Thursday, 1 March 2012

The other Amanda

As many of you may know, Amanda has a strong liking for Carol Vorderman (his dream), Nancy del'Ollio (especially in latex), Emily Watson and Keira Knightley (his role model and ideal for Amanda).  I'm afraid that I've always had a strong yen for another Amanda (sorry my sweet Stable Girl): Amanda Lear.  I can trace the origin of that to the cover of Roxy Music's "For your pleasure": elegance, high heels, skin tight and shiny satin (shame it wasn't latex), total confidence  and raw sex appeal.   An instant object of desire.
Well, I'm here looking through an old picture frame
Just waiting for the perfect view

I hope something special will step into my life
Another fine edition of you

There was also always the added frisson of "Is she or isn't she?"  (A strong parallel here with our own lovely Amanda.)

Like Ms Vorderman and Ms del'Ollio, Amanda Lear still looks lovely and has a strong public profile, especially in France nearly 40 years after "For your pleasure" came out.  Her music may be rather (very?) cheesey, but her delivery is always charming and alluring.
Here is Amanda in a recent interview.  As gorgeous as ever.  And look at how she captivates the masculine guests and presenter.  Over 60 and still extremely sexy.

You can find more about Amanda Lear at .

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