Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back for the school disco

Amanda liked to take her  Stallion along to school disco events: it ensured that he knew his place and responsibilities.  He would be much more docile when they got back to the stable. 


  1. Dmitrys is always a very naughty boy and his characters are hot and sexy (and always very well endowed lke here)
    This cute schoolgurl seems to have difficulty to deepthroat this marvel but at the same time the state of her dress show how she enjoy it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sorry but Amanda's Stallion does tend to get rather excited, even he's being trained or disciplined. It's why Amanda has to ensure he's harnessed, in bondage or wearing a cock cage. Restraint is the order of the day. It stops her Stallion being naughty, as well as ensuring that Amanda can handle him safely even when she's grooming him in the Stable. (It also ensures that he's always ready when Amanda wants him.)

    2. I guess our little Amanda is to sweet to use a crop even on the most the most recalcitrant of stallions!
      I rather imagine her using love, caresses and her beautiful smile to tame them!

    3. Oh yes, Amanda is very sweet. But, if her Stallion is naughty, he does get spanked. The crop is reserved for when he's very naughty, proving too unruly or for 'special' occasions. The Stallion normally ends up whinying and longing for his Stable Girl's attention and caress.