Friday, 24 April 2015

Alice Weiniang Group

Both Andy and I like K-Pop.  In practice, I think this is more for the gorgeousness of many of the girl groups rather than the music although there are some excellent ones like 2NE1 that deserve a global following.   However, in a similar but slightly different vein, I recently came across a Chinese group named Alice.

Alice seem to be either referred to Alice Weiniang Group or Alice Cosplay Group.  "Weiniang" is an anglicised version of  a Chinese word that is itself a translation from the Japanese word 男の娘, which means a man who has a woman's appearance.  I've also seen it translated as a "fake lady" or "cross dresser".

The Alice Weiniang Group is actually a large squad of members based around Wuhan in China.  There are some videos posted on YouTube that you should find if you search for Alice Cosplay.   

In the meantime enjoy.  They do look rather sweet.

Good looking candidates for Andy's SlickAir

Could they look more inviting.  Simply gorgeous girls.

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