Sunday, 2 June 2019

Coming soon: "Pride Before a Fall"

Over the last few months I have been working on a story based on SweetAndyLatex's art work "Pride Before a Fall" ( ).    What started as a short story has become more like a cross between a novella and a film script.  It's long and quite complex, and I doubt whether many will stay the course.  However, I am pleased that Andy has read the finished work and encouraged me to publish.  So, over the next few days I will be posting chapters.

I hope you enjoy.


Saturday, 26 January 2019

Seeing William (3)

Newer readers can find the first part of Seeing William at .

Emily watched the vision of loveliness get out of the car and bend to speak into the driver's window.  The pretty girl said a few words then lent forward to kiss the driver.   The blonde female driver.  A mature but extremely attractive blonde, female driver.  It wasn't a kiss on the cheek either: their lips lingered together.   Emily was liking this girl more and more.  

Emily looked across at William who was standing open mouthed.  "Is that who I think it is?"

"Yes," he gasped.   "I think so."

"And the driver?"

"That's his Auntie.  That's how I know.  He visits and stays with her a lot."

"He's changed, hasn't he?"

"He's g.g.g.gorgeous," stuttered William. 

"Yes.  He is.  Or should I say, she is?   His Aunt has certainly had quite an influence."

"I'll say."

"Did you know?"


"Really.  We always thought that he had a soft spot for you."

"We were just friends."

"William.  Don't be silly.  We could see the way he looked at you."

"No.  He liked girls.  In fact, he always talked about you.   He wanted so much to go out with you."

"I'm sure that was just a front.  We girls can tell.  We knew where his real interests lay.  He knew as much about fashions and make-up as any of us.  Didn't it strike you as odd that his locker had pin-up pictures of David Beckham and Ronaldo."

"They're good footballers."

"And?   He didn't have a picture of Wayne Rooney, did he?"

"Well, no.  I suppose not."   

"So what does that say about him?"

"He used to like football.   He wanted to play for the team.   ButI guess you may be right."

"I'm sure I am."

Andy spotted William and started to walk towards him and Emily.  The crowd parted to allow him through.   There were more admiring glances.   Some of the guys tried to make a move but their partners held them back.    No way were they allowing their guys close to that beauty.   Andy was embarrassed by all the boys and girls looking at him.  He played nervously with his hair. 
The girls saw where the girl in pink was heading.   If she wanted to go and speak to that Emily, that was OK.   Amongst the boys, only William had ever gone out with her and they never seemed to get anywhere.   They doubted whether he even got to first base let alone past it.   They knew where Emily's real interests lay.  

"Look, he's coming over," said Emily.  "He looks rather timid."

"I'm not surprised.   It's probably the first time he's been out like this."

"Oh, I doubt that.  Have you seen how he walks in those heels.  He's had practice.  Lots of practice."

"Maybe when he's with his Auntie.   I bet he's  never been out in public before.   Not like this. Not by himself."

As Andy walked, some of the girls had flashes of recognition.  There were murmurs in the crowd.
  "I know that face."  
  "Isn't that Andy?"
  "It can't be?"
  "Is that really him?"
  "I told you he was a sissy when he was in the team."
  "But he fancied girls."
  "He might have done."
  "But she's so beautiful."
  "But he's so beautiful."
  "So you fancy him do you?"
  "Where does he get his hair done?"
  "And that outfit?"
  "But he's so sexy."
  "I didn't know you were gay."
  "I'm not but he's so pretty."

Andy heard the voices and tried to walk faster.  He was worried by what people might say or think. And then he remembered what Aunt Jane had said just before he'd got out of the car.   "Be what you want be to be.   Be what you've always wanted to be."   

Andy looked up and faced the crowd.  He halted  It was time to take the initiative.   "Hello girls," he said to those nearby.  "Hello boys.   It's lovely to see you all.  Now where's William."   The crowd parted as he stepped forward again. 

"I think we should make him feel at home," Emily said.   "I think you should kiss him William."

"What?" exclaimed William.

"Say hello, and kiss him.   Isn't it what you want to do?   Isn't it what your heart says? "

"You won't mind."

Andy was only yards away.   "Of course not.  He's made a beeline for you.   What do you think he wants?  Kiss him."

"But everyone's watching."

"Kiss him.   The boys will only envy you.  Most of the girls too.."

"Yes Emily," muttered William as Andy approached.   He stepped forward from Emily's side and took Andy's hand.  "Hello, Andy.  You look wonderful.  He gave a Andy a little hug and they exchanged cheek kisses."

"I said kiss him," said Emily.

Andy and William parted slightly.  Andy looked into William's eyes.  "Please," he whispered.   William bent slightly and kissed Andy's lips.  He watched as Andy's eyes widened and then rolled.    They separated.  "Thank you," gasped Andy.  And then they kissed again. 

