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Come in Young Man - Part 6

This is the fifth part of the story inspired by SweetAndyLatex artwork "Come in Young Man":

For the first part see
Part 6 - Sunday (4)

Andy continued, "Well a bit after seven, guests started to arrive.   Mostly couples although there were some single girls and a few single men.  All were very smartly dressed.  Some had holdalls that they put in the coatroom.   Some of ladies were wearing latex like Rebecca."
"What? Latex skirts?"
"We'll a whole variety actually. There were some latex skirts, but quite a few latex dresses and some of the younger girls were wearing tight latex pants.  They looked fabulous.  I really liked that look with strappy high heels. Can we try that sometime, Aunt Jane?"
"Do you mean for me?"
Andy blushed. "Well, I was actually thinking for me.  But why not for both of us?  Wouldn't we look good together?"
Jane smiled.  The shy, embarrassed boy of only a few weeks ago seemed suddenly to have leapt forward in the last twenty-four hours.  She loved the idea of them looking like sisters and fashionable lovers.  "I know you would, hun,” she said.  “I’m not sure I’ve still got the right shape."
"Of course you have, Auntie. You know you've got a fantastic figure. And you’ve got wonderful legs.”  Jane smiled.  She loved Andy’s compliments and knew he was being sincere not just flattering.  She also felt reassured that she was still his centre of attention and affection despite kissing Rebecca earlier.   “I'm sure your lady friends in The League would agree.   And certain things would be much easier to fasten if you were wearing trousers than a skirt." Jane was sure Andy had just given her a cheeky wink.  "You wouldn't need to scrunch up your skirt.  Or even take it off."
"Yes, honey.  If you've been good and I get my bonus, we'll have a look in 'Latex, Leather and Leisure'.  Or maybe we should take a special trip to London and look around SkinTwo or Westward Bound?"
Andy beamed at her.  "Oh, Auntie that would be fabulous.  Maybe Honour, too?" 
Jane smiled right back. "Good."  She wanted to kiss him and more.  She wanted to stand him up, lift the back of his trenchcoat, put her hands on his pert buttocks, pull him towards her and kiss him.  She wanted to feel him stiffen against her belly as she ran her tongue over his lips and then probed his mouth. She wanted to see him feel ashamed at getting aroused despite his overt femininity.  Then she recalled that was something she wouldn’t feel.  Andy would simply be aching in his cage, his poor cock straining helplessly within its confines begging for release.  That made her want to take the upper hand even more.  She wanted to peel off that trenchcoat, bend him over their table, raise his long shirttail, and have her way with him there and then.  It was perhaps fortunate that she’d kept all her toys at the house.  It did give lascivious pause for thought.  Despite recommendations from the ladies of The League, she had still never made love to Andy while he was wearing a cock cage. She now realised what an exquisite mix of punishment and pleasure it might provide for them both.  She dismissed the thought of dropping Andy at his parent's: they might both be tired but she would definitely need to take him to her house first when they got to the coast.
Jane calmed herself as Andy described more of the evening.  The arrival of the guests, the handing round of drinks and canapés, the flirting with some of the waiters in the kitchen all seemed very sedate apart from the compliments Andy received about his latex maid’s dress especially from some of the younger ladies.   They’d wanted to know the design house.  Andy had told them about purchasing it at House of Harlot and some of the other latex items he wore.  They’d all shared notes about different designers until Rebecca had reminded him that he was at the party to work.
Around nine-thirty, Andy was asked to fetch coats as quite a few of the guests were leaving.  Apart from some of the guests' attire, it all sounded rather sober and dull.  At ten o’clock Rebecca sent the caterers home.  One of the waiters had tried to give Andy his phone number.  By ten-thirty o’clock, it was just those wearing latex and leather and their escorts who remained.  “Then some of them asked for their holdalls and went to the bathroom or just began to change in the coat room.   They were changing into latex and leather costumes.  Some were hardly clothes; they were more like just harnesses.  Some of the ladies had no panties.  Some were in thigh boots; all were in high heels and stockings even many of the men.  Some of the men had leather harnesses and collars and one or two even had cock cages.   But all of them wore masks.”
