Sunday, 9 December 2018

Seeing William (2)

Heads turned as the vision of loveliness stepped out of the black sports Mercedes.  It was hard to tell what captured their attention first.  The delicate ankle and the pink high heel?

The elegant leg accentuated by the lengthy stiletto?
The stylish walk?

The shimmering pink PVC of the dress?

Or simply the radiant beauty wearing all those objects.  A beauty that seemed so familar but one which none of the classmates seemed quite able to place.

The girls couldn't work out who it was.  She must have been in their year but why couldn't they remember her name.  Which of the cliques or gangs had she been in?  Was she one one of Susan's or one of Emily's?   Why couldn't they remember her?  The boys would have been all over her.

The boys were equally baffled.   Jaws had dropped.   Who was she?  Who had she gone out with?  Surely with looks like that she should have been the Prom Queen but that had been Susan.  How had they missed her?  Had she been off sick during most of their year?  They'd have to ask Andy.  He knew all the girls.   He never seemed to get many dates but the girls all liked him and he was able to chat with them all.  He'd know.  Now where was Andy?  He was down on the list as attending

Most of the guys partners were getting irritated but could understand their distraction.  Who was the pretty thing?  


  1. That pretty thing is me me me, how exciting and sweet. Thank you for writing this. I feel the story was inspired by the pics.
    Love love love it
    Andy (that’s me me me)

  2. A dream walking.
    Thank you for the expose'

  3. Beautiful and delightful story ! Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you DahliaBleue. (What a pretty name.) I hope you will also like the continuation

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