Saturday, 5 January 2013

Amber back in her stall

Now Amber was back in her stall, she could be left caged and bondaged by her friends while she dreamed of her Stable Girl and of her Stable Girl's Stallion's horse cock sliding into her.  Fortunately her friends had secured her arms and cock cage so that she couldn't play with her 'dolly'.  As she settled  into blindfolded darkness until their return, Amber suckled on the penis gag and ran her tongue over it  exactly as she wanted to do to moisten and stiffen the Stallion, she felt her dolly slowly weeping as her inflatable butt plug gently hummed inside her.  How she longed to feel the steady thrusts of that horse cock.

1 comment:

  1. Such a sweet torture, a butt plug vibrating in my sissy-pony pussy while my cocklet try vainly to stiffen in its pink plastic cage.
    I suck and suck on my gag, dreaming of my stallion mighty weapon, moaning softly in craving for the taste of it in my mouth or its warm length in my welcoming depths!