Thursday, 5 July 2012

Amber's naughtiness when thinking about Amanda in Lyon (Part 1)

Our little new pony, Amber became rather excited by the prospect of her Stable Girl visitng Lyon.   She seemed to share similar dreams about Amanda's time there.  She longed to see her  cute little sissy by the swimming pool looking  adorable and  proudly displaying her  little surprise.

She also liked to think of her Stable Girl being able to see her Master's cock again.
And obviously take the opportunity to give it a little lick.
 Although one thing would naturally lead to another.
And she would probably get Master rather excited.
Until his cum was running down her chin.

Amanda would be all dreamy and happy while Amber was starting to have a bulge in her own satin panties.  She would have to go to the Stallion and seek his advice.


  1. This is soooo sweet of you, my beautiful stallion: a special posting just about my naughty pony thoughts! I'm so honored! (thanks for using my two favorite videos, can't resist coming back to look at the swimming-pool cutie again and again, she makes me smile and seduces me with her sexy petite body and her "joie de vivre")
    Yes indeed, now I certainly will have to ask for your advice about how best to get rid of this so unladylike bulge in my pink satin knickers; can't have me take care of it, it would not be right from a well trained pony like me!
    Amber, your devoted stable companion (and a bit more now *wink*)

  2. Dear Amber,
    Thanks for your comment, but you have to remember that you largely wrote this. I've merely edited and added some pictures, and deliberately repeating your favourites. There will be continuations of this.