Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Flight crew

Andy was going away but he longed to be on someone's flight crew.
He often found himself on his hands and knees inspecting the decking whilst the Pilot checked his harness.
Be safe honey.


  1. Is Andy going to be the "tail-gunner"? *blush*
    Beautiful pic by the way!

    1. Very good! It looks a bit that way, although Andy would love to be a stewardess on Slick Air. Perhaps she should be the Navigator, guiding the Pilot to a safe haven and a soft landing?

    2. Maybe Andy is a Flight Engineer? As my text states, he's often on his hands and knees inspecting the decking. The other crew members often want to help but he prefers the Pilot to take charge, especially if he's got his engines on full thrust.

  2. Would like nothing more than to have the pleasure to see Andy "inspecting the decking" for real, it must be the most adorable of vision!
    Have a nice Sunday!