted to walk past the girl who stepped forward to the block the way.
observing them.

“Tickets, please?” the leathergirl requested.

Jane checked her stride making Andy bump into her.   “Silly girl,” she said to Andy sharply.    “Really,” she said to the leathergirl, “don’t you recognise me?  I’m Lady Fullerton-Jones.”

“That’s as maybe, Madam, but I need to see your ticket.”

“I’m not sure I have it with me.”   This wasn’t quite a lie on Jane’s part.   She just didn’t have a ticket at all.   She’d heard members of the Sisterhood talking about the Gala for weeks but had never received an invitation.  She was determined to go especially if it gave the opportunity to show off her progress with Andy.

“I do need to see it.”

“Look, I don't think I have it.”

“Only members are allowed.”

“Oh, I can prove that.”   Jane pulled the wide strap of the silver bangle on her wrist to one side and showed the flesh beneath to the attendant.

The attendant looked down at Jane’s ankles.   “I’m afraid that’s only one, Madam.   This is for Level Threes and above.”

“But, I’m training a second.  Can’t you see?”

“No, Madam.   Level Threes and above only,” replied the girl sharply.

“Let’s see what we can do.”  Jane pushed back her bangle and rummaged in her clutch bag. “Would this help?”   Jane held out a folded £50 note.

“Well, I’m really not sure …” replied the attendant with a little frown but come on look.

“Oh, excuse me,” said Jane and a second £50 note appeared to accompany the first.  

“Well that all seems to be in order,” said the leathergirl with a smile.  “Now let me see if I have any tickets available.”

“What?  I’ve just given you a hundred pounds,” responded a shocked Jane.

“Oh, I assumed that was just a charitable donation,” the leathergirl said with a sly grin.  “Tickets are one hundred and twenty-five pounds each, but I’m prepared to make a reduction for your pretty girlfriend if she gives me a dance later on in the evening.   Would you like that honey?”

Andy hesitated: “Well, I’m not sure ….”

“For goodness sake, Andie!  Just say ‘Yes’,” Jane instructed Andy firmly.

“Yes, Miss,” replied Andy sheepishly.

“OK, then.  Let’s say two hundred pounds for you both.”  Jane reluctantly went into her bag again and pulled another clutch of fifty pound notes from a bill clip.  “Thank you.  I hope you enjoy the evening.   Our tables have set places, but I’ll squeeze you in near the back.  What names should I put on the place settings.”

“Jane Fullerton-Jones and Andie Watson,” said Jane.  “That’s Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones.”

“Great.   I suggest you get a drink at the bar while I get them to set-up for you.”  As Jane and Andy walked to bar area at the back of the room,  the leathergirl spoke into a little microphone: “I’ve got a Level One trying to gate-crash. Very uppity.   I’ve put her on Table 20 with her girlfriend.   The girlfriend’s very pretty.”

end of Part 9

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 8 – Andy 23:40 Saturday evening

Part 8 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

Andy felt the car come to a halt, and after the ratchet of the handbrake engaging, the chauffeuse switched off the engine.   At last the idle chatter and bland pop of night-time radio was also silenced although it had proved a distraction during the journey.   Although it felt like a large car with comfortable seats, it had not been a comfortable ride.

The driver spoke: “We’re here.”   It was a quite deep female voice.   “Time to get out.”    Andy heard the driver’s door open and the click of her heels as she walked around the car.   The nearside passenger door opened.  “Let me unbuckle you.”   Andy felt an arm press against his body and then a hand fumbling with the catch beside his right hip.   “Alright,” as the buckle released and the belt was lifted back and away from his body, “I’ll help you out.   You’ll need to swivel and slide to the left and then lift your legs out over the sill.”    Two large hands pushed under Andy’s knees and his legs were lifted and turned.  If only he could see.   Andy felt the latex of his dress squeak and catch on the leather car seat.   Andy flopped backwards.  It was hard to sit upright with the turn and his hands cuffed behind his back.    His arms were already numb from sitting against them during the ride.   The driver pulled his shoulder forward and steadied him.

“Get your feet down now.”   Andy’s heels touched the ground.  “And watch your head,” said the driver.  A hand pushed his head down slightly while another gripped his right upper arm.  “Up we go.”   With the driver’s assistance Andy stood up and straightened.  “One or two steps forward.”   Andy took short steps forward as he regained his balance.    “Lovely dress, by the way, “ said the driver.  The driver’s hand had moved to his shoulder as Andy heard the passenger door close.      “It’s only a few steps to the door.   I’ll support you all the way.  I won’t let you fall.”   The doors of the car locked with a clunk.

