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Seeing William (3)

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Emily watched the vision of loveliness get out of the car and bend to speak into the driver's window.  The pretty girl said a few words then lent forward to kiss the driver.   The blonde female driver.  A mature but extremely attractive blonde, female driver.  It wasn't a kiss on the cheek either: their lips lingered together.   Emily was liking this girl more and more.  

Emily looked across at William who was standing open mouthed.  "Is that who I think it is?"

"Yes," he gasped.   "I think so."

"And the driver?"

"That's his Auntie.  That's how I know.  He visits and stays with her a lot."

"He's changed, hasn't he?"

"He's g.g.g.gorgeous," stuttered William. 

"Yes.  He is.  Or should I say, she is?   His Aunt has certainly had quite an influence."

"I'll say."

"Did you know?"


"Really.  We always thought that he had a soft spot for you."

"We were just friends."

"William.  Don't be silly.  We could see the way he looked at you."

"No.  He liked girls.  In fact, he always talked about you.   He wanted so much to go out with you."

"I'm sure that was just a front.  We girls can tell.  We knew where his real interests lay.  He knew as much about fashions and make-up as any of us.  Didn't it strike you as odd that his locker had pin-up pictures of David Beckham and Ronaldo."

"They're good footballers."

"And?   He didn't have a picture of Wayne Rooney, did he?"

"Well, no.  I suppose not."   

"So what does that say about him?"

"He used to like football.   He wanted to play for the team.   ButI guess you may be right."

"I'm sure I am."

Andy spotted William and started to walk towards him and Emily.  The crowd parted to allow him through.   There were more admiring glances.   Some of the guys tried to make a move but their partners held them back.    No way were they allowing their guys close to that beauty.   Andy was embarrassed by all the boys and girls looking at him.  He played nervously with his hair. 
The girls saw where the girl in pink was heading.   If she wanted to go and speak to that Emily, that was OK.   Amongst the boys, only William had ever gone out with her and they never seemed to get anywhere.   They doubted whether he even got to first base let alone past it.   They knew where Emily's real interests lay.  

"Look, he's coming over," said Emily.  "He looks rather timid."

"I'm not surprised.   It's probably the first time he's been out like this."

"Oh, I doubt that.  Have you seen how he walks in those heels.  He's had practice.  Lots of practice."

"Maybe when he's with his Auntie.   I bet he's  never been out in public before.   Not like this. Not by himself."

As Andy walked, some of the girls had flashes of recognition.  There were murmurs in the crowd.
  "I know that face."  
  "Isn't that Andy?"
  "It can't be?"
  "Is that really him?"
  "I told you he was a sissy when he was in the team."
  "But he fancied girls."
  "He might have done."
  "But she's so beautiful."
  "But he's so beautiful."
  "So you fancy him do you?"
  "Where does he get his hair done?"
  "And that outfit?"
  "But he's so sexy."
  "I didn't know you were gay."
  "I'm not but he's so pretty."

Andy heard the voices and tried to walk faster.  He was worried by what people might say or think. And then he remembered what Aunt Jane had said just before he'd got out of the car.   "Be what you want be to be.   Be what you've always wanted to be."   

Andy looked up and faced the crowd.  He halted  It was time to take the initiative.   "Hello girls," he said to those nearby.  "Hello boys.   It's lovely to see you all.  Now where's William."   The crowd parted as he stepped forward again. 

"I think we should make him feel at home," Emily said.   "I think you should kiss him William."

"What?" exclaimed William.

"Say hello, and kiss him.   Isn't it what you want to do?   Isn't it what your heart says? "

"You won't mind."

Andy was only yards away.   "Of course not.  He's made a beeline for you.   What do you think he wants?  Kiss him."

"But everyone's watching."

"Kiss him.   The boys will only envy you.  Most of the girls too.."

"Yes Emily," muttered William as Andy approached.   He stepped forward from Emily's side and took Andy's hand.  "Hello, Andy.  You look wonderful.  He gave a Andy a little hug and they exchanged cheek kisses."

"I said kiss him," said Emily.

Andy and William parted slightly.  Andy looked into William's eyes.  "Please," he whispered.   William bent slightly and kissed Andy's lips.  He watched as Andy's eyes widened and then rolled.    They separated.  "Thank you," gasped Andy.  And then they kissed again. 

There were mutters of approval from the crowd and then applause.

"Can I say hello too?" enquired Emily.  William and Andy parted and Emily took Will's place.  "Hello, Andy.   It's been a while.   William says you'd wanted to go out me when we were at school.  You should have said.  You only needed to ask."   And she too kissed Andy.  On the lips. A kiss that was soft and tender.    Andy felt himself melting.   Emily was kissing him.  He'd always wanted to go out with Emily.   But this was better.  Much better.   And William too. Aunt Jane had been right.  This is what he wanted to be.  "Time we all went in and had a dance," said Emily.  "We have an evening to enjoy.  All three of us."

The End or rather A New Beginning


  1. Well, that's done....and well done!
    So romantic a moment in the life of our little sissy darling...I can guess his heart was beating like crazy! And so daring, with all his friends looking...oh my I would have like to be there! Beautifully told, dear Stallion! Bravo

    1. Thank you for your comments, pretty Kitty.Andy is understandably nervous, but so is William. At least Aunt Jane has been preparing Andy for this day,whereas for William it's so unexpected. He's always had feelings for Andy that he's never quite understood. But seeing Andy anew as a beautiful girl, and with Emily's encouragement, things became a little clearer although it still felt strange intially to be kissing his best friend. That is until the lips met properly and he felt Andy soft and shaking in his arms. At that point, William just wanted to love and hold him. (Although Emily has ideas of her own too.)
      Kisses to my lovely kitten and stable companion,
      S xxxx

  2. A beautiful Chapter added. Even without the pictures my mind would have conjured something similar. It is always a pleasure to read a happy ending (or continuation) and few deserve it more than Andy. Except perhaps William and Emily.
    More please. I hope all three enjoy a long pleasant and adventurous evening together.

    1. Thank you Lee. I'm pleased you like how things have worked out for Andy, and for Emily and William. The evening isn't over but I had planned to finish there are and leave things to the imagination. If there are others who want more, I may consider another chapter or two.

  3. Hi S, I love love love this, you strike just the romantic tone perfectly and along with the air of uncertainty this is so much Andys world.
    Thank you for taking such care, with it. I love it.
    Ps You have inspired me to write just one more chapet in The Guiding Hand, an insert between the final two chapters. Something I have wanted to do for ages.

  4. Dear Andy, That is so kind and means a lot. I wanted to capture your (and William's) anxieties but also how natural things might feel. We shouldn't forget Aunt Jane in this either. She will have been concerned about sending Andy out to meet his former college friends. Although she has been preparing him not just for this day but for his life ahead, she wants him to be safe and happy. She will have seen how nervous he was as he left the car and wanted her kiss. She knew he had just wanted to curl up in front of the television with her and watch Cheryl on 'Strictly Dancing'. But he could do better than that.

    As the evening wears on, it's Aunt Jane who gets more nervous. She's waiting for his call to pick him up from the Reunion Ball. Will it come? Or will she have to wait until morning?

    Maybe I should do another Chapter as Lee suggests?

    So pleased about 'The Guiding Hand'. That is something I'll definitely look forward to.
    Take care,
    Your S xxxx