Sunday, 25 March 2012


I was delighted recently to have Morrigan Hel () as a Follower on Twitter ().  I've always thought Morrigan absolutely wonderful and have admired her shoots in Marquis, SkinTwo and other magazines.  Ms Morrigan would make a lovely Mistress for Amanda.
Although when younger Morrigan looked delightfully innocent although her tattoos and clit piercing showed that wasn't altogether the case.

She loves her female slaves.

However, Ms Morrigan isn't always in a position to dominate.  I'm sure Andy's dear Mistress would chastise Morrigan if she went too far with my dear Stable Girl.
Morrigan clearly loves both domming and subbing.  Some of her sets are very stylish:
 I know how Amanda would like to readied for Master by her Mistress when she gets home.
 And since I'm sure Amanda would be disappointed not to see the beautiful Morrigan in full latex:

XXX to both Morrigan and Amanda