Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Possible new banner for site?

I know many of you like the current banner of Amanda but I have wondered about changing it.  I thought many of you would like to see Amanda in latex and ballet boots.
I know Amber in particular likes the existing version.  But I'm afraid the current banner can be a bit of a naughty girl, and that wouldn't be like our Amanda, would it?
Although she looks sweet in her Hello Kitty top and tartan skirt, she does seem to rather like cock.

Comments and thoughts, please.


  1. OMG, yes, she could be a real naughty little Lady, but oooooh so adorable! Ummm!
    Do your perchance know her name, dear Stallion?

    The new one is very stylish in silver latex, but if I may, I personnaly would propose:
    or even

    And I'm certain you will find a use for this one that our precious Amanda will love for sure:


  2. Well it wouldn't take much to convince me to use Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays as Andy knows.
    Regarding the Hello Kitty girl and the current banner, I will need to check my archives.