Saturday, 14 July 2012

Amanda warms up the Stallion for Amber

I'm sorry that I have been so slow in posting.  There are a couple of stories that need updating and continuing.  However. please think of this as a little hors 'd'oeuvre before I get round to them.

Amanda enjoyed warming up the Stallion for Amber.  He didn't need much warming up but Amanda liked to be reassured that her Stallion was ready and well greased for her pony.

She wanted to be sure he would slide in smoothly and be gentle and loving towards her delicate Amber.   Her little pony needed to receive some tender loving.  Amanda would need to put the Stallion's tail back in.  He needed to carry and feel the constant reminder that he was her Stallion.  If he was kind and considerate to Amber, he might receive her own tenderness and warmth later as a little reward.

1 comment:

  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to one day have a so beautiful (and so well endowed) stallion amorously prepared just for little pony me!
    So lucky are we to have the most adorable and dedicated stable girl to take care of our equine needs!
    Ummm...can't wait! *looking at you over the wall of my stall, neighing my lust, already wet for you, pony tail switching in overexcitment*
    Ooooh please, I want it, I need it...!!!!