Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A new working day

Amanda gets her mojo back and prepares for a new day at work.  It's unfortunate that her painted toenails and stockings will need to be covered up in the work place.

But Amanda always wants to look her best for the customers, especially if she might be asked to try out some high heels again.  And she would always want to be a credit to her employer and her girlfriend.

Glad you're back, honey.


  1. So glad to be back and Just had an online spanking from Sheila.
    And i love this as i love every naughty thing in here.

    1. So this is a video of our glamorous Emma dressing up again after a "loving" spanking from Milady de Williams. Well I must say I love it a lot!

    2. Poor sweetie. I hope the on-line spanking wasn't too hard. Maybe Sheila should come in person to administer next time.