Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Slick Air: The new Stewardess Part 1

At various times, Amanda has discussed with me the possibility of setting up an airline with latex clad stewardesses.  This would be an elite airline providing tailored customer service for private or business clients.   I am pleased to say that in addition to Amanda, I think I have identified another potential stewardess for the airline provided Amanda doesn't become too jealous.  However, as a the more senior stewardess I think Amanda is always likely to be required to cater primarily for the needs of the pilot.
At the interview she looked very sweet and demure.

Unfortunately she had obviously not read the interview instructions and arrived wearing standard uniform rather than latex.  However, she achieved full merit for her heels and lovely legs.  In latex stockings they would certainly keep Amanda on her toes.
In the interests of propriety I was pleased to see that she was wearing knickers.  However, pantyhose tights, despite their nice shine were clearly a poor substitute for stockings and suspenders.
But when I criticised her she looked so down hearted and seemed to cling to herself in desperation.
And then she started to produce a lovely little package.
At first I thought she might be trying to bribe the interviewer but she explained that she was simply trying to show off all her assets.
She was a bit abashed when I explained that the lack of latex would count against her.
She sat back on the bed in the Pilot's Relaxation Room.  (Strange how it always seemed to be rather ruffled after Amanda had taken the Pilot his coffee.  Although Amanda often seemed similarly disrumpled when she emerged.  She always explained that it was because the Pilot liked to keep the windows open to feel and experience the strong winds.  Amanda smiled lubriciously and said he liked to feel her warm wind in his face.) 
But she looked so sweet and appealing, it was clear that she would be a fine recruit for SlickAir.
I knelt down to give her the good news and explain her terms and conditions.
She lay back in celebration and waited for me to take her staff photograph and sort out entry details.
I hope Amanda approves of my recruitment choice.

All photos are of the lovely Nene Aizawa.


  1. Now hang on! Disrumpled? Me Senior Stewardess. I shall have to examine your frequent flier credetials. On occasion i may be flustered but that is due to turbulance. However i known for my immaculate and polished appearance. Cheek!
    As for the candidate she is vety cute, however i can not make a judgement until i have seen her in appropriate uniform.
    I shall forward you the official SlickAir uniform dress code.

    1. Dear Senior Stewardess,
      I accept and defer to your higher authority (and smaller cocklet). I totally agree that only uniform aboard SlickAir of the standard and quality (as well as texture and feel) is acceptable. Business travellers will expect only top quality latex on such a Premier airline. Please recognise that this was just an Interview. I do realise that I may have over-stepped the mark in conducting an independent interview but I believe the candidate when properly attired will be an admirable addition to our cabin crew. I am sure many of our business travellers will appreciate her charms. She is an friendly, active soul: very giving although quite happy to receive.

      Maybe if she has a probationary period as Ground Staff providing maid service, you would warm to her charms. However, I do realise that you may prefer to continue to provide your own unique personal for the Pilot yourself. I would be also then be very happy to conduct a tailored uniform fitting of our new recruit.

      I apologise for the remark about disrumpled. I had not realised that such turbulence could occur when balanced on a bed and the Pilot's lap. Of course you looked immaculate after a visit to the Ladies Room and polishing the creamy stains from your latex uniform.

      Your business adviser and chief investor,