Friday, 20 December 2013

Lookalike or the real thing?

Some confusion seems to have arisen about recent photographs of Amanda.  Amanda's lover is convinced that Amanda has been spotted moonlighting in Paris as a certain Keira Louboutin.
Amanda in Paris
Meanwhile Amber is already contemplating what Amanda will look like in a few years.  The answer, of course, is more pretty than ever but you knew already that: a maturing vision of elegance and beauty.
I just see Amanda pursuing a modelling career with this recent attempt at recreating an early Roxy Music album cover on the stable floor.  I'm not sure her Mistress will see this as fitting behaviour for a stablegirl who is meant to be taking care of her ponygirls and ponyboys.
But Mistress could always find ways of chastising Amanda when she returned to the house.
Amanda would realise she was quite cross but was always relieved when she was allowed out in the evening.
 Amanda's job in a shop can be quite hard and taxing but there are some rewards when she gets the opportunity to model for clients.
Amanda modelling party dresses

However, my concern is the number of models who now seem to be modelling themselves on Amanda and stealing her look.   Just a small sample is given below.     Now is this Andy modelling a new line in winter coats or Sasha Mikailyan?
Sasha Mikailyan

Sasha Mikailyan
Amanda looks so windblown, she could be in Portsmouth.  Visiting sailors are often lured into the shop when Amanda helps there by her siren charms and good looks.   They're enticed to  buy for their loved ones although Amanda often helps out when they need to make decisions about what suits them.  Or is that Carolina Monenegro?
Or is that Carolina Monenegro?  No surely it's Amanda.
Carolina Monenegro
But Sheila will expect that hair to be better organised, although she found Dimitry Rublyovsky wayward look rather cute and thought it might suit Amanda.
Dimitry Rublyovsky
But those eyebrows really needed attention.  Gi would never have allowed Amanda out like that: a trifle too arch
Dimitry Rublyovsky
Amanda loved Keira's style but so many others were emulating her look.
Sasha Mikailyan
Sasha Mikailyan

But there was a timeless elegance that Amanda knew Keira would carry whilst simultaneously being sweet, seductive and sexy.
Sasha Mikailyan
Amanda seemed to have entered the craze for taking selfies.  She knew Sheila liked to be kept in touch and an occasional pic would help remind her of the treat in store later that month.
Maxim Arkhipov
Maxim Arkhipov

Now it was just a case of wrapping up warm for the journey to France.  Winter in Lyon could be quite cold.
Artyom Eduardovic

Artyom Eduardovic
Meanwhile Sheila was already thinking about suitable clothes for Amanda when she arrived.
And if they were going to go out to parties, she'd already got the solution to the lookalike problem. 
She'd make sure that Amanda travelled incognito in future.

With thanks and acknowledgements to the models and for the photos used.  If the  copyright owner objects, I will remove.


  1. So much speculation! I surrender.
    Yes it is me. Though the heels are painted in later.
    Hello :-)

    1. Oh, I thought it was just your toenails that were exquisitely painted. (Although when with Gi and Sheila, I expect lips, cheeks, eyebrows and eyes might also receive attention.)