Monday, 15 October 2012


When Master suggested playing on the swings, Andy should have realised that he didn't mean a visit to the Park.
But it was so good to feel Master back inside as he gently swayed to and fro.  Master was rock hard for him and clearly wanted him badly while Andy's own little cocklet was already starting to stiffen with pleasure at being fucked again by his lover.


  1. Andy/Emma's so cute with this expression, a mixture of sweet entreaty and pure need!
    P will certainly enjoy having his little sissy-girl stiffening for him once again while he thrust in her deeper with each sway until he couldn't resist anymore and honor her with a copious discharge of his precious nectar!

    1. Thanks for the comment Amber. And it is so nice to know that Andy/Amanda/Emma will have been nicely fucked as a latex maid by her Master this weekend. Amanda is clearly glowing with pleasure after her time with him, as well as with her lovely Gi and Sheila.