Saturday, 19 January 2013

Staying in Lyon

Amanda found it relaxing and fun staying in Lyon with her girlfriend.  She'd longed for this ever since they'd met on the station platform.  A chance to be together in private.  Able to admire and show her love for her girlfriend in private.

As well as feeling totally at home and comfortable about the house.

Amanda was expected to start each morning by doing her make-up, although it was highly likely that her Mistress and her girlfriend might want to have another try later.

Her girlfriend always made sure Amanda was properly dressed about the house. You never knew who might visit.

Nights out for Amanda could be such fun, especially when she had such a beautiful lady on her arm. 
 Although there were evenings when Amanda just liked to have her girlfriend at home to dress up and play with.
Amanda' girlfriend was generous in allowing her time with Master, when Amanda could luxuriate in his touch.
And savour every moment of their meeting.
 She felt such deep satisfaction being with him.

 Whilst knowing her girlfriend would always be there for her when he left.


  1. Once again, darling, a fabulous choice of pics and videos to illustrate our dove adventures in Lyon.
    Two favorites here, the lovely blond walking in the appartment (WOW, what an enticing under-micro-skirt vision) and the young Lady savoring her lover cock (very good technique, deep and so teasingly slow and a little lick on his *blush*..."pom-poms" in passing, superb)
    Thanks for sharing this
    Amber xoxoxo