Monday, 19 March 2012

Missing my Stable Girl

A little Stable Girl tale (tail? from a lonely Stallion.  Hope Amanda likes it.
With her Stable Girl away, the Stallion was required for general duties.  No special treatment.  She was harnessed and made to pull sulkies like the other ponygirls.  Amanda's Master made the mistake one day of pairing her with a sweet little filly. With no blinkers fitted and not being milked for over two weeks, the Stallion became over-excited.  Master had to apply the whip harshly.  Blinkers would definitely be fitted in future

When she got back to the Stable, the Stallion gazed admiringly at Dobbin.  She hadn't seen her Stable Girl for so many days.  She felt ungroomed and neglected.  It was such a shame she was plugged and bridled.  And would Dobbin rise for her?

As Dobbin stiffened, the Stallion felt a presence behind her.  It was her lovely Stable Girl.  Maybe Master wasn't pleased either that she'd been away so long since she'd been bridled  too, but at least she hadn't been caged.  The Stable Girl removed the Stallion's plug and slowly slid herself inside.  The Stallion shuddered with joy.  Amanda was home and happy.

Master returned to the Stable and found Amanda pumping the Stallion who was now sweating and stiff. He unbridled them  since both were breathing hard and spittle was dripping from their bits. 
Master was excited by the sight of the firm, glistening horse flesh and eased Amanda aside.  The Stallion was disappointed to feel his Stable Girl withdraw,   but comforted when Master's smooth, hard member pressed into her and started to probe deeply.  Soon Master was keeping up a gentle rhythm and Amanda stood astride and stroked her Stallion. She was proud of how well he was taking her Master and how stout his erection remained.  It was a shame she wasn't being allowed to do it herself but it was good to see her Stallion being pleasured.   Her groin lingered near Master's face but realised it was a forlorn hope that Master might lick her cock. She was just the  house's Rubber Maid and Stable Girl.  She would never receive such favour.
The excitement of seeing his pretty girl stood over the Stallion and her cock rising in pleasure at seeing her pony fucked so fully by her strong Master was too much for him.  Although he loved Mistress, he had been missing Amanda too.   He withdrew from the poor Stallion who again felt neglected, and bent  the Stable Girl down like a doggy, kneeling over her frustrated Stallion.  Amanda smiled and relaxed - she knew what was coming.  She had longed for her firm Master too and dilated instantly as his cock nuzzled against her behind. His moist shaft still stiff from the Stallion started to thrust rhythmically into her. He gripped the heels of her boots to gain greater purchase and started to pummel and grind his groin against  her butt cheeks. Amanda knew what she had been missing.  That firm touch of her Master was so comforting.   She felt double pleasure as she felt the Stallion's soft mouth close around her cock and start to lick and suck her.  Her Stallion was always there for her.  Amanda sensed what  was lacking and gently slid the butt plug tail back into the Stallion: at least her pony would  feel full even if it was just a rubber plug rather than a nice warm cock.  Then she closed her mouth around her Stallion.  She knew Mistress wouldn't really approve knowing that her Stallion was really there for dressage and to provide a practice bottom, and that any relief was only meant to come from milking.  But this was a special day: she had returned.  She would lick her Mistress and prepare her for Master later.  Both Amanda and her Stallion were so desperate that they came quite quickly, filling each other's mouths with delicious sissy cream, but both kept their mouths wrapped around each others cocks, sucking and swallowing, until Master finally released himself and filled the Stable Girl's bottom.   The Stallion opened his mouth and finally let go of the  Stable Girl's cock. Master's cum oozed and dripped from the Stable Girl's anus  as he started to lick her bottom clean.
After licking clean the Stable Girl, it was time to be plugged and harnessed again. 

The Stallion was surprised to be harnessed beside his Stable Girl with the pretty filly next to Amanda.  Amanda was still excited both by her Stallion, the pretty filly, the touch of her Master (and his whip) and the sheer delight of being home with the friends she loved.  The Stallion was happy and content.  His Stable Girl was home and she had drained him.  What more could a Stallion want?

At last the ride ended.  Amanda went back to the house and left Stallion in the stable for the night.  The Stallion was happy and contented.  She was plugged and tired.  She would sleep well.  Her Stable Girl was home.

I am indebted to Colleen.Eris for these lovely drawings.  Thanks Colleen. xxx


  1. Oh my, this is incredibly erotic! (I must confess my panties are moist from leaking *deep blush* just from reading this and imagining the scene)
    You are a superb storyteller and Colleen Eris drawing are just amazing!
    Love this!

    1. So glad you enjoyed. And obviously nice to see Amanda home and being satisfied so thoroughly (and deeply) by her Master. (Poor old Dobbin will have to wait for another day.)