Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amanda in Lyon - Part 1

Amanda had been really looking forward to her trip to Lyon this weekend to see her Auntie and Uncle, and a very special lady. 
As she packed on Thursday evening, Amanda checked that she would be ready for her Master.  Warm thoughts of him inside her filled her head  There were so many things she was missing.  As she slid in her plug again, she started to muse in silent reverie and images of her weekend ahead filled her dreams
 Amanda longed to get away from the lousy English weather and relax in the sun as soon as she got to Lyon.   She could top up her tan and wait for Mistress and Master to get home.

Maybe a dip in the pool to cool and then change into uniform. It would be so exciting to have the house and pool to herself for a brief while.
She would be able to catch up on some of her chores while she waited. She would want to please her Mistress. 

She longed to look up old friends again and welcome Giselle home with a sweet kiss.  She would listen and catch up on all the gossip and to hear Mistress' plans for the weekend party with Sheila.

Giselle was wise and know that there was a danger of Amanda getting over-excited before Master got home and before she got a chance to see Sheila.  Giselle would know how to keep Amanda calm although it would be hard to stop her dripping in anticipation.
 Giselle would probably gift wrap Amanda for Master so that he had a little surprise presnt when he got home as a little surprise present.
When Giselle welcomed Master home, Amanda would be desperate to help.
Giselle would want to check that Amanda remembered her training.
Both Giselle and Amanda adored the taste of Master and he would give them both a little gift.

Giselle knew from his extreme stiffness how pleased her husband was to have Amanda back at the house.  He was always so much happier when their sissy was staying with them.   Giselle realised that Amanda deserved some time alone with Master but she made sure Master understood that  she was secure.
And that other pleasures must come later.  Giselle wanted neither Amanda nor Master getting carried away before the party.  Giselle did not want Amanda neglecting her maid duties and getting all dreamy.  Amanda needed to stay focused to ensure that she received her reward.  By party time she would desperate.  It would also ensure that Amanda would still be able to show Sheila just how pleased her maid was to see her.  Only Giselle knew quite how badly Sheila longed for her sugar baby and yearned for her little dolly.   It was great that Sheila was so understanding about Amanda's love for  Master.  She thought Sheila would appreciate a few special treats at the party. 
As she closed the door to leave Amanda alone to enjoy a little time with her Master, Giselle admired how elegant Amanda could be and the sweet love she showed to her husband.  Giselle shed a little tear.   She missed Amanda so much when she was away.   But she knew her sissy maid needed to develop a life of her own. But in the meantime, it was good that she came back to Lyon so often.  No doubt one day she would find a lover who would be able to fill her needs in such caring way as her husband, but she thought Amanda would always be devoted to her Master and want to please him in so many ways.

Once the door closed, Amanda wanted to show Master how hungry she was for him and that she would always be his little pup. Master eagerly took the opportunity to pound her face.  He knew even better than Giselle some of Amanda's needs and it was good to show Amanda who was the real Master of the house.
As Master calmed and Amanda's lust felt more sated, she  settled down to suckle gently on him.  She knew how much he still loved and cared for Mistress' sissy.
Amanda felt so relaxed and comfortable having Master all to herself, at least for a little while.  She settled down to enjoy the moment while he stroked her neck and made all her soft little fuzzy hairs stand up in arousal.  He was such a handsome, caring Master.
Amanda tickled Master and showed him where she would want him later.  She knew he would oblige.
Amanda knew good things must come to an end and she wanted more of Master's cream.
Amanda was so happy to be able to show Master how much she still loved him.
As Master's cream dripped from her face, Amanda proudly snuggled against his warmth safe in the knowledge that Master still found her sexy
 Amanda smiled minx like at Master and told how much she was looking forward to the party,  and that she was sure Mistress would expect her to give him extra-special maid service so that he might also satisfy her other needs.


  1. I'm just...WOW!...what a program for our little darling!
    Great, and very naughty job once again, dear S, you are the best!
    I love it all, but my two favorite parts are the totally cute little sissy near the swimming pool - oooh she look so adorable and so thrilled to proudly display her (not so little) surprise!
    The second one is the gorgeous brunette (fourth from the bottom) stroking her Master superb cock while his cum run down her chin (even if she look a little bit stoned perhaps)
    I already read this thrice and now have a bulge in my satin panties, what should I do, stallion mine?
    Kisses (deep and demanding)

  2. Dear Amber,

    I am so pleased you enjoyed. And of course that is only Part 1. There is so much more for Amanda still to dream about during her visit. Much of which will no doubt have become reality by now.

    I'm delighted that your little dolly is responding so willing to these musings of Amanda. I'm afraid there are only three possible cures that I think of for you:
    1. You find a friendly Stallion who is tied up and hobbled. He won't be able to buck nor kick out, and if you speak to him nicely and stroke his back and lick his rear, I'm sure he would become docile and present for you. You would surely find satsifaction by mounting him and letting your dolly relieve itself inside that Stallion's out-thrust rear.
    2. You feel that what you want is more kinship with Amanda and her Master. You could free the Stallion after first licking him to hardness. He would surely mount you and show his affection with powerful thrusts into your derriêre. But he wouldn't let you play with your dolly; you would have to wait until his poundings drip and run and eventually spurt from your engorged cocklet.
    3. You lube your little bottom and find a nice dildo or butt plug. After working it gently in like Amanda in the first pic, you hold your cocklet and gently tease it whilst thinking fond thoughts of your sissy friend or dream yourself about a horse cock thrusting insistently inside you and probing the very depths of your fundament.
    I'll let you make the choice.

    1. mmmm! Let's see, I'm feeling very naughty (certainly because I dreamed of our little darling doing naughty things with his friends and then found your Part 1 of Amanda in Lyon here) so I guess I will choose first and then second so I could enjoy you each ways!
      Am I not a very horny little pony today?
      So were could I find a friendly stallion around here?

    2. What a sexy pony you are today (or even yesterday)! And what a good choice. I just hope you have stamina my little pony. I will like you warmth in my bottom, but I hope you realise how arousing I will find it. I will take great delight in mounting you and then after the first hard thrusts to open you, embedding myself deep inside you and staying locked and engaged while you squeal. I will enjoy feeling you gasp for breath and your little anus quivering with tension as a I slowly rock. This time I'll want to leave you wide and bearing my mark for the rest of the day.