Sunday, 12 June 2016

Aunt Jane's Fantasy - The Morning After (the short version)

This the short version of the follow-up to Aunt Jane's Fantasy.
Comments please. 
Following yesterday's interesting visit to the store, Andy eventually got home tired and rather sore.  He found that Jane had already left some new clothes for him to wear to go to work. He knew now why Aunt Jane had insisted on shaving his legs before he left.    At least it wasn't another dress and there no high heels, but he did wonder how staff at the store would react given their design.

Although the fact that Jane was insisting he wear lipstick and the wig might be more of a problem.

N.B.  There is a much naughtier and longer verson of "the Morning After" just below.
Link to Aunt Jane's Fantasy - The Morning After (longer version)

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