Wednesday, 16 January 2013

SlickAir: The competition

Although, quite rightly, Amanda states that latex is the proper attire for SlickAir air crew, I think she needs to realise that our competition has not remained static.  In particular SoftAir is now providing exemplary pre- and after-flight services in their business lounge.  Amanda needs to wake-up to this and consider our offerings whilst becoming less pernickety about how candidates present themselves at interview.
SoftAir ground crew at work.


  1. Well, dear Head-stewardess, we will certainly have to do something about that!
    First I propose to have a public demonstration of our TS and sissies talents, they could do all this and more and it's all natural,
    no cheating on merchandise!

  2. Ha ha ...great!
    Pre-flight physical :)
    Loving your posts...