The driver guided the hooded Andy forward.   The cool night breeze was welcome but it also made the hood covering Andy’s face feel very soggy.  Andy wanted to splutter a word of thanks to the driver but the gag stopped any meaningful sound except gurgles and splutters.   Andy had been sucking on the rubber penis strapped in his mouth for an hour.   He felt like one of the gimps who’d been seated at their table at the GALA.  With his hands cuffed behind his back there was no way that he could remove it or cry for assistance.   He had to concentrate on breathing and swallowing the saliva that kept accumulating in his mouth but that just made him suck harder on the cock.  Since the leather buckle had been fastened behind his head, Andy felt he knew the shape and contours of the intruder as intimately as any lover: his tongue must have explored every part of the intruder - licked the bulb of the glans, probed the hole the meatus, circled the head of the corona, and glided over every raised vein on the shaft.   It was almost the only thing on which he’d been able to concentrate except wondering what was happening to Aunt Jane.  He hoped she wouldn’t be hurt.  It would be so unfair.  She’d only wanted to take him to the GALA and show him off to other members of the Sisterhood.   He did hope his Auntie was OK.   Almost but not all of his thoughts for,as he slurped and sucked on the lifelike dummy, he did ponder how it might compare to that of the nice Edward who’d asked him to dance and taken him on the ill fated trip to the toilets.  Would Edward’s cock get hard for him and be nice and firm in his delicate mouth?   Which reminded Andy, he would need to redo his lipstick.

The driver gave one or two prompts about which way to turn or when there was a step.   There was the click and hum of an intercom.  After a few brief rings, a male voice answered.  “Yes?”

“I’ve a delivery for you,” said the driver.

“I’ll buzz you through.   Floor 21.”  There was a click and Andy heard a door being pushed open.  The driver’s hand gripped Andy’s left forearm and steered him forwards.   Andy heard the click of his heels reverberate on the polished stone floor.    Another halt and then lift doors opened.  The ride was swift, smooth and silent.  

As the lift doors opened, the driver spoke: “I’ll be back for you in the morning.  Around eight o’clock.  I don’t know how many are here.  I hope they don’t bang you too hard.”   Andy felt a hand on his shoulder and a few gentle, reassuring pats, then gentle pressure to advance out of the lift.   Andy stepped forward with trepidation.  He was shaking with nerves.   It sounded like he was being delivered to a gangbang.  
The driver rang the bell and as she did so removed the hood from his head.   Andy was left blinking in the glare of the bright corridor light.   He closed his eyes against the glare and sucked hard on the comforter filling his mouth..   A gangbang.  Oh, dear, there would be so much cock to suck and his lipstick already needed retouching.  He did hope Aunt Jane wouldn’t mind.

end of Part 8

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 7 – Angela 19:28 Saturday evening

Part 7 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

Part 7  – Angela 19:28 Saturday evening

Mistress Plug
The final few guests were just making their way in.   There would no doubt be a few stragglers but most had arrived and were already seated.   Angela could see it was almost time for her to go through.   She’d need to say hello to her table and get James settled on his cushion before her other duties began .  He was still standing dutifully beside her, nodding and smiling, while she welcomed guests: happy to have her hand resting on and feeling his bottom as she stood there greeting people.  

“Time to go in, dear,” she muttered to James.   She removed her hand from his bum and taking his hand led him towards the banqueting hall.   “Hello, Everything OK?   Guests happy?” she asked a beautiful brunette in a black leather dress with pink trim and knee high black leather boots standing beside the entrance. 

“Yes Mistress Plug.   Most of the guests are seated.”


“Did you hear on your wire that we have a gate-crasher?”


A grey haired lady in an opera mask leading a latex clad fox cub approached.  “Can I interrupt a second, please Lady Angela?”
“Yes?”   Angela wracked her brains.  “It’s Mistress Rebecca, isn’t it?”

“That’s right.   I just wanted to let you know that someone’s here who shouldn’t be.  She’s only Level 1,” Rebecca gabbled.  “I tried to tell her ...  

“Yes, I think we know.   Imogen, is that the one on Table 20?”

“Yes, Mistress Plug.   The bitchy lady in the white dress and Louboutins with the beautiful girl in a red latex dress.”  

Behind her fox mask, a girl’s voice started to speak: “But ….”

Rebecca yanked hard on the girl’s lead chain.  “Quiet, Freddie.   Yes, she is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Totally.   The prettiest I've seen this evening."

"Quite.   But there’s something you don’t know.   She’s a boy.”

“A boy?!” retorted Imogen.  “But she’s so lovely and sweet looking?”

“Yes, a boy.   A sissyboi.  That’s Andy.   He’s her sissy maid but she’s brought him tonight as her escort.”

“Andie, you say?  It’s bad enough a Level 1 gate-crashing without that kind of disruption,” said Angela.   "Is he cock caged?"

"I doubt it," replied Imogen.  "The lines of his dress were perfect.   You would never know.   Are you sure he hasn't had the Op?"

"He definitely hasn't," replied Rebecca.  "In fact he has a very nice cock and he's fully functional.  She has caged him in the past, but I guess not this evening." 

