Friday, 24 February 2017

Come in Young Man - Part 9

This is the ninth part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

For the first part see

Part 9 - Sunday (7)

“Freddie fetched the little bag she’d brought in and pulled out what looked like a collection of straps.  ‘Straighten these out, honey,’ she said, passing the jumble of tangled buckles and latex, ‘while I get ready.’   I tried to concentrate on sorting out the straps but couldn’t help staring as she removed her mask and then her blouse.   She looked like a younger version of Rebecca.  Perhaps my age or a bit older.”
“Sounds like you’re a bit smitten, honey,” interrupted Jane.   'I don’t know about boys.  It seems like you’re rather captivated with this girl, this ‘Freddie’.”
“Well, she was very nice looking.   Anyway, I eventually got the straps sorted and she asked me to put it on for her.   It was less a bra and more a harness.   Latex straps encircled each of her breasts and were held in place not just by a rear fastener but also by little chains attached to rings on latex choker.  Rebecca stood behind Freddie did up the bra strap and the buckle on the collar.   Two little chains hung loose from the ring in the centre of the collar.  ‘Do those up too, please,’ Freddie asked.  I didn’t know what to do.  There were no spare anchorage points on the bra.  ‘What are you waiting for,’ Freddie demanded.
“’Well, I don’t know where these go,’ I said.
“’On to my rings, of course,’ she replied.  ‘Where do you think?   Honestly Mummy, she does need more training.’
“’Seriously?’ I said.
“’Yes.  Please hurry up.  All the nice men will be taken if you don’t get a move on.’
“I knew what I had to do.   Gingerly I took the first little chain.  It was light and delicate like a safety chain on a bracelet.   I opened the clasp to attach it but it wouldn’t quite reach.”
“Honestly Andy, you’re speaking in riddles.  It can’t be hard to attach a chain to a bra,” exclaimed Jane.  “I can see why the girl was exasperated with you.” 
“It wasn’t to her bra, Auntie.   It was to her breast.   She wanted it attached to her breast.  She had gold nipple rings.”
“Oh!   I see,” replied Jane. 
“With one hand I cupped and slightly lifted her right breast while with the other I attached the little clasp to the ring.  The chain was taut and kept her breast elevated,” Andy explained.  
Jane felt jealous.   The thought of her boy with those pretty nail varnished fingers that had so recently been touching hers, holding that girl’s breasts made her envious both of him and the girl.  She started to feel rather moist.   She wanted to get Andy home as soon as possible.  “Look finish, your coffee.  We’ve been here long enough.   Let’s get home.   You can tell me the rest when we get back.”  She started to stand.   “I’m sure you’re aching to get out of that cock cage,” she tossed in as an aside.
“But I’m not wearing it Auntie.”
“What!!” People stared at them as Jane’s exclamation echoed across the coffee shop.

Parts 10 to 15 to follow. 

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