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Come in Young Man - Part 14

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Part 14  - Sunday morning (12)
“Tell me more honey,” Jane requested as Andy seemed to have gone into a silent reverie thinking about his tryst with Mr.V.  “Did he like it?”
“Oh yes.  He was moaning with pleasure, although I don’t know what Rebecca was doing to him.  I knew what he would like. I held his buttocks and I took him as deep as I could until I was gagging and then had to pull away.   As my head bobbed back, Rebecca wrapped her legs around my head and neck.  The back of my head was clamped fast against her crotch.  She was gripping me like a wrestler and I could only submit to what she wanted.  She guided Mr.V’s penis back into my mouth and then started to thrust with her groin. My lips slid up and down his cock under her control; she dictated the rhythm and the depth.  It was like she was making him fuck my mouth.  I didn’t think I was going to like it, Auntie, but it felt amazing.  She was riding and gyrating on me while I was going down on him.   I felt a bit buffeted but it wasn’t long before I felt him judder and shake, and then I had a warm mouthful.  Rebecca kept going untiI she was sated too and finally allowed me respite.  I could feel that my hair and the back of my neck were dripping:  I swallowed to avoid any more dampness on the sheets;.   Rebecca released me from her grasp then two strong hands went under my armpits and pulled me up the bed.   I still couldn’t seen Mr.V’s face in the darkness but he gave me a whiskery kiss.”
“Did you like that?” Jane asked.
“Yes, I suppose I did.”
“So what did he do next?”
“Nothing, really.   We all just cuddled and then I fell asleep in his arms.   The next thing I knew Rebecca was pulling the curtains and it was morning. She and Mr.V must have slipped out during the night.  She said that it was nearly nine o’clock and that I needed to get ready since you would be picking me up at ten. I had another shower.”
“You probably needed it after the night you had.”
“Quite.   I put on the towelling robe and Rebecca brought me a cup of tea.   Then we sat down together and she did my make-up.   She tried to make it look as close to how you’d done it last night.    She said I couldn’t wear my maid’s dress since it was still damp from last night.  She put my clothes into a bag and found me an old shirt of hers, some panties, stockings and suspenders.   Then she asked if I wanted any breakfast.   I said that I didn’t feel hungry.”
“I’m not surprised after all you ‘ate’ last night.”
“That’s not funny,” said Andy rather guiltily.  “Anyway, Rebecca said that Mr.V was waiting for me and he’d got something for me.”
“Oh, so he’s a cook as well?”
“No.   More a technician.   When we went out of bedroom, he was sitting on the sofa where we’d chatted last night.  He was wearing a silk dressing grown looking very spruce.  He looked like he was in his late-thirties, well built with dark brown hair and a stubbly face.”
“So why did Rebecca call him Goldilocks if he had brown hair?” queried Jane.
“That’s what I asked.  Bex replied to me ‘Doesn’t he meet the Goldilocks criteria: not too big, not too little, just the right size?’  I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.   I had to agree. 
“Mr.V just chuckled and said that he hoped he didn’t disappoint.  I immediately, possibly too quickly, blurted out ‘Not at all.  You were perfect.’   I couldn’t stop myself.”
“Oh, Andrew, You really are a flirt, Andrew,” said Jane although she too was smiling.
“Thank you,” Andy replied with a little hint of sarcasm.   “He asked me if I wanted for breakfast.  I again said no.  Then he said he’d like to give me his telephone number.   I asked “What for?’”
“Honestly, Andrew, you are the limit!” interjected Jane.   “What did you think he was you giving you his number for?”
“Well, I wasn’t really thinking.  It sort of never occurred to me.  I just said, ‘Do you need a maid too?’”
“You’re so naïve at times,” Jane continued her interruption.
“He said that no, he didn’t.   He said he’d enjoyed talking to me yesterday and was wondering whether he might see me again.  I said that might be a bit awkward given where I lived but he said that wasn’t an issue.   He said he’d come down and we could go out locally, or he would get his driver to pick me up and bring me up to London.”
“His driver?!”
“Yes, his driver.   He must be quite well off.   I said I wasn’t sure and needed to think about it.”
“Did you really need to think that much?”
“Well, I’d wanted to ask you Auntie.”
“Oh, Andrew.  You’re so considerate and thoughtful.”   Jane leaned across the table and kissed him again.   Even on the brink of something so momentous for him, her young lover’s thoughts were still about her.

Part 15 to follow. 

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