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Come in Young Man - Part 10

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Part 10 - Sunday (8)

Jane staggered slightly. Then her legs buckled and she sat back down heavily in her seat.  Customers in the shop were still looking at her.  Andy looked both worried and petrified.   The staff behind the counter looked anxious in case a full blown ‘domestic’ broke out and they might need to quell an argument. 
Jane was in shock.   She’d deliberately sent Andy out in a cock cage to make sure he behaved and didn’t do anything silly.  Only she had the key.  She’d wondered about fitting him with a full chastity belt but there hadn’t been the time and she thought it likely to be too uncomfortable for him to wear over a long evening.  She was now regretting her decision.
Andy learned forward solicitously and asked, “Auntie, are you OK?”
“Sit down!”  Jane commanded Andy, although her firm tone was quieter than before.
“I thought we were going, Auntie?” queried Andy.
“We were but now I want to hear all the rest of what happened. St down!” Jane commanded again.  “I’m too angry to drive at the moment.   You held that little piece of news back didn’t you?”
“I didn’t think it mattered,” Andy mumbled.
“Don’t lie!  You know it did.   Why else would I have sent you out wearing a cock cage?”   Heads turned.   Jane was still speaking quite loudly.  Cock cage?  What need would a pretty girl have for a cock cage?  Perhaps the lady meant she’d put the girl’s boyfriend in a cock cage to stop any hanky-panky.   That might explain it.  Maybe she needed protection?  Kinky but still plausible.
“Please Auntie, people are staring,” pleaded Andy not wanting the attention or for people to learn too much about them.
“Let them.   You’d better have a good explanation.   Why did you take it off?   Was it so you could have a go with Rebecca?  Or was it that Freddie girl?”
“No it wasn’t like that,” implored Andy softly trying to prevent all the café eavesdropping on their argument.
“Really?  So why did you take it off?”
“I didn’t.  I couldn’t.”
“I couldn’t,” Andy repeated.  “I don’t have the key, Auntie.  You kept it.”
“Well someone took it off.  Did she take it off?”   Jane’s tone was still irate and Andy was conscious that their neighbours’ attention was still on them.
“If you mean Rebecca, then no, she didn’t,” Andy replied. 
“Then, who did?”
“Let me explain,” Andy requested.
“OK.  Have it your way.  But you’re in big trouble, my girl.”
“Well I finished attaching the chains to Freddie’s nipple rings.”
“The more you talk, the more she sounds like a slut.  Was it her?”
“No, Auntie.   Please let me finish.  And she was a nice girl and she looked very sweet and sexy with her breasts lifted slightly by those chains.”
“Not helping,” said Jane sternly.   “Can you get on and tell me what happened?”
“Well after her bra was on, Freddie wanted me to polish the straps and then Rebecca wanted her bolero jacket glossed too.”  
As Andy spoke, Jane tutted and emitted  “Tssks,” of exasperation.
“Then we all went back into the party.   The noise level had risen.   A number of people asked me for drinks and I had to run to the kitchen to fetch them.  After I’d served people, I had the chance to look round the party more.  I found Rebecca sat on a sofa with the man wearing the ‘V for Vendetta’ mask.   Freddie was stood hovering nearby: her latex shining, her breasts pert, and her rings and chain glistening.  She looked stunning.   But Mr.V seemed to be ignoring her.  He and Rebecca were in close conversation.   Rebecca called me over and asked me to get her a Brandy Alexander and a glass of champagne for Mr.V.    Freddie took the opportunity to join the conversation and asked for a Cape Cod.   I had to ask how to make them.”
“Trust Rebecca to ask for something fancy.  Why couldn’t she have dry white wine like any normal person?” Jane said peevishly.
“It took me a while to find all the stuff in the kitchen.  Anyway, I returned with the drinks and found Freddie was now sat very close on the other side of Mr.V trying to get his attention although he seemed focused on Rebecca.”
“What did he look like?” asked Jane.
“Well, obviously I could only see his clothing, not his face.   He sounded very well spoken.   Unlike the rest of the party guests, he was dressed quite normally: a smart opened necked shirt and a nice pair of dark blue chinos.   And he had a pair of polished black Oxfords.  Very respectable.”
“Mmmmm,” Jane pondered.
“Anyway, both Rebecca and Mr.V thanked me for their drinks while Freddie just took hers without a word.    Mr.V asked me my name and what I was doing at the party.   I was a bit tongue-tied but Rebecca encouraged me to answer.  I told him it was ‘Andie’ and that I’d been asked to help as a maid.   He admired my uniform and noted that ‘Andrew’ was written on the pinafore.   I didn’t know what to say by Rebecca butted in with, ‘Oh, that’s just the maker’s name.  Doesn’t she look nice though?’   Mr.V agreed.  ‘Come and talk to us.’ Rebecca said,  ‘I think you’ve done enough this evening Andie.   Guests can get their own drinks now.  Others don’t seem to need them or are otherwise engaged.’   I looked around.   Many of the guests had become rather intimately attached, some in twos, some in threes or more.  All seemed to be enjoying themselves, even a man being spanked by a rather large lady in leather.”
“It sounds like Rebecca knows how to run an orgy rather than a party.”
“It did seem to be turning that way.  I think it was why Freddie was so sullen.  Rebecca told me to sit down with them.  There wasn’t much space.   She was sat close to Mr.V on one side and Freddie was on the other.   I thought Freddie might have budged up but she didn’t.  ‘Aren’t you going to let Andie sit down, Freddie?’ asked Rebecca.   Freddie didn’t respond. 

Parts 11 to 15 to follow.  

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