Saturday, 5 January 2013

Stable Visit

When they got back from their evening out, Madame had suggested that Amanda take an early morning visit to the Stables to remind her of her Stallion.  The following day Amanda left her girlfriend warm in bed.  She gave Sheila a little kiss then dressed quickly.  She put on her open backed riding breeches just in case Master made it back early.  Well, she could always live hope that he might be back: she knew Sheila and Madame would not mind.

As she strolled down to the outbuildings, Amanda wondered if Madame was still keeping young colts and  training them like she had been.   As she flipped on the light, she was delighted to find three lying together in a stall.  As she entered and the fluorescent tubes flickered into life, they shook off their blankets and tottered ungainly to their feet.  Apart from some leather strapping and harnesses they were naked and quickly realised that losing their blankets was a big mistake. They huddled together, nuzzling alongside each other in the cold, flank to flank.  All of them looked morose and shivering. 

Madame clearly wanted them to behave but had stopped short of putting them in cock cages.  All of them wore leather arm binders behind their backs and bridle harnesses with penis bits.  Amanda could see them chomp down and start sucking hard as soon as they saw her.  To stop any impropriety, they all had been plugged and tailed.  They didn't look as fetching as Amanda's Stallion back home, but their tail plumes rose nice and firmly from their bottoms.  Madame definitely did not want the colts mounting each other in desperation and possibly getting torn with no lube.  There would be no

Amanda noticed that all the colts were starting to stiffen.  Their members were rising like their tails.  The colts sucking noises increased and Amanda realised that they were trying to give her hint as they all moved across to the side wall of the stall.   Amanda looked round the corner and was amused to see three stout horse cocks protruding from the wall.  Madame had already been successful with the first part of their conditioning.   Next it would be high heels, getting broken to the bit and learning not to buck when being mounted, but for now it was enough for them to know where they might find relief.

Given the time in the morning, Amanda thought she would save Madame the effort and let her linger longer in bed. She looked around and found the switch on the wall of the stall.  She heard a low hum as the vibrators in the colts' butt plugs stirred into life.  She chuckled as the colts cocks twitched upwards and stiffened further.  It brought back such happy memories for her of when Madame had first given her milking training.  There was no milking pump so Madame must bring them off by hand.  Amanda knelt down and gently started to wank the colts.  Muffled moans came through the walls.  They were clearly all in desperate need.  Maybe Madame had left them a day or two as extra punishment.

Two of the colts were happy but the third just waggled his cock in frustration.  And it was the biggest of the three cocks in the centre hole that was flapping and seeking attention  Then Amanda appreciated the set-up and also understood Madame's own naughtiness:  three colts but only two hands.  Amanda bent forward and stared closely at the waggling prick.

As Amanda first kissed the tip, the third colt twitched then stiffened handsomely as she ran her tongue around the glans.  After licking the bulb and probing the little slit until little drips of moisture appeared, Amanda took the bulb in her mouth.  It was somewhat larger than her Master although still no match for her Stallion but she happily wrapped her lips around it like a comforter.  Never had she been more glad that Madame and Master had trained her to suck hands free.  She could maintain the soft wanking of the other cocks whilst paying full attention with her mouth.  She slowly slide her lips down the shaft and sucked hard.  The colt was firm and responsive.  She could feel a trail of mucus start to trickle over her tongue as she ran it on the underside of the glans.  She slowly rocked back and forth.  He certainly new the prime position to receive a softer wetter wank than his colleagues.

As she felt his neighbours reach readiness she continued sucking their central colleague and finished each in turn, jerking them into a jar to capture their cream.  As the other two cocks shrivelled to floppy limpness and withdrew from their holes, she knew the  third colt was holding back and would have let her continue sucking as long as possible.  Well Madame might like that if Master was away but Amanda felt it was time to go back and see Sheila and her Mistress.  If he wasn't going to cum properly, he needn't cum at all.  She stopped sucking and gripped the cheeky colt's cock hard.  She positioned his cock head over the mouth of jar and turned his butt plug vibrator setting up to high.  The moans increased from next door and as she released her grip she smiled as rivultes of thick cum trickled from his prick into the jar. Amanda gasped, she suddenly realised that was how Madame intended all of them to be milked.  She kept the vibrator running until the cocky cock was spent and drained.  All three had received treats in their own way.  When she looked in the stall, she could tell from the shame-faced look which was  the cocky colt who now looked pale and drawn compared to his smiling colleagues.

Her work was done.  It was time to go back to the House.  She wiped her lips, turned off the vibrators and the lights and left the colts to huddle in the cold together  and wonder who had been their kind Stable Girl that morning.   She took the jar with her to show to Madame.  She did hope Master would
get home soon.

With thanks to TannedBum.Tumblr for the gifs.


  1. oh my mighty stallion, look; after reading this and admiring our deliciously naughty stablegirl at work on the new colts, my little pony dolly is trying to stiffening in envy in her cage and beginning to leak.
    I so hope that sweet Amanda will put us together in the same stall soon, I'm so in need of a nice ride *tail swishing high* and I know that you are more than ready too
    Kisses, Amber

    1. Very pleased to hear that you're properly caged. I hope someone nice is keeping the key for you. ;-) Yes, definitely in need of a ride although we would need Amanda to remove your lovely tail, unlock my cock cage and lube you up. (Deep horsey licks are a nice preliminary but I wouldn't want to hurt you.) And then it would be a case of "Tally ho!" You would quickly find a warm stiff replacement for your plug although it might slip in and out quite a lot. I would hope I could leave you glowing and sated and your dolly dripping furiously.
      Amanda's Stallion

    2. I'm sure you will darling, glowing and in bliss *kiss*
      And then I will lick you clean as a reward!