“This won't do," interjected Angela sternly.  "All male guests have to be cock caged.  You know the problems we've had in the past with all that sucking and sodomy in the Male Toilets.   We can't have that again.  He may be passive ..."

"Oh, I don't think he's just passive," interrupted Rebecca.   "From what I've seen and heard, he can be quite an active little boy."  As she said this her fox cub looked down at the ground as if dejected and started kicking her heels.  

"That potentially makes it even worse," said Angela.   "This hotel is so understanding of our needs and our fund raising work.    Do you have any ideas about how we should handle this?”

“Yes, I do.   Can you leave it with me?  I don't think it will disrupt the evening at all,” said Rebecca.  “In fact it may raise a lot of money at the auction.”

“I’ll leave it with you to sort out with Imogen then.  I must get James to his seat.”  Angela could see Freddie was staring at James.  She hated to think what expression the foxy young cub would be making behind her mask.   Thank goodness James was caged …. and plugged, since it was difficult to tell the young sub’s preferences.   “There might be promotion in this if we get this resolved successfully,” she whispered to Rebecca as she passed.  Angela walked in, arm in arm with James.  Rebecca paused and thought for a while and spoke softly to Imogen.  Then she too entered the Banqueting Hall with Freddie straining on her lead and trying to follow James as if the foxy cub wanted to sniff his bottom.

end of Part 7

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives : Part 6 – Andy 13:30 Saturday afternoon

Part 6 of "Pride before a Fall - Entanglement Perspectives".   Part 1 can be found at .   Andy's inspirational original artwork can be found at .   Please leave comments.

Part 6       – Andy     13:30 Saturday afternoon

Even before Andy had put the phone down he’d begun to sulk.   He wished Aunt Jane wouldn’t use the landline.  It made it so obvious.   And now he suspected that his plans for the evening would be messed up.  He’d only wanted to go to the cinema with a couple of girls from work to see the latest Keira Knightley film.  They always moaned that their boyfriends never wanted to take them and he was more than happy to step in.  But his ‘Aunt’ had just asked to come round that afternoon.  Well, it was less of a request, more an instruction.  She said she had a little surprise.   Andy loved his Auntie but knew what ‘a surprise’ was likely to mean.  Jane would want to play dressing up, again.  Heaven knows when he’d get free.

“Who was it Andy?” his mother called. 

“Aunt Jane, Mum.   She wants me to go round.” 

“Really? She must have some jobs she needs doing.”  Andy’s mother had a reasonable idea what kind of jobs her friend might want.   As soon as he’d started college, her old friend had taken a special shine to Andy.  It was very clear that Andy liked her too and loved spending time with her.  Ever since he was young he’d always seemed to like older ladies, especially attractive ones. It was a shame that he never seemed to find a girlfriend closer to his own age but he said he preferred talking to a knowledgeable, sensible person who could hold a conversation rather than a pretty airhead.   Jane was certainly an extremely sensible, professional lady with a successful career.   Andy could learn a lot from her.  She was also beautiful, elegant and with a figure that belied her years.

“I’m just nipping upstairs.”

“OK, dear.   What did she want?”  she called up the stairs.   At times she did wonder about Jane’s influence since he sometimes came home wearing eyeliner after their evenings together; and she’d found thin black lacy panties rather than boxer shorts in his pants drawer.  He said that they were more comfortable under skinny jeans.  His dad had wondered about Andy having an occasional sleepover at Jane’s but they both seemed happy, so why not let them get along together.   Andy was old enough to know what he was doing and he deserved some fun given his busy job.

“She didn’t say, Mum,” Andy called down.    “She just wanted me to come round.”

After a few minutes.   Andy came scuttling down the stairs.   He’d changed out a pair of distressed light blue jeans with tears at the knee  into a very tight pair of dark blue jeans that were more like stretchy leggings than trousers.  He was also wearing a smart white formal evening shirt which, with a fly front and some frills looked more like a blouse than a shirt.  The thin double rings of a gold choker encircled his delicate neck. Jane was so naughty buying him jewellery.  He was wearing the brand new cream and gold trainers that Jane had bought him too.   They glistened and went well with his choker.  She might be his mother but she still thought he looked lovely.  Helped by Jane, he had developed taste and style, and he was so brave wearing those trainers in public.  She could understand why Jane liked her sweet boy.    “That was quick.   Let me know if you’ll be back for tea.”

“Yes, Mum.”  As Andy walked past her to the front door she was sure she heard a familiar muffled clicking.   Something else she’d also found lurking in his pants drawer.    Ah, well.   She always knew her younger son was a bit special.

After the door closed,  Andy's mother reflected for a few moments then went upstairs.  Why should Andy have all the fun?    Andy wasn't the only one who had Ben-Wa balls.  And unlike Andy, she could wear both her sets.  It would make the housework so much more pleasurable till her husband got back from the match.

end of Part 6