Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Return of the Stablegirl

It was good that Amanda had returned safely from her trip.   But even though Amanda had come back elated, she was tired from being been the dutiful lover of her beautiful lady friend.  Amanda liked being the energetic paramour, but it was not just those  exertions that had left her exhausted.  Her lady friend had been kind.  She'd let Amanda see her former guide and confidante who'd been happy for Amanda to spend to time with her husband.  Although Amanda was devoted to her lady love, she still appreciated time with her former Master who understood her needs so well.  He knew how to liberate her feminine side and make her feel so comfortable.  Amanda adored feeling Master's warmth inside and the empowering sensation of hands free relief.  

However, there was going to be little time for relaxation.   Amanda needed to get back into her stable duties.  Her stallion had been confined to his stall all weekend while she was away and she knew he would be fretting in her absence.   She'd let him have a turn with the fillies soon enough.  First she would need to show that she still cared for him whilst reminding that she was in control of  the stable.   She might be tired but it was necessary to maintain order as well as keeping him receptive for the Stable Mistress.

Maybe that naughty Capricious Amber would need calming too   If the stallion still had enough energy after the fillies and discipling any of the unruly colts, Amanda would allow him some time with her too.

Amanda was going to be busy.

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  1. Hello from that very Stablegirl, I am Andy but my sweetest friends can call me Amanda, or to be correct Lady Amanda Keira Louboutin. These are my stables My stallion S and filly Amber are my pride and joy and give me great pleasure in every way.
    I am going to be busy, but I have all the time I need.
    Come here my darlings