“You mean it was like a masked ball?” asked Jane.
“Exactly.  It was hard to work out from the previous guests who was who.  And it was then that Rebecca asked me to go with her to her bedroom.”
“Oh, yes?” said Jane quizzically.   So was this when Rebecca had taken advantage?
“No it wasn’t like that.  She wanted me to help her change.  She started to undress.  She asked me to unbuckle her shoes and help her slide out of her skirt.  She took off her top too and her bra.  She’s a pretty lady.”
“I know.  You don't need to remind me.”  Jane was getting annoyed again.  She was definitely going to bend Andy over and give him what for when they got to her house.
“She asked me to fetch her change of clothing from the wardrobe.  As I was looking in the closet she said ‘Andie, it’s the jacket and jodhpurs on the left hand side.  Oh, and bring the latex gloss spray that’s on the side table, please Andrew.  I think we could both do with a shine.’”
“Before I knew what I was doing, I said ‘Yes, Miss Rebecca.’”
“Oh Andy, haven’t you seen ‘The Great Escape’?”
“Yes, Auntie, I know.  I shouldn’t have done but it was just instinctive.”
“Ah, well.  So what did Rebecca do?”
“She said, ‘I thought so.  It’s Andrew, isn’t it?”   I nodded and mumbled something.  She went on “You’re not Andie with an I E, are you?  You’re Andy with a Y.  I didn’t think Andrew was a latex manufacturer.  I couldn’t find them on the Internet.  And when you told my girls that you’d got the dress from House of Harlot, I had a hunch about you.   What I will say is that Jane has got taste.  Fantastic taste.  But letting you wear your monogrammed pinafore was a grave error.    Now help me get into these.’” 
Despite her error, for some reason Jane felt a bit smug.  “Her girls?”
“Just wait, there’s more. I laid out the clothes and then she took me to her en suite bathroom.  She asked me to shower her down.   I held the shower rose and sprayed warm water on her.  Then she asked me to lather her.  She didn’t want me to use a flannel or a sponge, just my hands.  Auntie, I had to soap her everywhere.”
“Everywhere. She was most particular about how she wanted me to make sure she was clean.  And I mean everywhere.  Did you know she has a clit ring?”
“No!   Really!”    Jane realised she was learning more about Rebecca than she ever thought possible.
“Yes, really.   Then I rinsed her off and, when she stepped out, dried her with a fluffy white towel.  I had to make sure she was dry in all her little cracks and crevices.  It was so embarrassing.  After I’d been kneeling down drying between her toes and legs, she got me to stand up.  Then she bent down and lifted my skirt.  She pulled my panties aside and found that cage thing.  She said, ‘I wondered why you were such a good girl.  Jane’s so sensible.’  Then she made me turn round and she pulled down the back of my panties.  ‘Oh, there’s something missing there.  But we can make amends if need be,’ she said.  Then I got a powder puff and prepared to talc her.  Then she asked ‘What are you getting that for?’   I said to get her dry and smooth before she put on her jodhpurs.  She said the talc just made a mess inside and said silicone oil was far better.  She got me to fetch a bottle from her dressing table and then rub it on my hands.”
“She did, did she?”
“Yes, and then she wanted me to rub it into her.”
“Oh, yes.”
“She got me to start at her neck and then work down.   She wanted it all over.   She seemed to enjoy that.  She didn’t want me to stop even when I got lower down.   She’s hairless like me.  She must have Brazilian’s too.   She’s even got a tattoo where her pubes should be.”
“The hussy.”  She’d always thought tattoos a bit low a discreet, private one might be nice.   She shuddered at the thought of the pain though.  Especially down there.    “What’s it of?” she couldn’t resist asking.
“It’s like flames are coming up from around her clit ring.   She wanted all that oiled too.”
“Sounds like you were rather too willing, young man.”
“What could I do, Auntie? I didn’t have an option.  I knew it would reflect badly on you if I didn’t comply.”
“Yes, you’re right dear, of course.  You’re so thoughtful.  But it does seem like she was taking advantage of your services …. and you didn’t mind.”   Inwardly, Jane understood that by this time her young man was probably bemused by the whole chain of events and was merely being swept along.

Parts 7 to 15 to follow. 

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