Friday, 24 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 3

This is the third part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

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Part 3 - Sunday (1)

Jane drummed her fingers on the dashboard of the Merc.   She turned off the nine o’clock news on the car’s radio.  None of it was good: Syria, Brexit, the pound, Trump.  It just went on.  The world was in a mess.  But she was worried about Andy.  Her Andy.  She was impatient to see her young lover again.

It didn’t help that she felt exhausted.  She wanted a cup of coffee badly but in the City on Sunday there was nothing open. She’d been up working on the Verity proposal until 3am that morning.  She wasn’t going to stop until it was finished and she was happy with it.  But even when she finally stopped, she couldn’t sleep despite her tiredness.   She wanted to know that Andy was safe.   She’d been thunderstruck as she walked away from Rebecca’s apartment yesterday by the realisation that she’d let Andy go to the party wearing his monogrammed piny.  How had she let that happen?  Tiredness she guessed.  The last two days had been so hectic with so much hard work.   Periods of intense concentration and the worry about Andy had drained her energy.

The minutes dragged by slowly.  She tried listening to music on the radio.  But the babble on the popular stations was inane.  She felt fractious and irritable but knew her approaching period wasn’t helping.  She’d put a pad in her panties that morning just in case but it didn’t help that she also feeling incredibly randy.  She and Andy had had such plans for the weekend.  She felt thwarted and frustrated.  Despite her tiredness, she hoped her young friend would have some energy left after serving at the party.

Jane scanned through the stations and finally settled on Radio 3.  At least there was no silly chatter.  She dozed fitfully until at five minutes to ten she texted Rebecca that she was on her way up.  She picked up the document case from the passenger seat, locked the car and went into the apartment complex.

Jane rang the bell of Rebecca’s apartment.    She heard feet pad across the floor and then a clinking of metal.   The door opened a crack.  Rebecca put on a safety chain.   It hardly seemed necessary in a secure apartment building especially when Rebecca had only just allowed Jane admittance.  Jane could see Rebecca was wearing a light dressing gown with what looked like a flimsy negligee underneath. Unusually Jane had to look upwards to make eye contact with Rebecca.  Jane glanced down and saw Rebecca was wearing a pair of fluffy mule sandals.   They had a transparent platform and transparent heels.   The platform had to be at least three inches and the heels were probably seven inches or more.  ‘Stripper heels’ thought Jane.  

“Good morning Jane."

“Good morning Rebecca.  Did the party go well?”

“Yes, very well.”

“Was Andy helpful?”

“Oh, most definitely. You have such a good maid.  So well trained although we did find one or two gaps that needed filling.”  Rebecca gave Jane a knowing glance.

“Is Andy ready?”

“He’s almost ready, I think.”  

‘He?’ thought Jane.    “Oh!  You know.”  

Rebecca smiled rather like a cat who had the cream.  “Mmmm,” she murmured. Or was that a purr?  Jane could hear some little moans and grunts emanating from within the apartment.  It was probably Andy trying to get into his latex uniform: it was always so difficult if you didn’t have talc or someone to help.  Rebecca looked over her shoulder back into the apartment.  “He’s just coming.”  Rebecca made no attempt to remove the safety chain from the door.  Jane tried to see past her but Rebecca remained blocking the doorway. “I hope you didn’t spend long on the Verity proposal.”

After all her hard work, Jane was taken aback.  She felt sure that Rebecca would be aware just how much work would be involved in putting together the proposal.  All she could manage was the understated, “It took a while.”

“Mr.Verity has said he’s very happy.”  The whimpers from within the apartment were getting louder.    “He’s going to use us in future as his preferred supplier,” smiled Rebecca.

“Oh!”  Jane didn’t know whether to be annoyed or happy. ‘Now she tells me,’ she thought.    “That’s good.”

“I’m sure there’ll be a bonus in this for you.”

