Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Taming a Stallion: Thanks to Amber

I am indebted to the lovely Amber for the picture below.  She clearly was very taken with the idea of being allowed in the stud paddock and having her chance to show her skills with the stud's Stallion.

I think Amber liked the reminder of the normal  role for a new filly at the Stable. The Stallion was annoyed.  He disliked seeing the young work horses take advantage of her.  They were so inexpert and rough in their treatment of her.  All they sought was their own relief and gave little thought to the pleasure of the game young filly. The poor pony was being bullied and stretched.  Tethered outside the Stable, all the Stallion could do was watch as each took their turn.  Perhaps Amanda intended this as another part of the Stallion's punishment. Amber, or Georgie as the work horses called her, didn't seem to complain much about the work horses attentions.  She was finding variety rather interesting and was intrigued by their different girths and lengths that kept probing her. 

The Stallion longed to  protect Amber from the  work horses.   He naturally wanted to reserve  her for his personal use.  The Stallion would get those young colts and make them  use the donkey rather than his sweet Amber.  He might even need to sort some of them out himself if they didn't leave Amber alone.  But he noted Amber's lack of resistance to the colts and also that her dick was starting to leak pre-cum and more as she accepted their members. She was so capricious.  He would show her next time he got the chance.  He  would be less gentle and more vigorous with her and show how her a Stallion could really treat a pretty filly. She might be a delicate show pony but she had to learn who really was the top horse in the Stable.  Although he might have been a bit naughty with her before, he was sure his Stable Girl would want him to look after Amber and stop her become a wanton wastrel.  He would really make her leak cream the next time her rode and make sure she had a beaming smile on her face.  She'd have his cream on her face too after she'd sucked him clean, he thought to himself.  She'd learn to like the taste of his cream too.  That would keep her from straying.  After all, he knew his Stable Girl liked cream too.

Cartoon of Dmitrys used without pemission.  I will remove if there's a Copyright problem.

1 comment:

  1. Dear stallion, I must explain!
    You were the first that make me discover the joy of pony-hood, the bliss of being covered by a superb and virile stallion!
    Night after night, coming to me so I might gradually accustomed myself to accept full penetration by your so impressive member!
    Then came the delightful discovery of "feminine" softness with our gentle stable-girl Amanda *sigh of contentment*
    Now, in the field, I discovered that the other ponies and work horses and even mules were jealous and, as a newcomer (an a show pony at that, a "sissy/filly" as they called me), I found myself at the bottom of their domination game (and I confess I was a little bit curious to know if they were all as mightily endowed as you!)
    So it was that I soon found myself on all four, being covered by the youngest of them, willing to prove their virility, one then a second, then....
    After some times, my arms and legs did not support me anymore and I found myself lying on the ground while they took their pleasure without thinking of mine!
    I was stretched (but not as much as with you) and sore now but as I turned my head, I saw you, tethered outside the stable, looking at me with a strange expression (jealousy?) and as a new work-horse cum into me, I began to imagine that it was you and immediatly started leaking copiously!
    I guess I learned a lesson today, I want you and only you as my stallion and protector!
    None of them pleasured me as you did (they were rough and yes, you said it, very unskilled!)
    Please accepted my shameful apology for my slutty behavior, I will tried to be a good loving pony from now on!