There were mutters of approval from the crowd and then applause.

"Can I say hello too?" enquired Emily.  William and Andy parted and Emily took Will's place.  "Hello, Andy.   It's been a while.   William says you'd wanted to go out me when we were at school.  You should have said.  You only needed to ask."   And she too kissed Andy.  On the lips. A kiss that was soft and tender.    Andy felt himself melting.   Emily was kissing him.  He'd always wanted to go out with Emily.   But this was better.  Much better.   And William too. Aunt Jane had been right.  This is what he wanted to be.  "Time we all went in and had a dance," said Emily.  "We have an evening to enjoy.  All three of us."

The End or rather A New Beginning

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Seeing William (2)

Heads turned as the vision of loveliness stepped out of the black sports Mercedes.  It was hard to tell what captured their attention first.  The delicate ankle and the pink high heel?

The elegant leg accentuated by the lengthy stiletto?
The stylish walk?

The shimmering pink PVC of the dress?

Or simply the radiant beauty wearing all those objects.  A beauty that seemed so familar but one which none of the classmates seemed quite able to place.

The girls couldn't work out who it was.  She must have been in their year but why couldn't they remember her name.  Which of the cliques or gangs had she been in?  Was she one one of Susan's or one of Emily's?   Why couldn't they remember her?  The boys would have been all over her.

The boys were equally baffled.   Jaws had dropped.   Who was she?  Who had she gone out with?  Surely with looks like that she should have been the Prom Queen but that had been Susan.  How had they missed her?  Had she been off sick during most of their year?  They'd have to ask Andy.  He knew all the girls.   He never seemed to get many dates but the girls all liked him and he was able to chat with them all.  He'd know.  Now where was Andy?  He was down on the list as attending

Most of the guys partners were getting irritated but could understand their distraction.  Who was the pretty thing?  

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Seeing William (1)

At first Andy had resented Aunt Jane's offer to help him get ready for the class reunion.   He wanted to do it is way.   There would be so many old friends there.   People he'd want to chat to.  One or two former girlfriends where things might still be a bit awkward but he was sure that they'd all have moved on in the last few years.   And there was still Emily whom he'd always wanted to go out with but never quite managed to pluck up the courage to ask.

Emily was a tall brunette - taller than Andy and that was without heels.  Andy thought she was so pretty but she'd always been surrounded by crowds of other girls.   Even the jocks from the football team didn't seem to get close to her.   Andy disliked the language in the changing  room about her.   He thought it disrespectful.  At times he tried to protest but most of the guys on the team just dismissed his push back as politically correct claptrap.   Some even called him a sissy saying it was because he didn't have the courage.  Courage for what, Andy sometimes wondered.   The only one who didn't give him a hard time was William.   Ah, William.

William was quiet.  William was nice.  In his own way, Andy thought William rather handsome.  The girls thought so too.  William was one of Andy's best friends but he was involved in so many different activities they never got time together when there could be just the two of them.  They were always with other lads or girls.   And William was one of the few boys that had been out with Emily.   That had made things a bit difficult too.

It took Aunt Jane a while to convince Andy about his outfit.   He'd told her that he was shorter than Emily.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing. 
He said that Emily liked pink.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He said that Emily occasionally wore leathers or shiny clothes.  (Andy thought that might have been where some of his liking for latex had come from but the reality was that it had started much earlier.)  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He said that William was going to be there.  Aunt Jane knew just the thing.   He told her that guys on the team had called him a sissy.   Aunt Jane knew just the thing. 
And lastly Andy said that whatever Aunt Jane might want him to wear, he was not going to wear latex for the reunion.   Aunt Jane knew just the thing.
When Jane's car pulled up at the reunion, Andy was ready.  Heads turned as he got out.
But would William and Emily be ready?

to be continued

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Simon Cuz with Wertmuller and The Doubleues

I know nothing about the band Wertmuller and The Doubleues.  However, I do love how Simon Cuz appears in some of their videos.   In this case, T'appartengo Simon appears around 1:20 as the blonde curly haired maid.   Such a shame more bands don't have sissy maids in their videos.

If the embedded clip doesn't play for you, try

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Celia Sawyer on BBC 1 Breakfast

Further to Andy.Latex's recent Clip of the Week post on Celia Sawyer ( ), I hope that the attached provides him with some cheer while he supports a friend through difficult times.

And some little clips from Four Rooms too.

Best wishes.  Thoughts are with you and your friend.
S xx

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Visit from the Stablegirl

When the Stablegirl visits their stall, both the Stallion and his filly Amber are happy.   They will do anything to please her including bending over to take correctional strokes from her riding crop if it means they will be stroked and petted by her.

With thanks to Lux Lächeln and Marquis.