“I don’t know, “ Jane said modestly,  “I really haven’t done anything, and he hasn’t read the proposal yet.”  Jane tried to peer past Rebecca.   She held out the document case.  “Here’s the proposal.  I thought you might want to read it before we deliver it to Mr.Verity.”  A load gasp and a little shriek leaked out through the gap in the doorway.

“No need,” Rebecca said curtly, pulling the door closer to.


“As I said he's very happy if not ecstatic,” Rebecca continued.

“But how?  That’s not possible.”

“Mr.Verity is delighted with what we do and the service we provide.”  Jane thought she heard a man’s voice, a door close and then some rustling inside the apartment.  "In fact he’s already doubled the size of his order," Rebecca said contentedly.  Jane could scarcely believe what she was hearing after all the effort and long hours she'd put in.    Moments later Andy appeared behind Rebecca.  He was dabbing at his lips.  Rebecca glanced over her shoulder and then took off the safety chain.  She pulled the door wide open so that Jane could at last see her young love.   He was wearing a traditional collarless long tailed blue man’s shirt.  He had no cufflinks and the double cuffs flapped.  The long flowing shirt made it look like a shirtdress.  A thin black leather belt gathered at the waist and gave it shape. Maybe it was a shirtdress.  It certainly suited him.   As did the fishnet stockings he was now wearing and the pink high heels that he’d arrived in.   He was carrying a small shopping bag.  

“I thought Andy would be more comfortable out of his latex.   I put his uniform in the bag with his other bits and bobs.   He can keep the shirt, the belt and the stockings.  The stockings are stay-ups but suspenders made them look so much nicer, don’t they honey?”   Rebecca looked at Andy. 

“Yes, Miss Bex.”  Andy looked down.  He knew Jane was staring at him and he desperately didn’t want to make eye contact.  Jane couldn't help noticing that his make-up was looking rather bedraggled.  Jane found it strange that his foundation, blush and eyebrows seemed surprisingly pristine while the rest looked tired and in need of a refresh.   His eyeliner had run although his false eyelashes were still in place.  His lipstick was badly smeared.

Rebecca took Andy’s free hand.  “Thank you, Andy for all your help.”  She turned to Jane.  “Your maid was a real hit at the party.”

“Good.”  Jane looked hard at Andy and raised an eyebrow.   “I think it’s time for us to go.  Are you sure you don’t need the proposal?”

“No, no need at all.  Better keep it on file though just in case.   And you,” she said towards Andy, “you’ve been so good.  Thank you for all your help.   Please take this little gift as a token of my appreciation.”  She handed Andy a gift-wrapped little box and then pulled him towards her, bent slightly, put a hand behind his head and kissed him full on the lips while staring over his shoulder at Jane.  Jane glared back at her.  As Rebecca finally pulled away, “I’d love to have you around again some day, especially if I have another party."

“Thank you, Miss Bex.”

“Say goodbye, Andy,” said Jane.

“Goodbye, Bex.”  

“Au revoir, Andy.  Au revoir,” said Rebecca and closed the door.

Jane took Andy firmly by the hand and led him along the corridor to the lift.  He had some explaining to do.

Parts 4 to 15 to follow.


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    1. Sorry. I'd love pretty black hiheels with white dots too. I do provide pics to those who write to

    2. This story is too exciting!!! I'd love to read the last part.!!

    3. I'll send you a email to get those pics!!!

  2. Oh boy! Is Andy in trouble. Love the twisty tale S and the finely observed details, down to the look Bex gives Jane as she kisses him. Your imagination is as ripe and.naughty as ever, leading poor Andy into a new work of domination.
    Love love love it

  3. I think Jane has the explaining, putting Poor Andy in that position. Although, never being in that situation, I do not know to what end I would go for job security. She did pass Andi off as a maid.
    A very nice continuation. Looking forward to he next installment.
    It would be nice to see a photo of Andy bedraggled in the blue shirt and fishnets.